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This section is an alphabetical list of every person who received air credit (or should have received air credit) on every program in the archive. Alphabetizing a list of names would be easy if everyone had a first and a last name. But they don't and one has to start making decisions. Alphabetized by first or last name? The "program names" are alphabetized by the actual name of the program, not a person. "The Jack Benny Show" is therefore listed under "Jack" and not "Benny." I ignore "The," "A" and "An" for greater clarity. In the "people" section, I've had to deal with those with three (or more names) like "Adam Clayton Powell," those who usually use only initials ("H.V. Kaltenborn") or a combination (like "J. David Goldin") and other variations. "Benny Goodman and His Orchestra" is filed under "Goodman," as is his trio, his quartet, etc. Caution: many names look like they are spelled incorrectly, but they may not be (then again, some of them probably are). This apparent error may in fact be a reference to someone you never heard of who spells his name differently. Steven Allen is not the same person as Steve Allen, the comedian/ musician/author. John Kennedy was both a NBC announcer in the mid-30s and a president. They were not the same guy.

I've tried to eliminate all titles. Therefore, unless I didn't know the first name, you'll see no "Generals," "Doctors," "Governors," "Bishops" or other honorifics. Hyphenated names, those that end with "Jr." and those with lineage descriptors (John Jones III) were invented just to make life difficult. I couldn't bring myself to list the king of England as "Windsor, George." You will probably agree with some of my decisions and disagree with others. At least I tried to be consistent.

Quaal, Ward (2)

Quadling, Lew (2)

Quadri, John (2)

Quaide, William (3)

Quail, Marjorie (2)

Quaison-Sackey, Alex (1)

Qualen, John (4)

Quarles, Donald (1)

Quarrels, Donald A. (1)

Quarry, Robert (3)

Quartararo, Florence (3)

Quartermain, Leon (1)

Quartet, Alan Clare's Naught Navy (1)

Quartet, Alvino Rey and His (1)

Quartet, Coleman Hawkins and His (1)

Quartet, Joe Bushkin-Buck Clayton (1)

Quartet, The ABC (1)

Quartet, The Adventurer's (1)

Quartet, The AFRS String (1)

Quartet, The Alan Logan (1)

Quartet, The Arnold Ross (1)

Quartet, The Art Farmer (1)

Quartet, The Art Pepper (1)

Quartet, The Art Van Damme (2)

Quartet, The Beryl Booker (1)

Quartet, The Big Timers (5)

Quartet, The Blue Coal (2)

Quartet, The Bobby Hammack (4)

Quartet, The Bouliano Ivanko (1)

Quartet, The Camels (1)

Quartet, The Caravan (1)

Quartet, The Carl Kress (1)

Quartet, The Casino (1)

Quartet, The Charles Lloyd (1)

Quartet, The Charles Magnante (5)

Quartet, The Charles Magnante Accordion (1)

Quartet, The Chet Baker (1)

Quartet, The Chevrolet (4)

Quartet, The Coke Club (2)

Quartet, The Coleman Hawkins (1)

Quartet, The Colgate (5)

Quartet, The Commodore (1)

Quartet, The Commodores (1)

Quartet, The Connie Jordan (1)

Quartet, The Coolidge String (1)

Quartet, The Crossroads (11)

Quartet, The Dix Davis (1)

Quartet, The Don Elliot (1)

Quartet, The Ernie Caceres (1)

Quartet, The Festival String (1)

Quartet, The Fine Arts String (3)

Quartet, The Firestone (1)

Quartet, The Floradora Girls (1)

Quartet, The Foursome (1)

Quartet, The Garden City (1)

Quartet, The Gerry Mulligan (2)

Quartet, The Gloryland (1)

Quartet, The Golden Gate Jubilee (1)

Quartet, The Hallelujah (4)

Quartet, The Haver High School Trombone (1)

Quartet, The Hawaiian (2)

Quartet, The Hit Parade (1)

Quartet, The Hollywood String (1)

Quartet, The Home Singers (2)

Quartet, The Homeland Harmony (7)

Quartet, The Israeli (1)

Quartet, The Joe Bushkin (1)

Quartet, The Joe Mooney (2)

Quartet, The Joe Moony (1)

Quartet, The John Daniel (3)

Quartet, The Lester Young (1)

Quartet, The Marston (1)

Quartet, The Matthews (1)

Quartet, The Memory Men (2)

Quartet, The Neal Hefti (1)

Quartet, The Nesco Royal (1)

Quartet, The New York Woodwind (1)

Quartet, The Norseman (1)

Quartet, The Oklahoma A & M Cowboy (1)

Quartet, The Pete Johnson (1)

Quartet, The Phil Moore (1)

Quartet, The Philharmonic Piano (1)

Quartet, The Pontiac (1)

Quartet, The Rangers (1)

Quartet, The Rusty Gate (2)

Quartet, The Shady Acres (1)

Quartet, The Shell (1)

Quartet, The Society For Forgotten Music (1)

Quartet, The Songsmith (3)

Quartet, The Stamps (10)

Quartet, The Stan Getz (1)

Quartet, The Stuyvesant String (2)

Quartet, The Tommy Flanagan (1)

Quartet, The Tonsorial Twitterbugs (1)

Quartet, The Townsend (1)

Quartet, The White Rose Gasoline (1)

Quartet, The Wichita Lions (1)

Quartette, The Bunk House (12)

Quattrochi, Frank (1)

Quave, Mackie (1)

Quayle, Anthony (1)

Quayle, Dan (31)

Quayle, Frank (1)

Quayle, Marilyn (2)

Quayle, Marjorie (1)

Quayle, Pat (1)

Queeg, George (1)

Queen Elizabeth (20)

Queen Juliana (2)

Queen Wilhelmina (7)

Queen's Maids, The (1)

Queen, Mel (1)

Queen, Stewart (1)

Queener, Charlie (2)

Queensland, Charles (1)

Queller, Eve (5)

Quello, Olga (3)

Quentin, Patrick (1)

Quentmeyer, William (1)

Quesada, E. R. (1)

Quest, Richard (2)

Questa, Henry (1)

Questel, Mae (14)

Quezon, Manuel (1)

Quick, Robert (2)

Quigley, Edward (1)

Quigley, James (12)

Quigley, Juanita (1)

Quigley, Mildred (1)

Quigley, Quig (5)

Quilico, Louis (1)

Quill, Michael (3)

Quillan, Eddie (1)

Quillan, Joe (34)

Quillen, Eddie (1)

Quillen, John (1)

Quilley, Denis (1)

Quince, Peggy A. (6)

Quince, Sam (1)

Quine, Richard (9)

Quinichette, Paul (3)

Quinlan, Doris (2)

Quinlan, Jack (2)

Quinlan, Roberta (2)

Quinlan, Roger (1)

Quinlin, Jack (1)

Quinn, Alfred (2)

Quinn, Anthony (8)

Quinn, Bill (1)

Quinn, Bob (1)

Quinn, Carmel (7)

Quinn, Charles (8)

Quinn, Don (623)

Quinn, Edith (1)

Quinn, Frances (1)

Quinn, Francis (5)

Quinn, Grace (1)

Quinn, Helen (1)

Quinn, Henry J. (10)

Quinn, Jack (1)

Quinn, James (2)

Quinn, Joe (1)

Quinn, John (1)

Quinn, Lou (1)

Quinn, Louis (2)

Quinn, Mary C. (1)

Quinn, Michael (1)

Quinn, Pat (1)

Quinn, Ray (2)

Quinn, Rita (1)

Quinn, Ted (1)

Quinn, Thomas (1)

Quinn, Vera (1)

Quinn, William (94)

Quinnan, Dorothy (3)

Quint, Bert (3)

Quintero, Joaquin Alvarez (1)

Quintero, Serafin (1)

Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France, The (2)

Quintet, The AFRS String (1)

Quintet, The Artie Simms (1)

Quintet, The Arvin Garrison (1)

Quintet, The Aunt Jemima (1)

Quintet, The Australian Jazz (1)

Quintet, The B. B. King (1)

Quintet, The Beryl Booker (1)

Quintet, The Billy Taylor (1)

Quintet, The Cannonball Adderley (1)

Quintet, The Cathedral (1)

Quintet, The Charlie Parker (3)

Quintet, The Coleman Hawkins (2)

Quintet, The Count Basie (1)

Quintet, The Dexter Gordon (1)

Quintet, The Dizzy Gillespie (1)

Quintet, The Georgie Auld (1)

Quintet, The Illinois Jacquet (1)

Quintet, The Jackie Mills (1)

Quintet, The Johnny Smith (1)

Quintet, The Lou Storey (1)

Quintet, The New York Woodwind (1)

Quintet, The Owen Bradley (2)

Quintet, The Paul Harmon (1)

Quintet, The Phil D'Arcy (1)

Quintet, The Pontiac (1)

Quintet, The Ralph Sharon (1)

Quintet, The Red Norvo (1)

Quintet, The Sector Mobile Forces Saxophone (1)

Quintet, The Stan Getz (2)

Quintet, The Stuff Smith (1)

Quintet, The Vivien Garry (1)

Quintet, The WOR Piano (1)

Quintones, The (3)

Quintonians, The (1)

Quiqley, Martin (1)

Quirk, James T. (1)

Quirter, Bill (1)

Quisenberry, Bruce (1)

Quisenberry, Charles (1)

Quotamine, Dick (2)