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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

A Beautiful Home (1)

A Bedtime Story (2)

A Bob Hope Comedy Special (2)

A Bouquet For You (3)

A Bowl Of Rice For China (4)

A Boy, A Girl and A Band (4)

A Bright Tomorrow (1)

A Brighter Tomorrow (4)

A Brighter World (1)

A Canticle For Liebowitz (15)

A Capital Case: Karl Marx Meets Sherlock Holmes (1)

A Cavalcade Of Stars (1)

A Celebration Of Benjamin Franklin's Birthday (1)

A Century Of Music (1)

A Child Stands Accused (1)

A Child's Wish (1)

A Child's World (1)

A Christmas Bedtime Story (1)

A Christmas Card...From Harry's Cadillac-Pontiac Co. (1)

A Christmas Carol (12)

A Christmas For Eve (1)

A Christmas Greeting In Song (1)

A Christmas Package (1)

A Christmas Sing With Bing (2)

A Christmas Visit With Ted Malone (1)

A Common Virtue (1)

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (2)

A Conversation With Mayor Robert F. Wagner (1)

A Conversation With President Clinton (1)

A Conversation With Ross Perot (2)

A Conversation With... (13)

A Couple Of Don's (1)

A Crime Letter From Dan Dodge (2)

A Critic's Toscanini (11)

A Date With Duchin (3)

A Date With Eddy Duchin (1)

A Date With Judy (77)

A Date With Music (17)

A Date With The Duke (16)

A Date With The Navy (8)

A Day At Camp (1)

A Day At La Guardia Field (1)

A Day At The Beach (1)

A Day At The Races (1)

A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day (73)

A Day In The Life Of The White House (1)

A Day Of Prayer Service (1)

A Day With President Carter (1)

A Decision For Tommy (1)

A Democratic Response To President Reagan's Economic Program (1)

A Dependent In The European Command (1)

A Description Of The Collyer Home (1)

A Description Of The World's Largest Airway Beacon (1)

A Different Story (1)

A Discussion Between H. G. Wells and Orson Welles (1)

A Drum Is A Woman (1)

A Farewell Visit With President and Mrs. Ford (1)

A Fella and A Girl (1)

A Gala Christmas Program (2)

A Gathering In The Air (1)

A Great Day (1)

A Half Hour With Stan Freberg (1)

A Half-Hour With Mr. Jones (1)

A Halloween Story (1)

A Happy Adventure (1)

A Happy Surprise (1)

A Hard Day's Night (1)

A Heap O' Cookin' (1)

A Helping Hand (2)

A Heritage and A Sound (1)

A History Of Heavyweight Boxing (1)

A House In The Country (4)

A House Of Hope (1)

A Hunting We Will Go (1)

A Is For Able (1)

A Jam Session With Benny Goodman (1)

A Joy Forever (4)

A Letter To Joan (1)

A Letter To My Colonel (1)

A Life In Your Hands (14)

A Little Bit Of Everything (1)

A Lively Touch (1)

A Long Life and A Merry One (1)

A Look At Australia (17)

A Love Story Of The Nineteen-Forties (1)

A Man Named Jordan (6)

A Man With A Cause (1)

A Man and His Music (1)

A Matter Of Cooperation (1)

A Memo From Molly (2)

A Memorial Tribute To Adlai Stevenson (1)

A Merry Christmas From Capitol Records (1)

A Message From Fire Commissioner Frank Quail (1)

A Message From William R. Hearst (2)

A Mideast Treaty: The Signing (1)

A Moment For Meditation (1)

A Murrow Retrospective (4)

A Music Version Of "A Christmas Carol" (1)

A Musical Autobiography Of Bing Crosby (1)

A Musical Portrait Of Russia (1)

A Musical Salute To The Hollywood Bowl (1)

A New Hope On The Horizon (1)

A New Mood In Music (1)

A New Year's Card To The World (1)

A Night At The Cotton Club (1)

A Night At The Redondo Barn (1)

A Night In A Foxhole (1)

A Night In Italy (1)

A Penthouse Serenade (1)

A Personal History Of Radio (1)

A Picture Worth $10,000 (1)

A Place Called Klay (1)

A Poem and Prayer For An Invading Army (1)

A Portrait In Music (1)

A Prairie Home Companion (1)

A Present For Sally (1)

A Preview Of Transatlantic Passenger Service (1)

A Private Space (5)

A Program About A Lot Of Things (1)

A Program For America (1)

A Program Of Canada (6)

A Queen Comes Calling (1)

A Question Of Pianos (1)

A Radio Party (1)

A Rally By The National Council Of American-Soviet Friendship (1)

A Rendezvous With Destiny (1)

A Report From A U. S. Naval Ship Off Palau Island (1)

A Report Of The Texas City Disaster (1)

A Report On Hunger (1)

A Report To The People On The Race For Air Power (4)

A Report To You (1)

A Reporter Remembers (1)

A Reporter Summing Up: Debriefing (1)

A Reunion Of The Crew Of The "Siberia" (1)

A Salute To Brides (1)

A Salute To Eddie Condon (1)

A Salute To Hank Snow (1)

A Salute To Heart Sunday (1)

A Salute To Humble Howard (1)

A Salute To Radio City (1)

A Salute To The 25th Anniversary Of The Air Force Song (1)

A Salute To The Beatles (1)

A Salute To The D.A.V.: Their Hope Is You (1)

A Salute To The Golden Anniversary Of New York (1)

A Salute To The Law (9)

A Salute To The Life and Times Of Sherlock Holmes (1)

A Salute To The Queen Of, "The Tournament Of Roses (1)

A Salute To Tokyo and Station JOAK, Japan (1)

A Salute To Your American Red Cross (2)

A Salute To... (6)

A Salute to The Law (1)

A Scene Of Soviet Russia (1)

A Scientist Meets The Press (1)

A Ship To Shore Telephone Conversation (1)

A Short Short Story From Liberty Magazine (2)

A Show Called Fred (1)

A Slant On The News (1)

A Song Is Born (4)

A Song and A Story (1)

A Sound Of Goons (1)

A Sparkling Series Of Melodious Melodies (2)

A Special Broadcast By Jack Benny (1)

A Special Victory Program (1)

A Statement By Premier Khrushchev To Americans (1)

A Story For V-J Day (1)

A String Serenade (1)

A Summary Of An Address By Pope Pius XII (1)

A Summer Radio Picnic With The Kraft Family (1)

A Talk About The Fight Against Infantile Paralysis (1)

A Talk To The Baker Street Irregulars (1)

A Thousand Wives (4)

A Time For Planting (1)

A Time To Keep (3)

A Tour Of The City (3)

A Town Meeting With President Clinton (1)

A Trans-Atlantic Broadcast To British Minister Of Home Security (1)

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (1)

A Tribute To Alan Freed (1)

A Tribute To Alistair (1)

A Tribute To Bing Crosby (1)

A Tribute To Ed Begley (1)

A Tribute To Irving Berlin (1)

A Tribute To Jimmy Dorsey (1)

A Tribute To King George VI (1)

A Tribute To Murray The K (1)

A Tribute To Pablo Casals (1)

A Tribute To President Roosevelt (1)

A Tribute To Robert Frost (1)

A Tribute To Winston Churchill (1)

A Tribute To... (10)

A Tribute To...Sir Winston Churchill (1)

A Trip Through The San Diego Fair (1)

A Trip Thru The San Diego Fair (1)

A Trip To Mars (1)

A Trip To The Zoo (1)

A Typical Christmas (1)

A Visit To A Doll Factory (1)

A Visit To The Chinese Junk "Amoy" (1)

A Voice In The Night (2)

A Voice To Remember: The Sounds Of 75 Years on EMI Records (1)

A War In Korea, What Does It Mean? (1)

A Washington Newsroom Special (1)

A Woman Of America (3)

A Woman Wonders (1)

A Woman's Story (1)

A Woman's World (1)

A Word From Our Sponsor (1)

A Word With The Great Ones (3)

A World Of Music (2)

A Year Apart: 1973 (1)

A Year To Remember (1)

A and P Gypsies, The (3)

A-B-C Of Brake Adjustment, The (1)

A-B-Cs Of Music, The (3)

A-Bomb Detonation (1)

A. L. Alexander's Mediation Board (8)

A. V. Alexander (2)

A.E.F. Landing In Ireland (1)

A.R.R.L. Field Day (1)

ABC Closed Circuit (6)

ABC Forum (1)

ABC Friday Night Movie (1)

ABC Mystery Time (17)

ABC News (5)

ABC Radio News (1)

ABC Radio Symphony (1)

ABC Radio Workshop, The (1)

ABC Record Party (1)

ABC Scope (3)

ABC Silver Anniversary Spercial (1)

ABC String Ensemble, The (1)

ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration (1)

ABSIE Program (1)

ACS Jamboree (1)

AEF In Australia, The (1)

AEFC Farewell Party, The (1)

AFN Excerpts (1)

AFRA Antics (1)

AFRA Refresher Course Workshop Of The Air, The (1)

AFRS Basic Music Library (4)

AFRS Presents (2)

AFRS Radio Playhouse, The (1)

AFRS Radio Theatre (1)

AFRS Sportsreel (4)

AFRS Story, The (1)

AFRS Theatre (2)

AFRTS Story, The (1)

ANZACS In New Guinea (1)

APO Talent Show, The (1)

ASCAP Carnegie Hall Concert (2)

ASCAP On Parade (2)

ASCAP Salutes WMGM (1)

ASCAP Seminar On The Musical Theatre (1)

ASCAP World's Fair Concert (1)

Aaron Copland At The Brooklyn Academy Of Music (1)

Aaron Gonzales and His Orchestra (1)

Abba Eban (1)

Abbott and Costello (1)

Abbott and Costello Junior Youth Foundation (1)

Abbott and Costello Kids Show, The (3)

Abbott and Costello Show, The (162)

Abe Burrows Show, The (12)

Abe Lincoln's Story (1)

Abe Lyman and His Californians (2)

Abe Lyman and His Orchestra (1)

Abie's Irish Rose (4)

Abroad With The Lockharts (9)

Absorbine Jr. Footnotes (3)

Abu Hassan (1)

Academy Award (1)

Academy Award Theatre (40)

Academy Awards Program (6)

Academy Of Music (13)

Accent (1)

Accent On Jazz (3)

Accent On Music (2)

Accent On Youth (1)

Access (1)

Accidentally Yours (1)

Ack-Ack, Beer Beer (1)

Acres In This Place (1)

Across The Board (1)

Across The River (1)

Action (1)

Action Eighty (1)

Actual Dropping Of The Atom Bomb (1)

Actual Stage Timing of The Courtroom Scene of The Mercury Production of Native Son (1)

Actualities About The Death Of Adlai Stevenson (1)

Ad Libbers Club (1)

Adam Hat Sports Parade, The (13)

Adela Rogers St. John (1)

Adelaide Hawley Program, The (1)

Adlai (1)

Adlai Stevenson (6)

Adlai Stevenson Funeral Services (1)

Adlai Stevenson Memorial (1)

Adlai Stevenson Memorial Dedication (1)

Adlai Stevenson Press Conference (1)

Adlai Stevenson Remembered (1)

Admiral Blandy (1)

Admiral Broadway Revue (8)

Admiral Byrd Expedition, The (1)

Admiral Erich Raeder (1)

Admiral Ernest King (1)

Admiral Harold Stark (1)

Admiral Nimitz (1)

Admiral Richard Byrd (1)

Admiral William F. Halsey (1)

Admiral William Halsey (1)

Admiration Coffee Shop, The (7)

Adoan Program, The (1)

Adolf Hitler (46)

Adolf Hitler's Arrival In Vienna (1)

Adolf Hitler's Birthday (1)

Adolf Hitler's Mock Birthday Party (1)

Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (1)

Adolph Hitler (1)

Adopted Daughter (5)

Adrian Rollini (1)

Adrian Rollini Quartet (1)

Adrian Rollini Trio, The (1)

Adrian Rollini and His Ensemble (1)

Adrian Skill (1)

Adventure (1)

Adventure Ahead (10)

Adventure Bound (1)

Adventure In Melody (1)

Adventure In Reading (14)

Adventure In Sound (1)

Adventure In Travel (3)

Adventure Inc. (1)

Adventure Is Your Heritage (19)

Adventure Island (1)

Adventure Of Captain Courage, The (2)

Adventure Of The Speckled Band, The (1)

Adventure Parade (5)

Adventure Story (1)

Adventure Time (1)

Adventure Trails (2)

Adventurers Club, The (8)

Adventurers, The (1)

Adventures By Morse (52)

Adventures In Melody (1)

Adventures In Christmastree Grove (2)

Adventures In Folk Song (17)

Adventures In Good Music (1)

Adventures In Industry (1)

Adventures In Judaism (1)

Adventures In Music (1)

Adventures In Photography (1)

Adventures In Research (601)

Adventures In Rhythm (16)

Adventures In The Supernatural (1)

Adventures Of A Quarter (12)

Adventures Of Ace Williams, The (2)

Adventures Of Annie Oakley and Tagg, The (1)

Adventures Of Archie Andrews, The (45)

Adventures Of Babe Ruth, The (20)

Adventures Of Barnaby, The (1)

Adventures Of Bill Lance, The (6)

Adventures Of Billy Swift - Boy Detective, The (1)

Adventures Of Captain Jack, The (2)

Adventures Of Champion, The (3)

Adventures Of Charlie Chan, The (14)

Adventures Of Charlie Lung, The (5)

Adventures Of Chester and Millicent, The (1)

Adventures Of Christopher London, The (3)

Adventures Of Cloud Chaser, The (1)

Adventures Of Detectives Black and Blue, The (4)

Adventures Of Dick Cole, The (23)

Adventures Of Doc Savage, The (13)

Adventures Of Ellery Queen, The (50)

Adventures Of Father Brown, The (2)

Adventures Of Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, The (3)

Adventures Of Frank Farrell, The (31)

Adventures Of Frank Merriwell, The (56)

Adventures Of Frank Race, The (43)

Adventures Of Gracie, The (1)

Adventures Of Harry Nile, The (2)

Adventures Of Jane Arden, The (2)

Adventures Of Jungle Jim, The (538)

Adventures Of Leonidas Witherall, The (7)

Adventures Of Maisie, The (41)

Adventures Of Marco Paolo, The (12)

Adventures Of Mark Twain, The (5)

Adventures Of Michael Shayne, Detective, The (3)

Adventures Of Michael Shayne, Private Detective, The (1)

Adventures Of Michael Shayne; Private Detective, The (29)

Adventures Of Miuchael Shayne, Detective, The (29)

Adventures Of Nero Wolfe, The (5)

Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet, The (58)

Adventures Of Peter Pine (2)

Adventures Of Philip Marlowe, The (103)

Adventures Of Pinocchio, The (2)

Adventures Of Princess Pet (70)

Adventures Of Raffles, The (3)

Adventures Of Red Ryder, The (58)

Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin, The (2)

Adventures Of Robin Hood, The (2)

Adventures Of Ruby II, The (7)

Adventures Of Ruby, The (6)

Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective, The (1)

Adventures Of Sam Spade; Detective, The (67)

Adventures Of Scoop Ryan; Cub Reporter, The (1)

Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (142)

Adventures Of Sonny and Buddy, The (46)

Adventures Of Sterling Holloway, The (1)

Adventures Of Superman, The (15)

Adventures Of Ted Drake; Guardian Of The Big Top, The (4)

Adventures Of The Abbotts, The (18)

Adventures Of The Falcon, The (99)

Adventures Of The Lone Wolf, The (1)

Adventures Of The Red Feather Man (13)

Adventures Of The Saint, The (45)

Adventures Of The Scarlet Cloak, The (1)

Adventures Of The Scarlet Pimpernel, The (38)

Adventures Of The Sea Hound, The (9)

Adventures Of The Thin Man, The (8)

Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, The (1)

Adventures Of Tom Swift, The (2)

Adventures Of Topper, The (4)

Adventures Of Uncle Jimmy, The (47)

Adventures Of Zorro, The (6)

Adventures With Admiral Byrd (2)

Adventures of Charlie Chan, The (33)

Advertising Club Of Boston, The (1)

Advertising Women Of New York (1)

Aeronautics and Space Report (16)

Affairs Of Doctor Gentry, The (1)

Affairs Of Peter Salem, The (1)

Affairs Of State (1)

Afloat With Henry Morgan (51)

After Dark (1)

After The Thin Man (1)

Afternoon Play, The (1)

Afternoon Theatre (2)

Aga Khan (1)

Against The Storm (16)

Age Of The Atom, The (4)

Agnew Steps Down (1)

Agony Behind The Blackout, The (1)

Agronsky and Company (1)

Ahead Of The Headlines (1)

Aileen Stanley (1)

Aimee Semple McPherson (12)

Air Adventures Of Hop Harrigan, The (1)

Air Adventures Of Jimmie Allen, The (129)

Air Attack On U.S. Warships (2)

Air Castle (52)

Air Force Hour, The (2)

Air Mail Mystery (13)

Air Power (2)

Air Raid Alert Drill (1)

Air Raid Drill (2)

Air Raid Test (1)

Air Raid Warning Instructions (1)

Air Raid Warning System (1)

Air Rescue: Vietnam (1)

Air Theatre, The (1)

Air Transportation (7)

Air Vice-Marshal Park (1)

Airborne Troops For Arnhem (1)

Airline Trio, The (2)

Airplane Survivors Interview (1)

Airtime (13)

Al Avilla, Pipe Organist (2)

Al Donahue and His Orchestra (3)

Al Gayle and His Biltmore Orchestra (1)

Al Gayle and His Orchestra (1)

Al Golden and His Monarchs Of Rhythm (1)

Al Goodman's Musical Album (3)

Al Henry On W73PH (1)

Al Jahns and His Orchestra (1)

Al Jolson (2)

Al Jolson Centenary (1)

Al Jolson Memorial (1)

Al Jolson Program, The (6)

Al Kavelin and His Cascading Chords (1)

Al Lyons Orchestra (2)

Al Overend and His Orchestra (2)

Al Pearce and His Gang (15)

Al Roth and His Orchestra (1)

Al Schacht Sports Show (1)

Al Serafini and His Orchestra (1)

Al Smith Memorial (1)

Al Smith Memorial Dinner (1)

Al Trace and His Orchestra (2)

Al Trace and His Silly Symphonists (4)

Al Trace and His Sweet Corn Orchestra (1)

Aladdin Kerosene Mantle Lamp Program (1)

Aladdin Lamp With Smilin' Ed McConnell (3)

Alan Freed Show, The (7)

Alan Freed's Rock 'N Roll Dance Party (5)

Alan Horn's Contribution To Civilization (1)

Alan Jackson News (1)

Alan Mowbray Show, The (1)

Alan Shepard Press Conference (1)

Alan Young Show, The (76)

Alben W. Barkley (1)

Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson (1)

Albert Bartlett and His Orchestra (2)

Albert Brooks Show, The (1)

Albert Einstein (1)

Albert Gore Jr. et al Vs. Katherine Harris et al (1)

Album Of Enchantment, The (1)

Album Of Justice (1)

Album Of Life (21)

Album Of Manhattan, The (1)

Albuquerque (1)

Alcatraz Uprising (1)

Alcoa Presents (1)

Alcoa Theatre (62)

Aldrich Family, The (124)

Alec Morison, Your Magic Minstrel (1)

Alec Templeton Time (7)

Alert America Convoy (2)

Alert America Exhibit (1)

Alex Bennett Show, The (2)

Alex Dreier News (3)

Alex Dreier News Analysis (4)

Alexander Nevsky (1)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (1)

Alf Landon (3)

Alfred Duff Cooper (3)

Alfred E. Smith Dinner (1)

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner (1)

Algiers (1)

Ali Baba Goes To Town (1)

Alias Romeo (1)

Alibi Club, The (1)

Alice Cornell Show, The (1)

Alice In Wonderland (1)

Alice Reinheart Interview (1)

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (1)

Alien Worlds (9)

Alistair Cooke (1)

Alistair Cooke's Century (1)

Alistair Cooke: A Celebration (5)

Alka-Seltzer Boys, The (1)

Alka-Seltzer Show, The (1)

Alka-Seltzer Time (21)

All Aboard For Adventure (3)

All About Anne (1)

All Girl Orchestra, Phil Spitalny, Conductor (2)

All Mouth and No Organ (2)

All On A Summer's Day (1)

All Points West (1)

All Things Considered (32)

All Things Considerfed (1)

All You Need Is Love (1)

All's Well (2)

All-American Sports Show, The (8)

All-Star Baseball Game (10)

All-Star Baseball Preview (1)

All-Star Bond Rally, The (1)

All-Star Cancer Show (1)

All-Star Jam Session (1)

All-Star Jazz Concert (1)

All-Star Parade Of Bands, The (89)

All-Star Revue (1)

All-Star Revue For 1953, The (1)

All-Star Revue For 1956, The (1)

All-Star Revue, The (7)

All-Star Salute, The National Guard Summer Show (2)

All-Star Sextette (2)

All-Star Swing Festival (1)

All-Star Swing Reunion, The (1)

All-Star Variety Show (1)

All-Star Western Theatre (97)

All-State Band Festival, The (1)

All-Time All-Star Baseball Team, The (1)

Allan Roth Show, The (1)

Allan and Me (1)

Allegheny Metal Announcements (4)

Allen Prescott Show, The (1)

Allen Prescott, The Wife Saver (6)

Allen and Jean (1)

Allies Cross The Rhine, The (1)

Allis Chalmers Program, The (3)

Almanac (1)

Almanac, The (1)

Along The Boulevard (5)

Althea Gibson Reception (1)

Aluminum Scrap Drive (1)

Alvino Rey and His Music (28)

Alvino Rey and His Orchestra (1)

Alvino Rey, His Singing Guitar and Orchestra (3)

Always Leave Them Laughing (1)

Am I My Brother's Keeper? (1)

Amalgamated Broadcasting System Inaugural Program (1)

Amanda Of Honeymoon Hill (5)

Amazing Interplanetary Adventures Of Flash Gordon, The (23)

Amazing Mr. Malone, The (15)

Amazing Mr. Smith, The (1)

Amazing Mr. Tutt, The (4)

Amazing Nero Wolfe, The (7)

Amazing Randi Show, The (2)

Ambassador Alan Kirk (1)

Ambassador Bill (1)

Ambassador Joseph Kennedy (2)

Ambassadors Of Melodyland, The (6)

Ambassadors, The (1)

Amelia Earhart (2)

Amercian Band Of The AEF (1)

America At The Ramparts (1)

America At War (1)

America Back To God (1)

America Calling (8)

America Dances (6)

America First Committee (12)

America First Rally (2)

America Goes Back To School (1)

America Goes Christmas Shopping (1)

America Held Hostage: The Secret Negotiations (1)

America In Vietnam: The End Of The Road (1)

America Looks Abroad (53)

America Looks Ahead (4)

America On The March (20)

America Preferred (2)

America Salutes The President's Birthday (3)

America Sends Greetings (2)

America Sings (10)

America Speaks (1)

America Today (1)

America's Answer (1)

America's Choice For '39 (1)

America's Christmas Windows (1)

America's Famous Fathers (2)

America's Fight Against 1948's Epidemic (1)

America's Most Interesting People (1)

America's Music (2)

America's Town Meeting Of The Air (68)

America, The Beautiful (1)

America: Where Do We Go From Here? (5)

American Academy Of Psychotherapists (1)

American Academy Of Psychotherapists, The (1)

American Ace Coffee Show, The (6)

American Action Inc. Program (1)

American Adventure (23)

American Album Of Familiar Music, The (53)

American Almanac, The (1)

American Artists, The (1)

American Assembly, The (1)

American Band Of The A.E.F., The (15)

American Band Of The Supreme Allied Command, The (1)

American Bankers Association Reception (1)

American Barn Dance (1)

American Bosch Automatic CentrOmatic Radio (2)

American Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

American Campus Speaks, The (1)

American Cancer Society (15)

American Cancer Society 1954 Cancer Crusade (1)

American Cancer Society Jamboree (1)

American Cancer Society Presents (2)

American Cancer Society Program (1)

American Challenge, The (4)

American Comedy Theatre Of The Air, The (1)

American Committee For Anti-Nazi Literature, The (2)

American Dances (1)

American Dream, American Nightmare...The Seventies (2)

American Eagle Club, The (1)

American Eagle In Britain, The (1)

American Experience, The (1)

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An Inaugural Memoir With Robert Trout (1)

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An Unsafe Day In The Life Of Dennis Day (1)

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Announcement Of The Death Of King George V (1)

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Arrival Of The Canarvon Castle In Montevideo (1)

Arrival Of The Clipper Plane "Cavalier" (1)

Arrival Of The First Air France Flight At La Guardia Airport (1)

Arrival Of The Ile De France (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen At Red Bank, New Jersey (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen At The New York World's Fair (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In Montreal (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In New York (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In Ottawa (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In Quebec City (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In The United States (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen In Washington, D.C. (1)

Arrival Of The King and Queen Of England To Montreal (1)

Arrival Of The Queen Mary, The (1)

Arrival Of The Roosevelt Train (1)

Arrival Of The S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam (2)

Arrival Of The U. S. S. America (1)

Arrivederci: A Tribute to Lanza (1)

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Arrows In The Dust (1)

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Arthritis and Rheumatism Fund (1)

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As I See It (2)

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As We Are Faithful (1)

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Atomic Bomb Test (1)

Atomic City, U. S. A. (1)

Atomic Energy For Peace (1)

Atomic Test: Special Report (1)

Attack At Sea (1)

Attack Reports On The Branch Davidian Compound, Waco Texas (1)

Attacks On Liberty (1)

Attempted Assassination Of President Ford (1)

Attempted Broadcast Of Adolf Hitler's Speech From Wilhelmshaven (1)

Attorney For The Defense (1)

Attorney General Richardson Press Conference (1)

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (1)

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