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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

J. A. Krug Press Conference (1)

J. Edgar Hoover (4)

J. Ewing Memorial Hospital Cornerstone Ceremony, The (1)

J. F. K. Conflict, The (1)

JFK: A Profile In Courage (1)

Jack Anderson Confidential (1)

Jack Armstrong 1939 Themes (1)

Jack Armstrong, The All-American Boy (149)

Jack Baker Show, The (3)

Jack Benny (1)

Jack Benny Birthday Special, The (1)

Jack Benny Closed Circuit (1)

Jack Benny Comedy In Bloom (1)

Jack Benny Comes To CBS (1)

Jack Benny Comes To CBS Television (1)

Jack Benny Heart Fund Show (1)

Jack Benny Hour, The (1)

Jack Benny Program For Grape-Nuts and Grape-Nuts Flakes, The (73)

Jack Benny Program, The (163)

Jack Benny Show, The (6)

Jack Benny Speaks For The NAB Code (1)

Jack Benny Special Christmas Show, The (2)

Jack Benny's Bag (1)

Jack Benny's First Farewell Special (1)

Jack Benny's New Look (1)

Jack Benny's Second Farewell Special (1)

Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary In Radio (1)

Jack Benny's Tenth Anniversary Testimonial (1)

Jack Benny's Twentieth Anniversary Special (1)

Jack Berch Show, The (28)

Jack Berch and His Gulf Spray Gang (5)

Jack Bundy's Carnival (1)

Jack Carson Show, The (51)

Jack Cassidy (1)

Jack Dempsey Vs. Gene Tunney (1)

Jack Feeney-Irish Tenor (1)

Jack Fina and His Orchestra (5)

Jack Fisher and His Orchestra (1)

Jack Hylton and His Orchestra (1)

Jack Jones On The Move (1)

Jack Kirkwood Show, The (27)

Jack Mullin Interview (1)

Jack Oakie College, The (2)

Jack Paar Program, The (13)

Jack Payne and His BBC Dance Orchestra (1)

Jack Pearl Show, The (29)

Jack Randolph and His Music (2)

Jack Sharkey Vs. Max Schmeling (1)

Jack Smith Show, The (44)

Jack Spector Show, The (2)

Jack Sterling Money Quiz (1)

Jack Sterling Show, The (1)

Jack Sterling Tenth Anniversary Roast (1)

Jack Teagarden (1)

Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra (6)

Jack Teagarden, His Trombone and Orchestra (3)

Jack The Bellboy (1)

Jack Webb Show, The (2)

Jack Wheeler Show, The (1)

Jack and Jill (2)

Jackie Gleason American Scene Magazine, The (1)

Jackie Gleason Show, The (9)

Jackie Gleason Showq, The (1)

Jackie Gleason-Les Tremayne Show, The (5)

Jackie Robinson (1)

Jackie Robinson Radio Shots (1)

Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots (17)

Jackie Robinson's Radio Spots (1)

Jackie Robsinson Radio Shots (1)

Jackie Wilson Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson (1)

Jacques Jou Jerville (1)

Jake LaMotta Vs. Fritzie Zivic (1)

Jam (3)

Jam-Up and Honey (162)

James Baker (1)

James Byrnes (1)

James Cassidy (2)

James Ewing Hospital Dedication Ceremonies, The (1)

James F. Byrnes (5)

James Farrell (1)

James G. Rogers Jr. (1)

James Hester Interview (1)

James J. Braddock Vs. Joe Louis (1)

James J. Braddock Vs. Max Baer (1)

James J. Walker V-Mail Program (4)

James J. Wilson (1)

James L. Fly (1)

James M. Cain Interview (1)

James P. Johnson (2)

James P. Johnson (Jazz Pianist) (1)

James Petrillo Hearing (1)

James Roosevelt (1)

Jan August Show, The (1)

Jan Garber and His Orchestra (24)

Jan Savitt Orchestra (1)

Jan Savitt and His Orchestra (4)

Jan Savitt and His Top Hatters (3)

Jan Savitt and The Top Hatters (1)

Jane Cowl Show, The (1)

Jane Endicott, Reporter (2)

Jane Pickens Show, The (9)

Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (1)

Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (1)

Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre (1)

Janet Williams Chats About Children (4)

Janice Gray (1)

Jantzen Radio Program (3)

Jap Attack On The Fifth Fleet (1)

Japan's Acceptance (1)

Japanese Attack On The U. S. S. Franklin (1)

Japanese News In English (9)

Japanese News In English Part 1 (1)

Japanese Surrender Coverage (1)

Jason and The Golden Fleece (3)

Jay McShann and His Orchestra (1)

Jazz '65 (1)

Jazz 625 (1)

Jazz Alive (10)

Jazz Alley (2)

Jazz America (1)

Jazz At 76 (1)

Jazz At Storyville (2)

Jazz At The Auditorium (1)

Jazz At The Philharmonic (1)

Jazz At The Smithsonian (1)

Jazz Casual (28)

Jazz Classroom Of The Air, The (1)

Jazz Club U.S.A. (37)

Jazz Concert From The Los Angeles Philharmonic Auditorium (1)

Jazz Festival Saalfelden, The (1)

Jazz From Birdland (1)

Jazz From Storyville (2)

Jazz Icons (1)

Jazz Nocturne (1)

Jazz Party (5)

Jazz Scene U.S.A. (3)

Jazz Unlimited (1)

Jazz Workshop (1)

Jazzbeaux On KCSM (2)

Jazzbeaux On KFSO (1)

Jazzbeaux On KGO (1)

Jean Abbey Notes (1)

Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra (1)

Jean Merrill (1)

Jean Sablon (1)

Jean Sablon Show, The (2)

Jean Shepherd (1)

Jean Shepherd Show, The (1128)

Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles (1)

Jeanette Davis Show, The (1)

Jeff Regan, Investigator (47)

Jeff and Lucky (3)

Jeffersonian Heritage, The (13)

Jell-O Program Starring Jack Benny, The (247)

Jergens Journal, The (47)

Jeri Sullivan With The Mel-Tones and Johnny White Quintet (1)

Jeri Sullivan's Dream House (1)

Jerome Kern Memorial Special Show (1)

Jerry At Fair Oaks (65)

Jerry Dean, Boy Trooper (1)

Jerry Gray and His Band Of Today (1)

Jerry Gray and His Orchestra (10)

Jerry Gray and His Orchestra (The Bob Crosby Show) (1)

Jerry Lester Show, The (2)

Jerry Lewis Show, The (2)

Jerry Livingstone and His Orchestra (1)

Jerry Of The Circus (124)

Jerry Shelton and His Whispering Rhythms (2)

Jerry Wayne Show, The (4)

Jerry and Skye (1)

Jersey Jazz (1)

Jess Stacy Trio (2)

Jesse Crawford (1)

Jessell Jamboree, The (1)

Jesters, The (8)

Jesus Christ and Karl Marx (1)

Jeweler's Shop, The (1)

Jewels Of Music (1)

Jewish American Board For Peace and Justice, The (9)

Jewish Hour, The (4)

Jewish Philosopher, The (3)

Jewish Philospher, The (1)

Jewish Radio Classics (1)

Jewish Services (1)

Jewish Show Time (11)

Jewish War Veterans Memorial Service (1)

Jewssell Jamboree, The (1)

Jiggs Miller (1)

Jill Corey Sings (13)

Jill's All Time Juke Box (18)

Jill's All-Time Juke Box (1)

Jim Boles Interview (1)

Jim Brown's Entertainers (1)

Jim Cullum's Happy Jazz Band (1)

Jim Hawthorne Show, The (7)

Jim Pierce Interview (1)

Jim Reeves Show, The (1)

Jimi Hendrix In Sweden (1)

Jimmie Dean and His Trail Riders (2)

Jimmie Grier and His Orchestra (10)

Jimmie Grier's Orchestra (1)

Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra (1)

Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Day (1)

Jimmy Beats Rheumatic Fever (1)

Jimmy Blade and His Music (3)

Jimmy Carroll Sings (6)

Jimmy Carter (3)

Jimmy Carter Report Card, The (1)

Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale (1)

Jimmy Dean Show, The (6)

Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, The (1)

Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra (11)

Jimmy Dorsey's Original Dorseyland Jazz Band (1)

Jimmy Doyle Vs. Frank Terry (1)

Jimmy Durante Interview (1)

Jimmy Durante Presents The Lennon Sisters Hour (1)

Jimmy Durante Show, The (63)

Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show, The (10)

Jimmy Edmondson Show, The (1)

Jimmy Featherstone and His Orchestra (8)

Jimmy Fidler (8)

Jimmy Fidler Show, The (5)

Jimmy Fidler's Diary (1)

Jimmy Gamble and His Orchestra (1)

Jimmy Grier and His Orchestra (1)

Jimmy Jones (1)

Jimmy Lunceford and His Band (2)

Jimmy Lunceford and His Orchestra (1)

Jimmy Lytell and His Delta Eight (2)

Jimmy Lytell and The Delta Eight (3)

Jimmy McDaniels Vs. Ralph Zanelli (1)

Jimmy Nelson "Instant Ventriloquism" (1)

Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism (1)

Jimmy Noone and His Loones (1)

Jimmy Palmer and His Orchestra (4)

Jimmy Powers: Sports News and Scores (1)

Jimmy Wakely (7)

Jimmy Wakely Show, The (3)

Jimmy Wakely and His Rodeo Boys (2)

Jimmy Wakely and The Sunshine Girls (2)

Jimmy Wakely's Western Song Parade (2)

Jimmy Walker (1)

Jimmy Walsh and His Orchestra (3)

Jingle Bell's Happiest Christmas (1)

Jinx Hot Shots (1)

Jive Patrol (14)

Jo Stafford Show, The (1)

Joachim Von Ribbentrop (3)

Joan Brooks, The Girl With The Voice You Won't Forget (2)

Joan Davis Show, The (8)

Joan Davis Time (8)

Joan Fairfax and Her All-Girl Orchestra (1)

Job Center Of The Air, The (1)

Jobs For America (8)

Jobs For Heroes (1)

Joe D'Amica, The Eastern Ranger (1)

Joe DiMaggio Show, The (3)

Joe E. Brown Show, The (4)

Joe E. Howard (1)

Joe Emerson's Hymn Time (1)

Joe Emerson's Hymntime (2)

Joe Franklin Show, The (2)

Joe Frazier Vs. Jimmy Ellis (1)

Joe Hassel Sports (1)

Joe Hassel Sports Roundup (1)

Joe Haymes and His Orchestra (1)

Joe Louis Interview (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Al Ettore (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Billy Conn (2)

Joe Louis Vs. Billy Conn Weigh-In (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Buddy Baer (2)

Joe Louis Vs. Charlie Retzlaff (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Jack Sharkey (1)

Joe Louis Vs. James J. Braddock (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Jersey Joe Walcott (3)

Joe Louis Vs. John Henry Lewis (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Lou Nova (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Max Schmeling (2)

Joe Louis Vs. Nathan Mann (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Natie Brown (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Paolino Uzcudun Interviews (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Tami Mauriello (1)

Joe Louis Vs. Tommy Farr (1)

Joe Louis and Johnny Paycheck Preview (1)

Joe Manning (1)

Joe Marsala (2)

Joe Mooney Quartet, The (1)

Joe Mooney Quartette, The (1)

Joe O'Brien Show, The (1)

Joe Palooka (2)

Joe Palooka Audition Program (2)

Joe Penner Show, The (44)

Joe Pyne Show, The (1)

Joe Reichman (The Pagliacci Of The Piano) (2)

Joe Reichman At The Piano (2)

Joe Reichman At The Piano (With Rhythm Accompaniment) (1)

Joe Reichman and His Orchestra (19)

Joe Reichman and His Orchestra ("The Pagliacci Of The Piano") (3)

Joe Reichman and His Orchestra (Dance) (1)

Joe Sanders and His Nighthawks (1)

Joe Sanders and His Orchestra (1)

Joe Schirmer Trio (3)

Joe Turner (1)

Joe Venuti Interview (1)

Joe Venuti and His Orchestra (2)

Joe Venuti and The Blue Five (4)

Joe and Cynthia (1)

Joey Reynolds Show, The (1)

Joey and Chuck (1)

John Amery (1)

John Anderson (2)

John B. Hughes (1)

John B. Kennedy (1)

John Barrymore Theatre, The (3)

John Bartek (1)

John Brown's Body (2)

John Cameron Swayze News (5)

John Coltrane Quartet, The (1)

John Cornell and The News (1)

John Cudahy (2)

John D. Rockefeller and A Century Of American History (1)

John Daniel Quartet, The (3)

John Davis Interview (1)

John Doremus Show, The (1)

John Duffy At The Organ (1)

John F. Kennedy Press Conference (1)

John Facenda Commentary (1)

John Facenda News (4)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy...As We Remember Him (1)

John Foster Dulles (2)

John Gambling Show, The (3)

John Gambling's 30th Anniversary on WOR (1)

John Gambling's Gym Classes (1)

John Glenn Flight (1)

John Glenn Press Conference (1)

John Glenn Souvenir Album (1)

John Glenn: American Hero (1)

John Hagelin (1)

John J. Anthony (3)

John J. Anthony Program, The (4)

John Kennedy Assassination Coverage (1)

John L. Lewis Speech (1)

John Lennon 1940-1980 (1)

John Lennon, The Man and His Music (1)

John Lindsay Press Conference (2)

John Lindsay Victory Speech (1)

John Louden (1)

John McCain (3)

John Paul Dixon (1)

John Phillip Sousa Memorial Program (1)

John Steele (11)

John Steele, Adventurer (25)

John Sterling Show, The (1)

John T. Flynn (16)

John Thompson (1)

John W. Snyder (1)

John W. Vandercook (3)

John W. Vandercook News (1)

John W. Vandercook and The News Of The World (3)

John Wittaker (1)

John Young Brown (2)

John Zacherle Interview (1)

John Zacherle Show, The (1)

John's Other Wife (8)

Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys (38)

Johnnie and Less (1)

Johnny Bond and His Red River Boys (1)

Johnny Bond and His Red River Valley Boys (2)

Johnny Carson Show, The (1)

Johnny Cash Show, The (1)

Johnny Desmond (1)

Johnny Desmond Goes To College (1)

Johnny Desmond Show, The (1)

Johnny Desmond With Art Van Damme Quintet (1)

Johnny Desmond With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra (1)

Johnny Desmond With Manhattan Nighthawks (1)

Johnny Desmond With The Manhattan Nighthawks (1)

Johnny Desmond's Follies (1)

Johnny Fletcher Mystery (1)

Johnny Fletcher Show, The (1)

Johnny Grant (1)

Johnny Greco Vs. Bobby Ruffin (1)

Johnny Green and His Orchestra (3)

Johnny Guarnieri (1)

Johnny Guarnieri Quintet (2)

Johnny Hamilton Quintet and The Tony Scott Quartet, The (1)

Johnny Horton and The Four B's (2)

Johnny Long and His Orchestra (5)

Johnny Long and His Orchestra With Dick Robertson (1)

Johnny Madero, Pier 23 (2)

Johnny Mercer Show, The (2)

Johnny Mercer, With Orchestra Conducted By Paul Weston (2)

Johnny Messner and His Music (1)

Johnny Messner and His Music Box Band (1)

Johnny Messner and His Orchestra (3)

Johnny Mulay and His Orchestra (3)

Johnny Murphy and His Orchestra (2)

Johnny Nighthawk (1)

Johnny Presents (5)

Johnny Smith Quartet, The (1)

Johnson Brothers Radio Show, The (6)

Johnson Brothers, The (2)

Johnson Family, The (25)

Johnson's Wax Program, The (17)

Johnson's Wax Show (1)

Join The Navy (5)

Joint Labor Rally (1)

Jollly Bill and Jane (1)

Jolly Bill and Jane (2)

Jolson Sings Again (3)

Jolson Song Parade, The (1)

Jolson Story, The (2)

Jon and Sondra Steel (1)

Jonah Jones Orchestra (1)

Jonah Jones and His Orchestra (1)

Jonah Jones and His Quartet (1)

Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas On The Moon (26)

Jonathan Winters Show, The (2)

Jones Beach Marine Stadium Dedication (1)

Jonestown Massacre, The (1)

Joni Mitchell In Concert (1)

Jordanaires, The (2)

Jose Moran and His Orchestra (1)

Joseph C. Harsch (1)

Joseph E. Davies (1)

Joseph Enos (1)

Joseph Goebbels (5)

Joseph Marais and Miranda (1)

Joseph Stalin (3)

Journalists Remember The J. F. K. Assassination (1)

Journey Into Nature (1)

Journey Of The Magi, The (1)

Journey To The Moon: The Original Version (1)

Journeys Behind The News (13)

Joy (1)

Joy Boys, The (3)

Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern (1)

Joyce Jordan, M.D. (39)

Juan Arvistu and His Guitar (1)

Juan Ernesto (1)

Jubalaires, The (10)

Jubilee (206)

Jubilee Time (1)

Judge For Yourself (8)

Judge Harold R. Medina (1)

Judge Rutherford (37)

Judge, The (2)

Judgment At Nuremberg (1)

Judson Radio Program Corporation (1)

Judy At Carnegie Hall (1)

Judy Canova Monologs (2)

Judy Canova Monologs and Recipes (3)

Judy Canova Show, The (30)

Judy Garland Show, The (6)

Judy Garland Special (1)

Judy Sings (1)

Judy and Jane (4)

Juke Box Saturday Night (1)

Jules Herman and His Orchestra (6)

Julia Foster, Expectant Mother (2)

Julius La Rosa (1)

Julliard School Of Music Concert (1)

Jumbo (1)

Jumbo Fire Chief Program, The (12)

Jump Time (1)

Jump-Jump Of Holiday House (34)

Jump-Jump and The Ice Queen (25)

Jumpin' Jacks (7)

Jumpin' Jacks, The (5)

Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (1)

Jumping Beans (2)

Junction Of Russian and American Forces (1)

June Christy (4)

June Christy With Johnny Guarnieri Quintet (2)

June Christy With The Johnny Guarnieri Quintet (1)

June Dairy Month (1)

June Diary Month (1)

June Is My Girl (1)

June Valli With Art Van Damme Quintet (1)

June's My Girl (1)

Jungle Book (1)

Jungle Jazz (1)

Jungle School (1)

Junior Achievement Award Program (1)

Junior Brains Trust (1)

Junior Celebrities (2)

Junior Drama Workshop (3)

Junior Frolics (1)

Junior Grand Ole Opry (1)

Junior High School Forum (1)

Junior Hobby Lobby (1)

Junior Inspector's Club (1)

Junior Journal, The (1)

Junior Miss (12)

Junior Reporter, The (1)

Junior Town Meeting Of The Air, The (1)

Junior Welfare Storybook Lady, The (2)

Just A Dream (1)

Just A Hotel (1)

Just Before The Battle (1)

Just Between Ourselves (1)

Just Between Us (6)

Just Call Me Maestro (1)

Just Entertainment (5)

Just Five Lines (1)

Just For You (13)

Just Jazz (16)

Just Outside Hollywood (1)

Just Plain Bill (23)

Just Relax (1)

Justice Hugo Black (1)

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Memorial (1)

Juvenile Delinquency Spot Announcements (1)

Juvenile Delinquency and Comic Books Subcommittee Investigation (1)

Juvenile Jury (3)