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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

F. Bostick Wester (1)

FBI In Action, The (1)

FBI In Peace and War, The (52)

FDR (1)

FM Demonstration: Music (1)

FM Demonstration: Sounds (1)

FM Radio Station WATG (1)

Fabulous Doctor Tweedy, The (9)

Fabulous Mr. Manchester, The (1)

Face Of The War...As Seen By Sam Cuff, The (1)

Face The Nation (26)

Faces In The Window (4)

Faces Of Love (68)

Facial Frost (2)

Fact Or Fantasy (2)

Factfinder, The (14)

Fairchild and Carroll and Their Ensemble (1)

Fairfield Four, The (1)

Faith For Tomorrow (1)

Faith In Action (1)

Faith In Our Time (5)

Faits Divers (1)

Fall Of France, The (1)

Fall Of Poland, The (1)

Falla Trio, The (1)

Fallout: The Clouded Horizon (1)

False V-E Day Report (1)

False V-J Day Coverage (2)

Falstaff's Fables (6)

Fame and Fortune (9)

Families Need Parents (6)

Family Closeup (4)

Family Doctor, The (39)

Family Fun Fair (1)

Family Quiz (1)

Family Skeleton (2)

Family Theatre (427)

Famous Belgians (1)

Famous Comic Artists (3)

Famous Court Dramas (3)

Famous Escapes (23)

Famous First Facts (1)

Famous Homes Of Famous Americans (3)

Famous Jury Trials (24)

Famous Romances (1)

Famous Speeches In The American Tradition (1)

Fanfare (1)

Fannie Hurst Reviews (1)

Fanny Brice-Frank Morgan Show, The (5)

Fantasies From Lights Out (2)

Fantasy (2)

Fantasy Overture, The (1)

Far North, The (1)

Farewell Ceremony For Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (1)

Farewell To Studio Nine (1)

Farm Editors Interview (1)

Farm Facts and Fun (1)

Farm Mobilization Day Program (1)

Farmer Andrews Goes To Town (1)

Farmer and His Livestock, The (2)

Farmer and The Market Place, The (4)

Farmer and The Supreme Court, The (1)

Farming Marches On (1)

Farming Tomorrow (1)

Faron Young Show, The (1)

Farrell Dobbs (1)

Fascinating Rhythm (1)

Fat Man, The (35)

Father Cares: The Last Of Jonestown (1)

Father Coughlin (84)

Father Flanagan's Boy's Town (6)

Father Knows Best (62)

Father O'Connor's Jazz Anthology (1)

Father's Day Program (4)

Fats Waller (1)

Fats Waller Jam School (1)

Fats Waller and His Orchestra (6)

Faultless Starch Time (7)

Favorite Story (84)

Favorites Forever (7)

Fear Begins At Forty (1)

Fear On Trial (1)

Feature Assignment (1)

Feature Page (1)

Features For Women (4)

Federal Agent (7)

Federal Aid To Wildlife (1)

Federal Housing Administration (2)

Federal Music Project Chamber Orchestra, The (1)

Federal Radio Theatre, The (1)

Federal Symphony Of Los Angeles, The (1)

Federal Symphony Of New York (1)

Federal Symphony Orchestra Of New York (1)

Federal Theatre Plays (1)

Federal Theatre Special Broadcast (1)

Federation Of Protestant Welfare Agencies, The (1)

Feeling Is Mutual, The (108)

Feenamint National Amateur Night, The (5)

Fels Naptha Program, The (1)

Ferde Grofe (1)

Ferde Grofe Orchestra (5)

Ferde Grofe and His Orchestra (3)

Ferde Grofe and Orchestra (1)

Festival Of American Music (1)

Festival Of Performing Arts, The (1)

Festival Theatre (1)

Fibber McGee and Company (32)

Fibber McGee and Molly (1378)

Fidelity (1)

Fidler Now Talks Music (4)

Field Sanitation: The Fly (1)

Fields and Hall Mountaineers (2)

Fiesta (6)

Fiesta En Nueva York (1)

Fiesta Of Music (1)

Fifi Dorsay; Buddy Rogers Program, The (1)

Fifteen Minutes With Bing Crosby (1)

Fifth Anniversary Salute Of "Operation Skywatch" (1)

Fifth Horseman, The (8)

Fifth Row Center (2)

Fifth War Loan Drive (3)

Fifth War Loan Drive; Opening Program (1)

Fifth War Loan Program (2)

Fifth Wheel, The (1)

Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration Of A.T. and T., The (1)

Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Phonograph (1)

Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire (1)

Fifty Years After Fourteen August (1)

Fifty Years Of Chevrolet (1)

Fight Night (1)

Fight Of The Month (1)

Fight Preview (1)

Fighter Pilots At Work (1)

Fighting A.A.F., The (3)

Fighting In Vietnam (1)

Fighting Irish Football (1)

Fighting Parson, The (1)

Fighting Senator, The (1)

Fiji Islanders, The (1)

Film Sound Tracks (2)

Film W2XAD Recording For G.E. (1)

Film W2XAF Recording For G.E. (1)

Final Sign-Off Of KE2XCC (1)

Financial Counselor, The (1)

Finders Keepers (1)

Fine Arts String Quartet, The (3)

Fine Print, The (1)

Finnish Foreign Minister (1)

Finnish Statement (1)

Fiorello La Guardia (135)

Fir Tree, The (1)

Fire Chief Concert, The (14)

Fire Chief, The (19)

Fireball Fun For All (1)

Firefighters (161)

Firefly (1)

Fireside Family, The (1)

Fireside Tales, The (1)

Firesign Theatre, The (1)

Firestone Voice Of The Farm (1)

Firing Line (3)

First 1946 Civilian Auto Off The Ford Assembly Line, The (1)

First Aid (1)

First American Opera Festival, The (1)

First Anniversary Of AFN; Munich, The (1)

First Anniversary Of The Death Of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1)

First Anniversary Of The Hollywood Canteen, The (1)

First Anniversary Of The United Nations (1)

First Bank Notes (1)

First Broadcast To Russia By The U. S. State Department (1)

First Comes Food (1)

First Daylight Raid On Berlin, The (1)

First Fabulous Fifty, The (5)

First In Peace (1)

First Lady: Nancy Reagan, The (1)

First Manned Space Shuttle Launch, The (1)

First National Weekend News Round-Up, The (1)

First Nighter Program, The (42)

First Offender, The (2)

First Piano Quartet, The (33)

First Polio Vaccine (1)

First Spaceman, The (2)

First Three Months, The (2)

Fisher's 7:00 A.M. News (1)

Fisher's Seven O'Clock News (2)

Fisherman's Wharf (1)

Fisk Jubilee Singers (3)

Fisk Jubilee Singers, The (2)

Fitch Bandwagon, The (93)

Fitch Program, The (1)

Fitch Summer Bandwagon, The (1)

Fitzgeralds, The (1)

Five After The Hour (20)

Five Cent Beer (1)

Five Fighting Zivics, The (1)

Five Lessons In Bop For The People (1)

Five Minute Musical Programs (1)

Five Minute Mysteries (42)

Five Minute Programs (2)

Five Minutes With Jack Baker and The Cadets (2)

Five Mysteries Program, The (2)

Five Of A Kind (2)

Five Presidents On The Presidency (1)

Five Star Final (2)

Five-Star Matinee (22)

Five-Star Theatre, The (1)

Flair (10)

Flash Flood (1)

Flash Gun Casey, Press Photographer (1)

Flashback (1)

Flavored With Flute (1)

Fleet's In, The (2)

Fleetwood Lawton (1)

Fleischmann's Yeast Hour, The (150)

Fletcher Henderson's Sextet (1)

Fletcher Wiley Of The Housewives' Protective League (1)

Flight (8)

Flight 101 (1)

Flight Command (1)

Flight In The Night (1)

Flight Of Apollo 8, The (1)

Flight Of Gemini 3, The (1)

Flight Of Gemini 5, The (1)

Flight Of The B-19, The (1)

Flight Of The Constitution, The (1)

Flight Of The Flagship (1)

Flight With Music (29)

Flip (1)

Flip Corkin, Air Commando (1)

Flirtation Walk (1)

Flit Frolics (25)

Flood Broadcast (1)

Flood Broadcast From New London (1)

Flood Relief Conference (1)

Floor Show (13)

Florence Sandow Show, The (1)

Floretta and Your Musical Scrapbook (1)

Florida Calling (1)

Florida Supreme Court, The (1)

Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm (1)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Archie Moore (1)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Charlie Devil Green (1)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Ingemar Johansson (3)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Oscar Bonavena (1)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Sonny Liston (2)

Floyd Patterson Vs. Tommy Hurricane Jackson (1)

Flucht Vor Des Freiheit (Flight From Freedom) (1)

Flushing High School Diamond Jubilee Pageant (1)

Flushing Meadows Stadium Groundbreaking Ceremonies (1)

Flying Commandoes (1)

Flying Dutchman, The (1)

Flying Dutchmen, The (1)

Flying Patrol (1)

Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel (22)

Focus (1)

Focus On Jazz (1)

Folk Music Of The South (3)

Folk Song Festival (1)

Folk Songs Of Belgium (1)

Folks On Fourth Street, The (1)

Folksinger's Choice (1)

Follow That Man (1)

Follow The Crowd (1)

Follow The Moon (1)

Follow Through (1)

Fontane Sisters (1)

Food Rationing (1)

Food and Defense (1)

Food and Freedom (1)

Foodtown Pops Revue (4)

Foojie and His Magic Harp (1)

Football Game: Duluth Central Vs. St. Paul High School (1)

Football Game: Duluth Central Vs. Superior Central High School (1)

Football Game: Duluth Central Vs. Superior High School (1)

Football Game: Michigan Vs. Minnesota (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Gophers Vs. Indiana (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Gophers Vs. Northwestern Wildcats (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Gophers Vs. Wisconsin Badgers (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Vs. Nebraska (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Vs. Washington (1)

Football Game: Minnesota Vs. Wisconsin (1)

Football Game: Minnestota Vs. Northwestern (1)

Football Game: Morgan Fox Vs. Proctor High School (1)

Football Game: St. Patrick's Vs. Duluth Cathedral High School (1)

Football Game: University Of Minnesota at Duluth Vs. Superior State (1)

Footlight Melodies (3)

Footlight Parade (1)

For America We Sing (8)

For Americans Only (1)

For Children Only (1)

For Conscience Sake (1)

For God and Country (2)

For Men Only (1)

For Mercy's Sake (2)

For The Defense (2)

For The Fallen (1)

For The Living (13)

For The Love O' Lil (1)

For The Record (3)

For Women Only (6)

For You and Yours (4)

For Your Approval (5)

For Your Consideration (2)

For Your Entertainment (1)

Forbidden Cargo (1)

Forbidden Broadcast (1)

Forbidden Cargo (32)

Forbidden Diary (4)

Ford (1)

Ford 1953 New Car Spots (1)

Ford 1953 Used Car and Truck Spots (1)

Ford Commercials (1)

Ford Fiftieth Anniversary Spot Announcements (1)

Ford Follow-Through Solicitation Plan, The (1)

Ford Presents (2)

Ford Presents: Drama Into Opera (1)

Ford Presidential Museum (2)

Ford Show, The (18)

Ford Showroom, The (3)

Ford Star Jubilee (6)

Ford Startime (11)

Ford Sunday Evening Hour, The (13)

Ford Television Theatre, The (1)

Ford Theatre (111)

Ford Theatre, The (30)

Ford Theatrte (1)

Ford V-8 (1)

Ford V-8 Revue, The (6)

Forecast (24)

Foreign Assignment (2)

Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz (1)

Foreign News (2)

Foreign Policy Association, The (1)

Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden (1)

Forest Hills Tennis (1)

Forever Ernest (1)

Forever Susan (1)

Forever Tops (24)

Forfeits (2)

Forgotten Children (1)

Forman Phillips Barn Dance, The (1)

Former Governor Harold Stassen (1)

Former Governor John Bricker (1)

Former President George Bush (2)

Former President Gerald Ford (2)

Former President Harry Truman (1)

Former President Herbert Hoover (27)

Former President Jimmy Carter (3)

Former President Ronald Reagan (2)

Formicola In The Morning (1)

Forrester's Wharf (2)

Fort Dix Army Program (1)

Fort Laramie (58)

Forty Million, The (8)

Forty Years Remembered (1)

Forty-Eight Hours (1)

Forum Of Public Opinion, The (1)

Forum Of The Air, The (9)

Forum String Quartet Of Boston, The (2)

Forum String Quartet Of New York, The (1)

Forward America (1)

Forward Hour, The (2)

Forward March (57)

Foundation For Good Job Relations (1)

Foundation For Tomorrow (1)

Foundations For Good Job Relations (1)

Fountain Of Fun, The (8)

Four Blue Jackets, The (1)

Four Clubmen, The (1)

Four For The Fifth (4)

Four Freshmen, The (3)

Four Frightened People (1)

Four Hundred Hour, The (1)

Four Ink Spots, The (2)

Four Playboys, The (1)

Four Polka Dots, The (1)

Four Star Jubilee (1)

Four Star Playhjouse (1)

Four Star Playhouse (68)

Four Star Playhouse" (1)

Four Star Revue (1)

Four Star Theatre (1)

Four Strar Playhouse (1)

Four-H Roundup (1)

Foursome, The (2)

Fourteen August, A Message For The Day Of Victory (1)

Fourth Anniversary Salute To The Ground Observer Corps (1)

Fourth Chime, The (1)

Fourth Christmas, The (1)

Fourth Estate, The (1)

Fox Movietone News (1)

Foxglove Street (4)

Foy Willing Show, The (1)

Foy Willing and The Riders Of The Purple Sage (9)

Fram Sports Thrill Of The Week (1)

Fran Murray Sports Report (1)

Fran Warren (1)

Fran Warren Sings (4)

Fran Warren Sings. Accompanied By The Allen Roth Orchestra (1)

Fran Warren. Accompanied By Allen Roth Orchestra (1)

Frances Langford Presents (1)

Francis (1)

Francis Biddle (1)

Francis Cardinal Spellman (1)

Francis Craig and His Orchestra (1)

Francis Craig's Serenade (1)

Francis Delafield Hospital Dedication (1)

Frank Alden Reports from London For KFI, Los Angeles (1)

Frank Bettencourt and His Orchestra (4)

Frank Black Cadillac Show (12)

Frank Black Presents (3)

Frank Buck Jungle Quiz, The (1)

Frank Buxton and Bill Owen Interview (1)

Frank Fay Program, The (1)

Frank Fontaine Show, The (1)

Frank Froeba and His Backroom Boys (3)

Frank Kagan and His Orchestra (1)

Frank Knox (6)

Frank Lloyd Wright (2)

Frank Luther Fun Show, The (1)

Frank Morgan Show, The (4)

Frank Parker Show, The (11)

Frank R. McNinch (1)

Frank Sinatra (2)

Frank Sinatra Show, The (16)

Frank Sinatra Special Reports (1)

Frank Sinatra Timex Show, The (1)

Frank Sinatra V-Disc Recordings (1)

Frank Sinatra and Company (1)

Frank Sinatra: The Complete Dallas Concert (1)

Frank Singiser (2)

Frank Singiser News (1)

Frank Stanton (1)

Frank Trumbauer's Orchestra (1)

Frank Watanabe and The Honorable Archie (18)

Frank Yankovic and His Yanks (4)

Frank and Archie (1)

Frank and Ernest (8)

Frankenstein (13)

Frankie Carle (2)

Frankie Carle and His Orchestra (11)

Frankie Carle: Piano Solos (Rhythm Background) (1)

Frankie Froeba (1)

Frankie Froeba Trio, The (3)

Frankie Froeba and His Boys (1)

Frankie Froeba and Merle Pitt (1)

Frankie Froeba and The Four Aces (1)

Frankie Laine Show, The (3)

Frankie Laine Sings...For The 1950 March Of Dimes (1)

Frankie Laine Time (6)

Frankie Laine With Carl Fischer's Orchestra (3)

Frankie Laine With Orchestra Directed By Carl Fischer (2)

Frankie Masters and His Orchestra (10)

Frankie Trumbauer Orchestra (1)

Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra (1)

Frankie Trumbauer's Swing Seven (1)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. Speech (1)

Franklin Roosevelt (1)

Franklin Roosevelt: In Memorium (1)

Franklin Stewart Entertains (1)

Franklyn MacCormack's Book Of Memories (18)

Franz Lehar Festival (1)

Franz Von Papen (1)

Franzella Quintette, The (2)

Fraternal Order Of Eagles, The (1)

Frauds and Fakes Exposed (1)

Freberg Stamberg: The Interview (1)

Freberg Underground! (1)

Fred Allen (1)

Fred Allen Show, The (135)

Fred Astaire Salutes The Fox Musicals (1)

Fred Bate From London (2)

Fred Foy Interview (1)

Fred Lowery (Whistler-Organ) (1)

Fred Lowery Show, The (1)

Fred Robbins Show, The (2)

Fred Waring Addresses The Poor Richard Club (1)

Fred Waring Program, The (1)

Fred Waring SHow, The (1)

Fred Waring Show, The (147)

Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians (11)

Freddie Martin Shoiw, The (1)

Freddie Martin and His Orchestra (2)

Freddie Rich and His Orchestra (1)

Freddie Rich and His Orchestra/Ben Selvin and His Orchestra (1)

Freddy Archer Vs. Ralph Zanelli (1)

Freddy Martin Orchestra (13)

Freddy Martin Show, The (2)

Freddy Martin and His Orchestra (13)

Freddy Martin, His Singing Saxophone and His Orchestra (22)

Freddy Nagel and His Orchestra (7)

Frederick Douglass Circle Dedication (1)

Free Company, The (11)

Free French Week Program (1)

Free Time (1)

Free World Theatre (2)

Freedom Forum (14)

Freedom Garden Spots (1)

Freedom House: Annual Award (1)

Freedom Is Everybody's Job (2)

Freedom Is Our Business (1)

Freedom Never Dies (1)

Freedom Of Opportunity (17)

Freedom Of Speech (1)

Freedom Story, The (82)

Freedom To Listen, The (1)

Freedom Train Show (1)

Freedom Train, The (4)

Freedom U. S. A. (1)

Freedom U.S.A. (20)

Freedom Under God (1)

Freedom's Fighting Men (2)

Freedom's Heroes (1)

Freedom's Job (1)

Freedom's Ladder (2)

Freedom's People (8)

Freedom, The Living Tradition (1)

Freeway Club, The (1)

French "Black" Radio (1)

French News (1)

French News In English (31)

French Program Of Recorded Music (1)

Frequency Record (1)

Fresh-Up Show, The (3)

Friar's Club Annual Testimonial Dinner (1)

Friar's Club Roast (3)

Friar's Club Tribute to Jack Benny (1)

Friday Is A Big Day (1)

Friday Night (1)

Friday Night Frolic, The (1)

Friday Night Camel Show, The (5)

Friday Night Frolic (4)

Friday Night Show (2)

Friday With Garroway (1)

Friendly Five Footnotes (14)

Friendship Airport Opening (1)

Friendship Train Program (1)

Friendship Train, The (2)

Frigidaire Presents (1)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Al Davis (1)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Beau Jack (1)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Bob Montgomery (1)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Freddy Cochran (2)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Ray Robinson (1)

Fritzie Zivic Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson (1)

From Al Jolson To His Wife Ruby Keeler (1)

From Baker Street With Love (1)

From Headquarters (1)

From Here To The Seventies (1)

From Milk Pail To Pulpit (1)

From The Capitol (2)

From The House Of Bondage (1)

From The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (3)

From The Midway (1)

From Victoria To George V (1)

Front Line Features (1)

Front Line Reports From Alsace-Lorraine (1)

Front Line Theatre (3)

Front Page Drama (503)

Front Page Farrell (17)

Front Page Headlines (10)

Front and Center (8)

Frontier (5)

Frontier Fighters (39)

Frontier Gentleman (56)

Frontier Theatre (1)

Frontier Town (51)

Frontline (3)

Fuel Conservation Program For National Defense (2)

Full Speed Ahead (3)

Fullness Of Times, The (2)

Fulton Lewis (1)

Fulton Lewis Jr. (8)

Fulton Lewis, Jr. (68)

Fun At Breakfast (16)

Fun Fest (2)

Fun House, The (1)

Fun In Print (1)

Fun With Books (8)

Fun With Dunne (3)

Fun With Music (6)

Fun with Books (1)

Fund For The Republic Luncheon, The (1)

Fund For The Republic Morning Session, The (2)

Fundraising Benefit For The Palestine Music Conservatory in Jerusalem (1)

Funeral Of Gustav Streseman, The (1)

Funeral Of King George V, The (1)

Funeral Of King George VI (1)

Funeral Of Louis Armstrong, The (1)

Funeral Of Mayor Cermak, The (1)

Funfest (1)

Funkstunde Berlin (The Story Hour) (2)

Funny Face (1)

Funny Side Up, The (6)

Funny Side, The (1)

Fur Industry War Bond Rally (1)

Furlough Fun (2)

Furniture Company Spot Announcement (1)

Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (17)

Further Details With Robert Trout (1)

Further Interplanetary Adventures Of Flash Gordon, The (6)

Future Champions Of America (1)

Future Farmers Of America (1)

Future Forum: A World Of Competition (1)

Future Of Cancer Research, The (1)

Future Of Manned Missions To The Moon, The (1)

Future Of Wildlife Conservation (1)

Future Tense (26)