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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

T Minus Four Years, Nine Months and Thirty Days (1)

T-Man (3)

T-Men (3)

T. Texas Tyler Show, The (1)

TM Radio Program, The (4)

TV Reader's Digest (15)

TV Reader's FDigest (1)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Interviews (1)

Taft-Hartley Bill Senate Vote (1)

Tailspin Tommy (2)

Take A Break (2)

Take A Chance (1)

Take A Note (1)

Take A Number (1)

Take A Record, Please (10)

Take It Easy Time (5)

Take It Or Leave It (11)

Take Off Of Bikini Atom Bomb Flyers (1)

Take Off Of Swedish Plane (1)

Take Off Of The Atom Bomb Plane (1)

Take The Tunnel (2)

Take These Notes (1)

Take Your Choice (28)

Tale Of Two Cites (1)

Talent Jackpot (1)

Talent Theatre, The (2)

Tales From Harlem (1)

Tales From Ivory Towers (9)

Tales From The Diamond K (37)

Tales From The Four Winds (1)

Tales From The Mausoleum Club (1)

Tales From The Reader's Digest (65)

Tales Of Edgar Allen Poe (4)

Tales Of Fatima, The (3)

Tales Of Men's Shirts (1)

Tales Of The Foreign Service (15)

Tales Of The Supernatural (1)

Tales Of The Texas Rangers (92)

Tales Of Time and Space (1)

Tales Of Today's American Heroes (1)

Tales Of Tomorrow (2)

Tales Of Two Cities (1)

Tales Of Willie Piper (3)

Tales Told Under The Old Town Clock (1)

Talk Of Philadelphia, The (6)

Talk On Behalf Of Hugh De Lacy (1)

Talking Drums (4)

Talking Pictures (1)

Talking With David Frost (4)

Tall Tales (30)

Tallulah Bankhead Baseball Cracker Barrel (1)

Taming Of The Shrew, The (1)

Tandem Productions Advertising Campaign (1)

Tandy MacKenzie, The Hawaiian Troubadour (2)

Tangee Varieties (1)

Tap Time (11)

Tapestries Of Melody (1)

Tapestry Musicale (8)

Tarzan (108)

Tarzan Of The Apes (52)

Tarzan and The Diamond Of Asher (39)

Tarzan, The King Of The Apes (1)

Tastyeast Jesters, The (1)

Tax Instruction Book (1)

Tax Reforms: Other Views (1)

Taxi Hearings (1)

Taystee Breadwinner, The (18)

Tea For Two (1)

Tea Time Jamboree (1)

Tea Time Tunes (1)

Tea-Time Music (1)

Tea-Time Tunes (1)

Teachers For Johnson (1)

Teaser #1 (1)

Teatime Jamboree (1)

Ted Black and His Orchestra (1)

Ted Brown Show, The (1)

Ted Dale and His Orchestra (1)

Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra (3)

Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra (Cocoanut Grove Dance Hour) (1)

Ted Fio Rito and His Skyline Music (1)

Ted Heath (and His Orchestra) (5)

Ted Heath and His Music (3)

Ted Heath and His Orchestra (9)

Ted Husing Bandstand (3)

Ted Lewis Show, The (16)

Ted Lewis and His Orchestra (5)

Ted Lewis, The High Hatted Tragedian Of Song (1)

Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour (4)

Ted Malone (10)

Ted Steele (1)

Ted Steele and His Novatones (3)

Ted Steele's Music (1)

Ted Steele's Novatones (12)

Ted Weems and His Orchestra (4)

Ted West and His Range Riders (1)

Teddy Powell Orchestra (3)

Teddy Powell and His Orchestra (2)

Teddy Roosevelt Speaks Again (1)

Teddy Wilson and His Trio (1)

Teen-Age (1)

Teentimer's Club (2)

Teheran Conference Announcement (1)

Teheran Conference Special Broadcast (1)

Tele-Kid Test (1)

Telegoons, The (26)

Telephone Hour, The (306)

Telephone Time (1)

Television Experiments (1)

Television Tower News Insert (1)

Tell It Again (16)

Tell It To The Marines (1)

Tell Me A Story (1)

Tell Your Neighbor (5)

Teller Of Hawaiian Tales, The (2)

Telly Savalas...Who Loves Ya, Baby? (1)

Telstar Broadcast (2)

Temperance Lecture (1)

Ten Dancing Fingers (1)

Ten Decisive Years (1)

Ten From "Your Show Of Shows" (1)

Ten High (1)

Ten Million Wheels (6)

Ten O'Clock Wire (1)

Ten Years Ago Today (1)

Ten Years War, The (1)

Tena and Tim (2)

Tennessee Ernie Ford (1)

Tennessee Ernie Show, The (270)

Tennessee Ernie Time (2)

Tennessee Jamboree (1)

Tennessee Jamboree, The (1)

Tennessee Jed (23)

Tenth Anniversary Salute To Movie Radio Guide (4)

Tenth Man, The (13)

Terrea Lea (1)

Terrea Lee Show, The (1)

Terrible Rain, The (1)

Terror (1)

Terry and The Pirates (174)

Test By Tej (2)

Test Launching Of The Saturn V (1)

Testimonial Dinner To General Mark Clark (1)

Testing Time, The (1)

Tex Baker's Ramblers (1)

Tex Beneke Orchestra (5)

Tex Beneke Show, The (1)

Tex Beneke and His Orchestra (9)

Tex Fletcher, The Singing Cowboy (3)

Tex Ritter (1)

Tex Ritter Hollywood Rodeo, The (1)

Tex Ritter Show, The (1)

Tex Williams Show, The (3)

Tex Williams and His Western Caravan (1)

Tex and Jinx Show, The (21)

Texaco Star Theatre Presents The Tony Martin Show, The (48)

Texaco Star Theatre Summer Show, The (4)

Texaco Star Theatre, The (351)

Texaco Town (78)

Texas Hall Of Fame, The (1)

Texas Jim Lewis and His Lone Star Cowboys (3)

Texas Jim Robertson (2)

Texas Rangers (1)

Textron Theatre, The (9)

Thanks For Listening (1)

Thanks For The Memory (2)

Thanks To America (1)

Thanksgiving Day Ceremonies (1)

Thanksgiving Festival From London (1)

Thanksgiving Special Program (1)

Thanksgiving This Christmas (1)

That Brewster Boy (5)

That Hammer Guy (10)

That Lady In Ermine (1)

That Men May Live (1)

That Naughty Yodel (1)

That Night In Rio (1)

That Other Generation (11)

That Strong Guy (2)

That Was The Week That Was (52)

That Was The Year (30)

That Was The Year That Was (1)

That's Life (3)

That's My Pop (1)

That's Our Boy (1)

That's Rich (20)

That's The Way It Is: Celebrating Cronkite At 90 (1)

The 1937 Flood Thirtieth Anniversary (4)

The Admiration Coffee Shop (3)

The Adventures Of Archie Andrews (1)

The Adventures Of Babe Ruth (3)

The Adventures Of Captain Jack (1)

The Adventures Of Michael Shayne, Detective (1)

The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet (2)

The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective (1)

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (4)

The Adventures Of The Falcon (19)

The Adventures Of The Thin Man (1)

The Al Jolson Program (1)

The Alan Freed Show (1)

The Alan Young Show (4)

The Aldrich Family (1)

The Amazing Mr. Malone (1)

The American Album Of Familiar Music (1)

The American Family Robinson (15)

The American Library Association (1)

The American Melody Hour (2)

The American Scene (1)

The American Scene Magazine (1)

The Amos 'n' Andy Music Hall (2)

The Amos 'n' Andy Show (14)

The Anacin Hollywood Star Theatre (1)

The Anderson Family (1)

The Andy Russell Show (1)

The Armstrong Circle Theatre (2)

The Art Farmer Quartet (1)

The Arthur Godfrey SHow (2)

The Arthur Godfrey Show (10)

The Arthur Godfry Show (1)

The Asian Flu (1)

The Avenger (1)

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop (2)

The Baby Snooks Show (1)

The Barbara Wells Show (1)

The Barbary Coast Boys (1)

The Barry Wood Show (9)

The Bee Gees In Concert (1)

The Bee-Gees In Concert (1)

The Ben Bernie Show (1)

The Betty Jane Rhodes Show (4)

The Beulah Show (1)

The Big Show (29)

The Big Story (1)

The Bing Crosby Show (2)

The Blue Sky Boys (3)

The Bob Burns Show (2)

The Bob Crane Show (2)

The Bob Crosby Show (4)

The Bob Hope Buick Show (1)

The Bob Hope Chevy Show (1)

The Bob Hope Comedy Hour (1)

The Bob Hope Show (2)

The Bob Hope Special (1)

The Boston Pops (1)

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (6)

The Bowery League Of Nations (1)

The Breck Golden Showcase (1)

The Brighter Day (9)

The Brothers Four (1)

The Buccaneers (2)

The Burbank Symphony (2)

The Burgie Music Box (2)

The Camel News Caravan (1)

The Camel Screen Guild Theatre (2)

The Campbell Playhouse (1)

The Cavalcade Of Stars (2)

The Challenge Of The Yukon (1)

The Challenge Of The Yukon (4)

The Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street (6)

The Charlie McCarthy Show (1)

The Chesterfield Supper Club (3)

The Chevrolet Program: Musical Moments (2)

The Chevy Mystery Show (1)

The Chevy Show (1)

The Chevy Show with Bob Cummings (1)

The Chez Show (2)

The Chicago Symphony (1)

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1)

The Chrysler Theatre (1)

The Cincinnati May Music Festival (1)

The Cincinnati Opera (1)

The Cities Service Band Of America (1)

The Colgate Comedy Hour (5)

The Comic Weekly Man (2)

The Concert Of Nations (1)

The Count Basie All-Stars (1)

The Court Of Human Relations (3)

The Court Of Missing Heirs (1)

The Czech Spring Festival (1)

The Damon Runyon Theatre (3)

The Danny Kaye Show (2)

The Danny Thomas Show (1)

The Dave Garroway Show (1)

The David Letterman Show (1)

The David Niven Show (8)

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (1)

The Diary Of Jimmie Mattern (5)

The Dick Cavett Show (2)

The Dinah SHore Show (1)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (3)

The Dinah Shore Show (3)

The Dixie Symphony Four (1)

The Doctor Pepper Parade (8)

The Early Bird Show (1)

The Ed Suillivan Show (1)

The Ed Sullivan Show (2)

The Eddie Albert Show (1)

The Eddie Cantor Show (2)

The Eddy Arnold Show (47)

The Eddy Howard Orchestra (1)

The Edsel Show (1)

The Elgin Hour (1)

The Elgin TV Hour (1)

The En-Ar-Co Program (1)

The Ernie Kovacs Show (1)

The Errol Flynn Theatre (6)

The Everly Brothers (1)

The FBI In Action (1)

The FBI In Peace and War (3)

The Fanny Brice-Frank Morgan Show (1)

The Federal Radio Theatre (1)

The Financial Counselor (1)

The Fine Print (2)

The First Piano Quartet (2)

The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour (2)

The Foreign Policy Association (1)

The Frankie Laine Show (3)

The Fred Allen Show (1)

The Freddie Martin Shoiw (1)

The Freedom Train (1)

The Garrett Snuff Variety Show (1)

The Garry Moore Show (9)

The General Electric Concert Hour (2)

The General Electric Concert Orchestra (1)

The General Electric Hour (8)

The General Electric Theatre (7)

The George Burns Show (1)

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (6)

The George Gobel Show (8)

The George Morgan Show (1)

The Geporge Gobel Show (1)

The Gift Of The Little Shepherd (1)

The Goldbergs (4)

The Good Luck Club (2)

The Gospel Hour (1)

The Gray Gone Dance Of The Hour Program (1)

The Great American Landscape (1)

The Great Gildersleeve (2)

The Great Radio Comedians (1)

The Greatest Story Ever Told (2)

The Gulf Screen Guild Theatre (5)

The Hank Snow Show (3)

The Hartley's Jam Program (3)

The Harvest Of Stars (1)

The Helbros Harmonizers (1)

The Henry Morgan Show (3)

The Hill Girl, Mary Creswell (1)

The Hollywood Barn Dance (1)

The Hollywood Palace (3)

The Hollywood Spotlight (1)

The Hollywood String Quartet (1)

The Horace Heidt Show (1)

The Horace Silver Quintet (4)

The Howard Miller Show (1)

The Incomparable Charle Chan (1)

The Incomparable Charlie Chan (4)

The Jack Baker Show (2)

The Jack Benny Program (4)

The Jack Berch Show (1)

The Jack Carson Show (1)

The Jack Paar Program (1)

The Jackie Gleason Show (2)

The Jackie Gleason Showq (1)

The Jane Pickens Show (1)

The Jean Shepherd Show (2)

The Jergens Journal (1)

The Jerry Lewis Show (2)

The Jessell Jamboree (2)

The Jewssell Jamboree (1)

The Jimmy Dean Show (5)

The Jimmy Durante Show (3)

The Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show (2)

The Joe E. Brown Show (2)

The Joe Penner Show (1)

The John Coltrane Quartet (2)

The Johnson Brothers Radio Show (3)

The Johnson's Wax Program (1)

The Jonestown Massacre (1)

The Joy Boys (2)

The Judy Canova Show (1)

The Kate Smith Evening Hour (1)

The Kate Smith Hour (6)

The Kate Smith Show (1)

The Ken Murray Show (1)

The Kenny Baker Show (1)

The Korn Kobblers (11)

The Kraft Music Hall (2)

The Kraft Music Hall Friars Roast of Milton Berle (1)

The LIfe Of Mary Sothern (8)

The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre (1)

The Land Of Milk and Money (1)

The Land Of The Lost (26)

The Land We Live In (1)

The Lassie Show (1)

The Lawrence Welk Radio Show (4)

The Lawrence Welk Show (1)

The Les Paul Show (2)

The Les Paul and Mary Ford Show (1)

The Letter (2)

The Liberace Show (5)

The Liberation Of Paris (2)

The Life Of Mary Sothern (180)

The Life Of Mary Sothernj (2)

The Life Of Mary otern (1)

The Life Of mary Sothern (1)

The Light Crust Doughboys (1)

The Light Opera Company Of Los Angeles (1)

The Listening Post (1)

The Listening Room (1)

The Little Miss Bab-O Musical Surprise Party (1)

The Living God (1)

The London Palladium Show With Kate Smith (3)

The Lone Ranger (13)

The Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra (1)

The Lucky Strike Hour (5)

The Lucky Strike News (1)

The MGM Theatre Of The Air (1)

The Man Called X (2)

The Man Who Invented Music (1)

The Manhattan Concert Band (1)

The Martha Dean Show (2)

The Martha Raye Show (1)

The Martha White Show (1)

The Mary Merryfield Show (4)

The Men Of Melody (1)

The Metropolitan Opera (2)

The Mike Douglas Show (2)

The Milton Berle Show (2)

The Mindy Carson Show (1)

The Mobil Oil Concert Hour (1)

The Modern Jazz Quartet and The Maynard Ferguson Sextet (1)

The Morey Amsterdam Show (1)

The Motorola Hour (1)

The Movie Theatre Victory Broadcast (1)

The Mr. Smith Show (1)

The Museum Of Modern Music (1)

The Music Of Gabriel Faure (1)

The Music Of Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1)

The Music Room (2)

The NBC Orchestra (1)

The NBC Symphony Orchestra (1)

The Name's The Same (1)

The Natgional Lampoon Radio Hour (1)

The Nation's Future (2)

The National Lampoon Radio Hour (24)

The National Press Club (1)

The National Radio Pulpit (1)

The New Adventures Of Charlie Chan (7)

The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (2)

The New Jersey WPA Philharmonic Orchestra (1)

The New York City Band (1)

The New York City WPA Negro Melody Singers (1)

The New York Philharmonic (2)

The New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (1)

The News Of The World (2)

The News Stand Theatre (1)

The Ohio Story (5)

The Old Blue-Back Speller (1)

The Old Dominion Barn Dance (1)

The Open Mind (2)

The Orson Welles Theatre (2)

The Page Morris General Electric Program (1)

The Passing Parade (4)

The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom (1)

The Patrice Munsel Show (1)

The Pepsodent Show (1)

The Perry Como Show (2)

The Philco Symphony Orchestra (2)

The Phoenix Hosiery Program (2)

The Phrase That Pays (1)

The Polly Bergen Show (2)

The Postcard Auction (1)

The Princess Pat Play Of The Week (2)

The RCA Victor Overseas Reporter (1)

The Radio City Music Hall On The Air (2)

The Radio Rangers (1)

The Railroad Hour (1)

The Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red Skelton (19)

The Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red kelton (1)

The Ray Anthony SHow (1)

The Raymond Scott Show (1)

The Red Buttons Show (1)

The Red Foley Show (5)

The Red Skelton Program With Red Skelton (1)

The Red Skelton Show (5)

The Refreshment Club (12)

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes (1)

The Robbin's Nest (2)

The Robin Hood Flour Show (6)

The Robin Hood Flour Show. (1)

The Rolling Stones (1)

The Romance Of Evelyn Winters (1)

The Roy Rogers Show (1)

The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show (1)

The Roy Rogersz and Dale Evans Shows (1)

The Royal Gelatin Hour (1)

The Saint (1)

The Salzburg Music Festival (1)

The Schaeffer Parade (1)

The Sealtest Village Store (1)

The Second Mrs. Burton (1)

The Shorty Thompson Show (1)

The Sign Painter (2)

The Simeone Singers Show (1)

The Skippy Hollywood Theatre (21)

The Smiley Burnette Show (3)

The Southern California WPA Negro Chorus (1)

The Spike Jones Show (1)

The St. Louis Story (1)

The Standard Hour (1)

The Standard School Broadcast (1)

The Stanford Radio Players Of The Air (1)

The Star and The Story (1)

The Stars Review The Hits (1)

The Steve Allen Show (1)

The Steve Lawrence Show (1)

The Stories Of Sherlock Holmes (32)

The Story Behind The Headlines (1)

The Story Behind The Story (2)

The Story I LIke (2)

The Story I Like (1)

The Story Of Ellen Randolph (1)

The Story Of Maruy Sothern (1)

The Strange Romance Of Evelyn Winters (1)

The Studebaker Champions (3)

The Stuttgart Radio Symphony (1)

The Sweetheart Song Time (1)

The Symphony Orchestra Of Los Angeles (1)

The Telephone Hour (4)

The Testing Time (1)

The Texaco Star Theatre Presents The Tony Martin Show (20)

The Theatre Guild On The Air (1)

The Theatre Of Fame (1)

The Time Is Now (1)

The Toast Of The Town (2)

The Tommy Dorsey Show (2)

The Tommy Scott Grab Box Program (2)

The Tommy Sosebee Show (1)

The Tonight Show (38)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (39)

The Tony Martin Show (1)

The Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (1)

The Unexpected (4)

The United States Army Band (4)

The University Explorfer (1)

The Vagabonds Of The Prairies (19)

The Veterans' Advisor (1)

The Victory Front (4)

The Voice Of China (2)

The Voice Of Friendship (1)

The Voice Of Richard Dimbleby (1)

The WCKY Hayride (1)

The WGN Barn Dance (1)

The WGY Players (1)

The War Of The Worlds, Fiftieth Anniversary Production (1)

The Wehrmacht Hour (1)

The Well Of Fortaleza (2)

The Western Caravan (1)

The Whistler (18)

The Wildroot Cream Oil Show (1)

The Winston County Dudes (1)

The Wisecrackers (3)

The Witch's Tale (1)

The Woman In My House (1)

The Workld's Grat Novels (1)

The World In Review (2)

The World In Sound 1972 (1)

The World Is Calling You (1)

The World News Roundup (29)

The World News Tonight (1)

The World Of Books (1)

The World Of Jazz (3)

The World This Week (4)

The World Tonight (6)

The World's Best Novels (2)

The World's Great Novels (2)

The World's Great Novels (46)

The Worry Hour (1)

The Young Rebels (1)

The Young Sound (1)

Theatre 10:30 (1)

Theatre Five (255)

Theatre Guild On The Air, The (105)

Theatre Of Fame, The (1)

Theatre Of Famous Radio Players, The (11)

Theatre Of Hits (11)

Theatre Of Romance (64)

Theatre Of The Mind, The (1)

Theatre Royal (33)

Theatre U.S.A. (5)

Theatre Workshop Group, The (1)

Theatre; Old and New, The (1)

Theatres Of War, The Pacific Area (1)

Their Name Was Courage (3)

Their Names Were Courage (1)

Theme Is Thirty, The (1)

Themes Like Old Times (2)

Themes Like Old Times Volume II (1)

Then and Now (5)

Ther Ed Sullivan Show (1)

Ther Life Of Mary Sothern (1)

There Is No Night (1)

There Shall Be No Gestapo In America (1)

There's Always A Woman (1)

There's Always The Guy (2)

There's Music In The Air (2)

Thesaurus Audition Program (1)

These Are Americans (1)

These Are My People (7)

These The Humble (1)

These Twenty Years (1)

They Burned The Books (1)

They Call Me Joe (1)

They Came Back (1)

They Gave Him A Gun (1)

They Met The Boat (1)

They Perish Alone (1)

They Shall Be Heard (2)

Things To Come (1)

Think (2)

Think Fast, Brother (1)

Thinking Man's Moon Coverage (1)

Third Annual Rag Revival Reunion (1)

Third Division (1)

Third Selective Service Lottery (2)

Third Tube Of The Lincoln Tunnel Groundbreaking Ceremony, The (1)

Thirsty Land, The (1)

Thirteen By Thornburgh (1)

Thirteenth Juror, The (2)

Thirteenth Man, The (6)

Thirty Minutes In Hollywood (31)

Thirty Minutes To Go (2)

Thirty Years Of The Goons (1)

Thirty-Five Eventful Years (1)

This Amazing World (1)

This Atomic Age (1)

This Day Is Ours (1)

This Fabulous World (2)

This Guitar Chose Freedom (1)

This I Believe (23)

This Is America (4)

This Is Bing Crosby (20)

This Is Broadway (2)

This Is Civil Defense (13)

This Is Europe (1)

This Is Fort Dix (1)

This Is Halloran (3)

This Is Holland (2)

This Is Hollywood (7)

This Is It (1)

This Is Jazz (36)

This Is Life (1)

This Is Magic (1)

This Is Moscow (1)

This Is My Best (26)

This Is My Block (1)

This Is My Music (1)

This Is My Story (27)

This Is New Jersey (2)

This Is New York (2)

This Is Nora Drake (33)

This Is O'Shea (1)

This Is Our America (2)

This Is Our Duty (53)

This Is Our Enemy (32)

This Is Our Foreign Policy (1)

This Is Our Heritage (2)

This Is Our Music (4)

This Is Paris (14)

This Is Poland (4)

This Is Polio (1)

This Is Puerto Rico (6)

This Is Radio (1)

This Is Show Business (1)

This Is South Africa (2)

This Is Television (2)

This Is The So-Called Robber, I Guess (1)

This Is The Story (39)

This Is The U.N.: It's Actual Voices (1)

This Is The U.N.: Its Actual Voices (1)

This Is The United Nations: Its Actual Voices (1)

This Is The Voice Of America (1)

This Is Turkey (2)

This Is WCBS (1)

This Is War (11)

This Is Wichita (1)

This Is Worth Fighting For (1)

This Is Your Air Force (4)

This Is Your Country (1)

This Is Your FBI (252)

This Is Your Home (2)

This Is Your Life (25)

This Is Your Navy (1)

This Is Your University (1)

This Land We Defend (10)

This Life Is Mine (5)

This Little Light Of Mine (1)

This Living Flag (1)

This Man...This Office (1)

This New World Of Peace (1)

This Our America (1)

This Our Land (1)

This Song Is Yours (1)

This War (2)

This Was 1955 (1)

This Was News (6)

This Was Our Love (1)

This Way Please (2)

This We Have Done (2)

This Week (1)

This Week Around Paris (1)

This Week Around The World (16)

This Week In Europe (1)

This Week With David Brinkley (17)

This Woman's Secret (7)

This...Our Land (1)

Thom McAn News (1)

Thom McCan News (1)

Thomas A. Edison Incorporated Hour, The (1)

Thomas Dewey (4)

Thomas Dewey Press Conference (2)

Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford (1)

Thomas L. Thomas, Baritone (1)

Thompsons Of America, The (2)

Thorens Harmonica (2)

Those Fabulous Dorseys (2)

Those Good Old Days (1)

Those Happy Days (10)

Those Mad Masters (1)

Those Sensational Years (8)

Those Websters (2)

Those Were The Days (170)

Those Young Bryans (1)

Thoughts Read By John Doremus (2)

Threads Of Glory (4)

Threat To Probation in New York City, The (1)

Three Aces, The (1)

Three Caballeros, The (1)

Three Cats and A Canary (1)

Three Dots and A Dash (3)

Three Dramatic Recitations (1)

Three European War Actualities (1)

Three For Adventure (2)

Three Hours, Fifty Nine Minutes With The Marx Brothers (1)

Three Hundred Party (1)

Three Little Girls In Blue (1)

Three Marshalls, The (1)

Three Musical Mites and Me (1)

Three Musketeers, The (1)

Three Of A Kind (1)

Three Rhythm Rascals (1)

Three Sailors and A Girl (1)

Three Sheets To The Wind (2)

Three Smart Girls (1)

Three Strikes and You're Out (2)

Three Suns (7)

Three Suns and A Starlet, The (4)

Three Suns, The (20)

Three Voices From Across The Pond (1)

Three Years, Ten Facts (1)

Three-Hundredth Anniversary Of Brooklyn (1)

Threshold (1)

Thrill Hunter, The (1)

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Thrill Of A Lifetime (2)

Thrills (2)

Thrills From Great Operas (4)

Thrills Of The Highway Patrol (10)

Thrills Of Tomorrow For Boys (2)

Thrills and Romance In This Amazing America (1)

Through The Iron Curtain (5)

Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1)

Through The Opera Glass (1)

Through The Sport Glass (3)

Through The Years (1)

Through The Years With WLW (1)

Thumbs Up (1)

Thunder In The Valley (1)

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Times Square Lady (1)

Times Square Record Shop Show, The (2)

Timex All-Star Jazz Show (3)

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Timid Soul, The (2)

Timmy Discovers Christmas (1)

Tin Pan Valley (2)

Tina Turner Live In Houston (1)

Tiny Hill and His Hill-Toppers (1)

Tiny Hill and The Hill-Toppers (1)

Tiny Markle Show, The (1)

Tip-Top Show, The (4)

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Titanic Disaster, The (2)

Title Unknown (1)

Title unknown (1)

Tito Guizar and His Guitar (1)

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Tito Guizar and Los Amigos Pan Americanos (1)

Tito On Trial (1)

Tizzie Lish (2)

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To Bell The Ghost (1)

To Every Man (1)

To Fly With A Fighting Navy (1)

To Have and To Hold (68)

To My Son (1)

To Rent Or To Own (1)

To Stars and Stripes (1)

To The Conquered Peoples Of The World (1)

To The Moon and Beyond (1)

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To Your Good Health From The House Of Squibb (48)

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Tommy Dorsey "The Sentimental Gentleman Of Swing" (1)

Tommy Dorsey Audition (1)

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The (2)

Tommy Dorsey Playshop, The (3)

Tommy Dorsey SHow, The (1)

Tommy Dorsey Show With Jimmy Dorsey, The (1)

Tommy Dorsey Show, The (17)

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra (44)

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra ("The Sentimental Gentleman Of Swing") (1)

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra...Featuring Jimmy Dorsey (1)

Tommy Dorsey, "That Sentimental Gentleman Of Swing" (1)

Tommy Gale Of The Box-T Ranch (2)

Tommy Martin and His Orchestra (1)

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Tommy Riggs and Betty Lu (2)

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Tornado (1)

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Toscanini, The Man Behind The Legend (1)

Total Eclipse Of The Sun (1)

Tottering Van Teeters, The (27)

Touchdown Club Of America Olympic Fundraising Luncheon (1)

Touchdown Time (2)

Touchdown Tips (4)

Toward A Return To Society (9)

Toward The Light (1)

Towards Return To Society (1)

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Transit Of Mercury (1)

Transit Strike Helicopter Report (1)

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Translation Of Mussolini's Speech (1)

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Trial Of Harry Morley, The (1)

Trial Of Millie Norton, The (2)

Trial Of Tom Mooney, The (1)

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Tribute To Cecil B. DeMille (1)

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Tribute To George Gershwin (1)

Tribute To Ignacy Paderewski (1)

Tribute To King George V (1)

Tribute To Lou Gehrig (1)

Tribute To Lyndon B. Johnson (1)

Tribute To The Radio Industry (1)

Tribute To WHAS (1)

Trilby (40)

Triumphant Hour, The (1)

Trobriand The Adventurer (2)

Trojan Women, The (1)

Troman Harper, The Rumor Detective (2)

Trommer's Troupers (2)

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

Tropic Holiday (1)

Troubadors Male Quartette and Lou Raderman (violinist) (1)

Trouble Is My Business (1)

Trouble Makers: A Brief Exploration Of Bigotry In America, The (1)

Trouble With The Truitts, The (1)

Trout Takes Five (2)

Truck Without A Price Class, The (1)

Truculent Turtle, The (1)

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True To Life (1)

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Truman Campaign Special, The (1)

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Trumpet Serenade (1)

Truth About Cancer, The (1)

Truth Barlow (5)

Truth Or Consequences (33)

Tuesday Night Party (1)

Tums Hollywood Theatre (2)

Tums Show Starring Frank Fay, The (1)

Tums Starlight Concert, The (3)

Tums Treasure Chest, The (5)

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Tune Detective, The (1)

Tune Test (1)

Tune Up America (2)

Tune-Up Time (2)

Turk Murphy and His Dixieland Band (1)

Turk Murphy and The Happy Band (1)

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Turn Of The Century (1)

Turn Off The Moon (1)

Turnabout (1)

Turning Off (1)

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Turning Wheel, The (1)

Tuxedo Troubadors, The (1)

Twelve Biggest News Stories Of 1935, The (1)

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Twenty Dynamic Fingers (1)

Twenty Million Sweethearts (1)

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Twenty Twenty (1)

Twenty-Fifth Silver Trumpet, The (1)

Twenty-Five Years Ago (5)

Twenty-Five Years Of Life (1)

Twenty-One (2)

Twenty-Second Letter, The (1)

Twenty-Twenty (2)

Twilight Tales (2)

Twilight Zone, The (12)

Twin Beds (2)

Twin Views Of The News (2)

Twinkling Twenties, The (1)

Two Daffodils, The (10)

Two For The Money (1)

Two For Tonight (1)

Two Hundredth Anniverary Of The White House: Dinner (1)

Two Lines (1)

Two Lives Have I (46)

Two Men On A Raft (2)

Two On A Clue (2)

Two Sleepy People (1)

Two Ton Baker, The Music Maker (1)

Two Views Of The Cancer Fight (1)

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Two Years Of War (1)

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