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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

N.A.M. Summer Show, The (1)

N.E.T. Playhouse (1)

N.K. Eight-To-The-Bar Ranch, The (2)

N.K. Musical Showroom, The (18)

NASA Audio News Feature (4)

NASA Audio News Features (9)

NASA News Conference (1)

NASA Press Conference (1)

NASA Shuttle Program (1)

NASA Space Notes (38)

NASA Special Report (175)

NBC Bandstand, The (2)

NBC Chimes, The (1)

NBC Closed Circuit (2)

NBC Closed Circuit Annoucements (1)

NBC Closed circuit announcements (1)

NBC Comedy Theatre (1)

NBC Concert Orchestra, The (2)

NBC D-Day Coverage (49)

NBC Early Morning News (1)

NBC Experiment In Drama (2)

NBC Lecture Hall (3)

NBC Little Theatre, The (1)

NBC Magazine: A Day With President Reagan (1)

NBC Monitor Sales Presentation (1)

NBC Morning News (1)

NBC Network Nostalgia (1)

NBC News (42)

NBC News Debate Analysis (1)

NBC News On The Hour (5)

NBC News Roundup (2)

NBC News Special Report (7)

NBC News Speciasl Report (1)

NBC News With David Anderson (1)

NBC News with Elmer Peterson (2)

NBC Nightly News (4)

NBC Orchestra, The (2)

NBC Parade Of Stars (4)

NBC Presents Eugene O'Neill (2)

NBC Presents: Short Story (44)

NBC Radio Institute, The (3)

NBC Radio Theatre, The (4)

NBC Roundup Of The Latest War News (1)

NBC Salutes Your Happy Birthday (1)

NBC San Francisco Orchestra Little Concert, The (1)

NBC Stands By (2)

NBC Star Playhouse (26)

NBC Story Shop, The (25)

NBC Summer Radio Institute, The (1)

NBC Summer Symphony, The (15)

NBC Sunday News Roundup (6)

NBC Sunday Night News (1)

NBC Swing Concert (1)

NBC Symphony Orchestra Conductors (1)

NBC Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

NBC Symphony Spring Concert, The (1)

NBC Theatre (1)

NBC Today (1)

NBC University Of The Air, The (1)

NBC University Theatre, The (121)

NBC War Bond Parade, The (2)

NBC Washington Studios Dedication Program (1)

NBC's Fifteenth Anniversary Party (1)

NBC's Fortieth Anniversary Program (1)

NBC's Seventh Anniversary Celebration (1)

NBC: The First Fifty Years (1)

NBC: The First Fifty Years: A Closer Look (1)

NCFA Public Service Dramas (1)

NET Festival (1)

NFL Championship Game, The (1)

NPR Playhouse (16)

Name Speaks, The (3)

Name You Will Remember, The (18)

Name Your Poison (2)

Name's The Same, The (1)

Names Of Tomorrow (1)

Names That Make News (1)

Nancy Wilson and Nat King Cole (1)

Narcotics Hearing (2)

Nash Announcements (3)

Nat Brandwynne (1)

Nat Brandwynne and His Orchestra (2)

Nat Brandwynne, His Piano and Orchestra (1)

Nat Brandwynne, Piano and Rhythm Section (2)

Nat King Cole Show, The (40)

Nat and Bridget (The Natural Bridge Pair) (12)

Nate Gross Show, The (2)

Natgional Lampoon Radio Hour, The (1)

Nathaniel Goldstein Testimonial Dinner (1)

Nation's Economy: A Democratic View, The (1)

Nation's Economy: Some Opposing Views, The (1)

Nation's Forum (9)

Nation's Future, The (1)

Nation's Nightmare, The (6)

Nation's School Of The Air, The (2)

National A.A.U. Track and Field Championships (1)

National Air Races (1)

National Air Travel Club, The (11)

National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, The (1)

National Association Of Authors, The (1)

National Association Of Broadcasters Convention, The (1)

National Association Of Manufacturers Annual Meeting (1)

National Association Of Manufacturers Conference (1)

National Barn Dance (33)

National Boys Club Week (4)

National Children's Week (1)

National Committee To Uphold Constitutional Government, The (4)

National Conference Of Christians and Jews (2)

National Congress Of Parents and Teachers (3)

National Council Of Negro Veterans (1)

National Defense Day Ceremonies (1)

National Defense Transportation Association Meeting (1)

National Defense Week (1)

National Farm and Home Hour, The (54)

National Federation Of Small Business (1)

National Fire Prevention Week (2)

National Football League Championship Game, The (1)

National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis (1)

National Grange Community Service Broadcast, The (1)

National Guard Assembly (3)

National Guard Show, The (37)

National Health Council, The (1)

National Heart Week Show (1)

National High School Victory Corps (1)

National Hour, The (15)

National Jazz Foundation Concert (1)

National Lampoon Radio Hour, The (54)

National Life Chorus (2)

National Mobilization For Human Needs (1)

National Moondial, The (1)

National Music Week (1)

National Negro Health Week (1)

National Newspaper Boy Day (2)

National Nutrition Conference For Defense (1)

National Orchestra Rehearsal Broadcast (1)

National Preaching Mission Program (1)

National Press Club, The (3)

National Radio Forum, The (2)

National Radio Pulpit, The (1)

National Radio Theatre Sampler (1)

National Radio Theatre, The (9)

National Schools-At-War Presentation (1)

National Singers, The (2)

National Socialist Party Rally (1)

National Sports Car Races (1)

National Tennis Doubles Championship (1)

National Tube Company (1)

National Vespers (1)

National War Fund 1943 Campaign (1)

National War Memorial (1)

National Wildlife Restoration Week (1)

Natural Bridge Shoe Program (1)

Natural Bridge Symphony (1)

Nature Sketches (4)

Nature Trails (1)

Naughty Navy Show, The (1)

Naval Air Reserve (1)

Naval Air Reserve Show, The (29)

Naval Air Reserve Training Unit Publicity Program (1)

Navy "Swing and Sway Time" (2)

Navy Blue and Gold (1)

Navy Buccaneers (1)

Navy Bulletin Board (2)

Navy Bulletin Board, The (1)

Navy Comes Through, The (1)

Navy Day Fleet Review (1)

Navy Day Program (1)

Navy Day Salute (2)

Navy Diving School (1)

Navy Expedition To Alaska (1)

Navy Goes To Church, The (1)

Navy Hour, The (1)

Navy Is Fit To Fight (1)

Navy Program (1)

Navy Relief Program (1)

Navy Star Time (26)

Navy Swings, The (75)

Nazi Eyes On Canada (2)

Nazi Party Rally (1)

Nebbs, The (4)

Ned Calmer (1)

Ned Jordan, Secret Agent (3)

Negro Art Singers, The (1)

Negro College Choir (1)

Negro History and Brotherhood Week (2)

Negro Melody Singers Of New York (5)

Nehi Program, The (11)

Neighbor Jim (1)

Neighborhood Call (16)

Neighborly Songs and Poems (1)

Neil Bondshu and His Orchestra (1)

Neil Schaub Vs. Billy Cochran (1)

Neither Free Nor Equal (2)

Nell Vinick Show, The (1)

Nellie Revell Show, The (2)

Nelson Eddy (1)

Nelson Eddy Show, The (3)

Nelson Eddy With Gale Sherwood (duets) (1)

Nelson Eddy's Penthouse Party (2)

Nelson Olmsted (7)

Nemesis Inc. (1)

Neptune All Night (1)

Nero Wolfe (1)

Nero Wolfe, Detective (1)

Nesco Royal Cooks, The (1)

Netty Needle Nurt (1)

Network News Sounders (2)

Neurosis Of Childhood, The (1)

Neutrality Act Vote (1)

Never Give A Sucker An Even Break (1)

Never Walk Alone (1)

Neville Chamberlain (5)

New 1936 Ford V-8 Passenger Car Lecture, The (1)

New Adventures Of Charlie Chan, The (10)

New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe, The (18)

New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (89)

New Bill Cosby Show, The (1)

New Birth Of Freedom (1)

New British Broadcasting Station, The (1)

New Burns and Allen Show, The (8)

New Dimensions (1)

New Edgar Bergen Hour, The (36)

New Faces Of 1937 (2)

New Faces Of 1948 (1)

New Ford V-8 For 1937, The (1)

New Friends Of Music Concert (1)

New Frontier, The (14)

New Hampshire Democratic Debate (1)

New Hampshire Primary (1)

New Harry Babbitt Show, The (1)

New Haven Becomes A World Port (1)

New Horizons (1)

New Horizons In Science (1)

New Jersey WPA Philharmonic Orchestra, The (1)

New Life Movement, The (6)

New Life, The (1)

New Men, New Nations, A New World (1)

New National Guard Show, The (37)

New Orleans (1)

New Orleans Jazz (3)

New Orleans Jazz Club, The (1)

New Social Security For Farm People (1)

New Stan Freberg Show, The (1)

New Swan Show, The (8)

New Theatre (5)

New To You (1)

New Utrecht High School Drama (1)

New Vice-President, The (1)

New War In Vietnam, The (1)

New World A' Coming (63)

New World: Hard Choices (1)

New Year and The Nation (1)

New Year's All-Star Parade Of Bands (1)

New Year's Dancing Party (1)

New Year's Eve (1)

New Year's Eve All-Star Parade Of Bands (10)

New Year's Eve Dancing Party (1)

New Year's Eve With Guy Lombardo (7)

New Year's Greeting To The Musical World (1)

New Year's Message By Health Commissioner Harry Mustard (1)

New Year's Parade Of Stars (1)

New York 1960 (1)

New York Academy Of Medicine Influenza Epidemic Meeting (1)

New York Advances (1)

New York Advertising Club Luncheon, The (1)

New York At War (1)

New York Bar Association Meeting (1)

New York Blackout Coverage (1)

New York City Air Raid Drill (1)

New York City Amateur Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

New York City Anti-Poverty Operations Board (1)

New York City Band, The (1)

New York City Blackout (1)

New York City Center Opera, The (1)

New York City Council Hearing (1)

New York City Department Of Commerce, The (1)

New York City Dinner For Eisenhower (2)

New York City Memorial Service For President Roosevelt (1)

New York City Symphonic Band (1)

New York City Symphonic Orchestra (1)

New York City Symphony (1)

New York City Symphony, The (1)

New York City Teacher's Strike (1)

New York City Veterans Service Center (1)

New York City WPA Negro Melody Singers, The (1)

New York City Welcome To Howard Hughes and His Crew (1)

New York City Welcomes The S.S. America (1)

New York City Women's House Of Detention, The (1)

New York City's Memorial To President Roosevelt (1)

New York Civic Orchestra, The (8)

New York Civic Symphony (1)

New York Community Orchestra, The (1)

New York Curfew (1)

New York Festival Orchestra, The (2)

New York Firemen Program (1)

New York Handicap (1)

New York Herald Tribune Forum, The (6)

New York Philharmonic Orchestra, The (4)

New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, The (116)

New York Philharmonic, The (2)

New York Poets...Are They Different? (1)

New York Public Library Discussion (1)

New York Soap Box (1)

New York State Bar Association, The (1)

New York State Narcotics Hearing (1)

New York State Narcotics Hearings (1)

New York State Society Of Engineers Annual Convention Dinner (1)

New York State Society Of Engineers Annual Convention Lunch (1)

New York State Symphonic Band, The (4)

New York Subway (1)

New York Times Youth Forum, The (3)

New York To Boston Radio Relay Demonstration (1)

New York Tonight (1)

New York Tribute To MacArthur (1)

New York University's Ten Year Program to Extend Its Facilities (1)

New York World Trade Week Opening Ceremonies (1)

New York World's Fair Opening Day (1)

New York World's Fair Report, The (2)

New York and Company (1)

New York's Greatest Industry (1)

New York, New York (1)

New York, Queen Of Commerce (15)

New Yorkers, The (1)

New and Original Adventures Of Robin Hood and His Merry Men, The (1)

Newly Discovered Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes, The (6)

Newport Jazz Festival (11)

Newport Jazz Festival In New York (1)

Newport Jazz Festival, The (1)

News (12)

News Analysis (1)

News At Noon (6)

News At Noon, The (3)

News Behind The News, The (8)

News Bulletin (5)

News Bulletins (4)

News Bulletins From Europe (1)

News Bulletins From The Associated Press (3)

News Bulletins and Reports (1)

News Comes To Life, The (3)

News Desk (1)

News Excerpts (1)

News Feed (2)

News Flash (1)

News For The Americas (1)

News For Women (1)

News Forum (2)

News From Berlin (1)

News From Europe (1)

News From Europe, The (75)

News From London (1)

News From Norway (1)

News From Rome (1)

News From The Pacific (4)

News From The War Zones Of Europe (1)

News Hour (1)

News In Advertising (1)

News In English (1)

News In History, The (1)

News In Perspective (1)

News Is Our Business (1)

News Oddities Of The Week (1)

News Of Europe (2)

News Of Europe, Direct From Europe (2)

News Of Norway (9)

News Of Public Interest (1)

News Of The Day (8)

News Of The Day, The (1)

News Of The European Situation (1)

News Of The Night (3)

News Of The United Nations (1)

News Of The War (3)

News Of The World Today (5)

News Of The World, The (1)

News Of Today (1)

News Of Tomorrow (4)

News Of Your Favorite Comic Characters (9)

News On The Hour (2)

News On The Spot (2)

News Parade, The (2)

News Reports On Vice-President Agnew's Resignation (1)

News Roundup (16)

News Schedule (2)

News Stand Theatre, The (1)

News Story Of The Week (1)

News Summary (3)

News Tester (1)

News With Art Van Horn (1)

News and Commentary (1)

News and Letters From Home and Abroad (1)

News and Letters Letters From Home and Abroad (2)

News and People In The News (1)

News and Rhythm Revue (1)

News and Views By John B. Hughes (18)

News and Views From The Show World (1)

News insert (1)

News: Places and People, The (1)

Newsacting (4)

Newsfront (5)

Newsmaker Saturday (1)

Newsmaker Sunday (2)

Newsmark (1)

Newspaper Boy Promotion Program (1)

Newspaper Reporters Symposium (1)

Newsradio 88 Sign-On (1)

Newsreel Digest (1)

Newswatch (1)

Newton Baker (1)

Next Door Neighbor (1)

Next President, The (1)

Next, Dave Garrow (1)

Next, Dave Garroway (1)

Nichols Family Of Five, The (1)

Nichols Orchestra Program, The (1)

Nick Carter (361)

Nick Carter, Master Detective (1)

Nick Harris Program, The (13)

Nick Lucas and His Troubadors (1)

Nick Martin and His Orchestra (1)

Nick Stuart and His Orchestra (1)

Nick Vollebregt's Jazz (1)

Night Beat (81)

Night Before Christmas, The (1)

Night Cap Yarns (25)

Night Court Quiz (1)

Night Editor (33)

Night Nurse (1)

Night Of The Auk (1)

Night Song (1)

Night Surgeon (6)

Night The Martians Landed, The (1)

Night Train, The (1)

Night Watch (50)

Nightfall (86)

Nighthawk Rides, The (2)

Nightime News, The (1)

Nightline (19)

Nightmare At Noon (1)

Nightwatch International Radio Show (1)

Nikita Khrushchev (2)

Nill and Null (1)

Nimitz Communique (1)

Nine Thousand Days (1)

Nineteen Forty-Five (1)

Nineteen Sixty-Eight (1)

Ninety Years Of News: The Story Of The Associated Press (1)

Ninety-Seven: Hear and Now (1)

Ninety-Sixth Anniversary Of The U.S. Naval Academy, The (1)

Ninth Annual Greenwich Village Sports Car Rally, The (1)

Nixon Interviews, The (5)

Nixon Interviews: Lessons Learned, The (1)

Nixon Obituary (1)

Nixon Transcripts, The (1)

Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos, The (1)

Nixon-Khrushchev Debate (1)

Nixon: A Full, Free, and Absolute Pardon (1)

Nixon: The Next Four Years (1)

No Brass Bands (1)

No Call Unanswered (1)

No Help Wanted (1)

No Love Lost (1)

No More Women (1)

No Other Road (1)

No School Today (27)

Noah Webster Says (5)

Noah's Ark (1)

Nobody's Children (1)

Nocturne (1)

Nona From Nowhere (4)

None Shall Escape (1)

Nonsense and Melody (18)

Noonday Jamboree (2)

Noontime Neighbors (1)

Noontime News (1)

Noontime News, The (1)

Nordic Choral Ensemble Of Duluth (1)

Norge Kitchen Kommittee (3)

Norge Musical Kitchen, The (1)

Norma Young Show, The (3)

Norman Brokenshire (1)

Norman Cordon Sings (1)

Norman Corwin Audition (1)

Norman Corwin Biography and Interviews (1)

Norman Corwin Interview (2)

Norman Corwin: On A Note Of Triumph (1)

Norman Thomas (4)

Norman Twigger and The News (3)

North American Guest Night (1)

Northern California Committee For Stevenson (1)

Northern California Symphony Orchestra (1)

Northern California WPA Symphony Orchestra (2)

Northern Life Insurance Company Audition (1)

Northerners, The (10)

Northwest Airline Route Special (1)

Northwest Mounted Police (1)

Northwestern Reviewing Stand (1)

Northwestern Reviewing Stand, The (30)

Norvell Knight and His Orchestra (3)

Norway Fights On (68)

Norway Today (1)

Nostalgia Merchants, The (1)

Nostalgic Voices and Sounds Of Old Time Radio, The (1)

Not For Children (1)

Not This NAFTA Rally (1)

Notes From Your Soldier's Notebook (32)

Nothing But The Truth (1)

Nothing Serious (1)

Notorious Tariq, The (1)

Nova (8)

Novatime Trio (2)

Now Hear This (20)

Now Is The Time (1)

Now It Can Be Told (2)

Noxema Presents The News (1)

Nujol's Clinic Of The Air (1)

Number Please (32)

Number Seven, Front Street (2)

Nuremberg Executions (1)

Nuremberg Report (2)

Nuremberg Trial Coverage (1)

Nuremberg Trial Reports (4)

Nuremberg Trials (1)

Nutcracker Suite, The (1)