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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

D-Day (1)

D-Day Anniversary Ceremonies (1)

D-Day Anniversary Program (1)

D-Day Coverage (1)

D-Day Official Invasion Circuit (2)

D-Day Plus 25 (1)

D-Day Plus Three (1)

D-Day Report (1)

D-U-Z Does Everything (1)

D. C. Dateline (1)

D. P.'s Return Home, The (1)


Daddy and Rollo (1)

Dag Hammarskjold (1)

Dagmar's Canteen (4)

Dailey Paskman's Radio Minstrels (1)

Daily Dilemma (1)

Daily Mirror Birthday Party, The (1)

Dairy Drama (2)

Daisy Discovers America (1)

Dal Richards and His Orchestra (1)

Dale Evans & Larry Stewart with Mahlon Merrick and His Orchestra (1)

Dale Evans With Eddie Skrivanek and His Orchestra (2)

Dale Jones and Company (2)

Dames (1)

Damn Yankees (1)

Damon Runyon Memorial Concert (1)

Damon Runyon Says (1)

Damon Runyon Theatre (3)

Damon Runyon Theatre, The (57)

Damon Ruynon Theatre (1)

Dan Daniel Show, The (1)

Dan Dunn, Secret Operative #48 (2)

Dan Ingram Show, The (1)

Dan Quayle Center and Museum: Dedication Ceremonies, The (1)

Dan Rather (1)

Dan Seymour Tribute (1)

Dan Tobin (1)

Dance Music Series (1)

Dance Of The Hour (1)

Dance Orchestra (2)

Dancin' With Anson Weeks and His Orchestra (1)

Dancing Co-Ed (2)

Dancing On A Dime (1)

Dancing Party (1)

Danger (3)

Danger Signal (1)

Danger With Granger (2)

Danger, Doctor Danfield (26)

Danger: The Birth Of Radio Drama (1)

Dangerous Assignment (79)

Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood, The (1)

Dangerous Nan McGrew (1)

Dangerously Yours (13)

Daniel Boone, Indian Scout (1)

Danny Cool and His Velvet Rhythm (1)

Danny Kaye Show, The (49)

Danny O'Neil Show, The (1)

Danny Thomas Show, The (1)

Daredevils Of Hollywood (26)

Dark Destiny (1)

Dark Fantasy (25)

Dark Tower, The (3)

Dark Venture (17)

Darling and Dearie (1)

Darlington Hoopes (1)

Darrell Calker and His Swing-Phonics (2)

Darrow Of The Diamond X (2)

Date In Hollywood (1)

Date Night (1)

Dateline 1954 (1)

Dateline U. S. A. (1)

Dateline: New Jersey (1)

Dave Brubeck Quartet (2)

Dave Brubeck Quartet, The (1)

Dave Brubeck With The Paul Desmond Quartet (1)

Dave Elman's Auction Gallery (1)

Dave Elman's Radio Auction Gallery (1)

Dave Garroway (3)

Dave Garroway Interview (1)

Dave Garroway Show, The (10)

Dave Goldin Interview (1)

Dave Letterman Radio Program, The (1)

Dave Willock and Cliff Arquette Show, The (1)

David Adams, Son Of The Sea (1)

David Anderson (1)

David Anderson News (1)

David Ben Gurion (1)

David Brinkley (1)

David Brinkley At The National Archives (1)

David Brinkley's Journal (1)

David Copperfield (1)

David Frost Show, The (5)

David Harum (21)

David Letterman Show, The (1)

David Niven Show, The (11)

David Randolph Concert, The (1)

David Rose Show, The (4)

David Siegel Eulogy (1)

David Siegel Interview (13)

David Street Show, The (1)

David Susskind Show, The (1)

Davie Burns Show, The (1)

Davis Baking Powder Program, The (1)

Day Brayton (2)

Day Churchill Died, The (1)

Day Of Crisis (1)

Day Of National Work (1)

Day The Music Died, The (1)

Day The War Was Over, The (1)

Day They Landed: July 20, 1969, The (1)

Days Ahead, The (1)

De Wite Motor Boat Company Program, The (1)

Deacon Brown and His Peacemakers (9)

Dead End (1)

Dead Sea Scrolls, The (1)

Deadline For Danger (1)

Deadline Mystery (3)

Dean Acheson (2)

Dean Hudson and His Orchestra (1)

Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, The (1)

Dean Martin Comedy Hour, The (1)

Dean Martin Show, The (2)

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Christmas Seal Show (1)

Dean Martin's Club Oasis (1)

Dean Of Commentators, The (1)

Dean Ross Piano Course (2)

Dean Turner Show, The (1)

Dean, Frank and Sammy (1)

Deane Dickason (1)

Dear Adolph (6)

Dear John (4)

Dear Leo (1)

Dear Listener (2)

Dear Mr. President (2)

Dearborn Roundup (2)

Dearest Mother (2)

Death Of A King (1)

Death Of Bing Crosby, The (1)

Death Of Chairman Mao, The (1)

Death Of Elvis, The (1)

Death Of Flight #007, The (1)

Death Of President Roosevelt, The (7)

Death Of The Shah, The (1)

Death On A Weekend (1)

Death On Wheels (1)

Death Penalty and Caryl Chessman, The (1)

Death Takes A Holiday (1)

Death Valley Days (5)

Decalration Of War Against Germany and Italy (1)

December 7, 1941 (1)

December Bride (3)

Decimal Seven (1)

Decision Now! (110)

Declaration Of War Against Germany and Italy (1)

Declaration Of War Against Japan By The Russians (1)

Declaration Of War Debate (1)

Declassified Jean Shepherd (1)

Dedication Ceremonies Columbia Square Memorial (1)

Dedication Ceremonies Of The "New" WFBR (1)

Dedication Ceremony For The New U.S.O. Center (1)

Dedication Day NBC Washington (1)

Dedication Of Idlewild Airport, The (1)

Dedication Of St. Claire's Hospital (1)

Dedication Of The 33rd Street Pier (1)

Dedication Of The Battery Park Underpass (1)

Dedication Of The Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation (1)

Dedication Of The Fifty Kilowatt Transmitter (1)

Dedication Of The George Bush Presidential Library (1)

Dedication Of The Johnson Library (1)

Dedication Of The NYC Studio Murals (1)

Dedication Of The Naval Air Base At Quonset (1)

Dedication Of The St. George Ferry Terminal (1)

Dedication Of The St. Mary's Recreation Center (1)

Dedication Of The World Freedom Hall (1)

Dedication Of Time Signals For The Naval Observatory (1)

Dedication Of W71NY (1)

Dedication Program Of The Network Of The Americas (1)

Dedication of the WNYC Greenpoint Transmitter Site (1)

Deeds Of Valor Ceremony (1)

Deeds Without Words (2)

Deems Taylor At Napoleon's Retreat (13)

Deems Taylor Concert, The (1)

Deerslayer, The (13)

Defense Attorney (11)

Defense For America (1)

Defense In Action (5)

Defense Of The United States (CBS Reports), The (5)

Defense Rests, The (1)

Defense Savings Bonds (2)

Del Camp (1)

Del Courtney Orchestra (2)

Del Courtney and His Orchestra (3)

Delacorte Theatre Dedication Ceremony (1)

Delaware County Rural Electrification Administration, The (1)

Dell Trio, The (2)

Delta Rhythm Boys, The (2)

Democracies Will Win (1)

Democracy Bank, The (1)

Democracy In Action (13)

Democracy In America (16)

Democratic (Party) Presidential Debate (1)

Democratic Convention Coverage (5)

Democratic Debate, The (2)

Democratic National Committee (1)

Democratic National Committee Program (2)

Democratic National Convention (10)

Democratic Nationl Convention Coverage (1)

Democratic Paid Political Announcement (1)

Democratic Paid Political Program (1)

Democratic Party Election Mewssages (1)

Democratic Party National Convention (1)

Democratic Party Reply To President Bush's Address To Congress (1)

Democratic Party Response To President Bush's Veto (1)

Democratic Party Response To The Address Of Newt Gingrich (1)

Democratic Party Response To The State Of The Union Address (2)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate: Nuclear Arms Control (1)

Democratic Presidential Debate (3)

Democratic Reaction To President Reagan's Address To The Nation (1)

Democratic Response To President Reagan (1)

Democrats Respond; Part I, The (1)

Demonstrating The Golden Voice (1)

Demonstration Record (1)

Demonstration Transcription (1)

Dennis Day Show, The (7)

Dennis Day With Orchestra (2)

Dennis Day With Orchestra Under The Direction Of Claude Sweeten (1)

Denny Vaughn and His Orchestra (2)

Dental Clinic Of The Air, The (2)

Dentistry Tells A Story (1)

Department Of Defense Inaugural Ceremonies (1)

Department Of Sanitation Awards For Deeds Of Valor, The (1)

Department Store and Radio Advertising, The (1)

Departure Of King George and Queen Elizabeth (1)

Departure Of The Royal Party For The United States (1)

Dependant Schools In The U. S. Occupied Germany (1)

Der Jakobiner (1)

Description Of Hiroshima (2)

Description Of President Roosevelt's Funeral Services (1)

Description Of President Truman's Meeting With King George (1)

Description Of Surrender Ceremonies At Compiegne (2)

Description Of The Burial Of President Roosevelt (1)

Description Of The San Francisco Airplane Crash (1)

Description Of The Ventilation Equipment At Lincoln Tunnel (1)

Desert Fury (1)

Desert Song (1)

Desi Arnaz Tropical Trip (1)

Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra (1)

Design For Dancing (4)

Design For Listening (6)

Design For Living (1)

Designed For Perfect Cooking (1)

Desilu Playhouse (12)

Despatches From Africa (1)

Destination Freedom (60)

Destination Space (1)

Destination Tomorrow (15)

Destination: Blood Center (1)

Destiny Trails (30)

Detect-A-Tune (2)

Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

Deutsche Wochenschau (1)

Devil Who Walks Like A Man, The (1)

Devil and Mr. O, The (1)

Devil's Scrapbook, The (1)

Dewey Train (1)

Dexter Randolph (1)

DiMaggio Farewell (1)

Diabetes Detection Association (2)

Diabetes Detection Drive (3)

Dial Dave Garroway (16)

Dial David Valentine (1)

Dial M For Music (2)

Diamond Dramas (24)

Diamond Horseshoe, The (1)

Diary Of Fate, The (28)

Diary Of Jimmie Mattern, The (6)

Diary, The (1)

Dick Aurandt Show, The (6)

Dick Biondi Show, The (5)

Dick Bray's Baseball Review (1)

Dick Brown, The Smoothest In Music (1)

Dick Carlson (1)

Dick Carlton and His Orchestra (1)

Dick Cavett Show, The (23)

Dick Cheney (1)

Dick Gasparre and His Orchestra (1)

Dick Gates and His Orchestra (2)

Dick Gates and His Polish Orchestra (2)

Dick Haymes (2)

Dick Haymes Show, The (9)

Dick Jurgen's Orchestra (2)

Dick Jurgens Orchestra (4)

Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra (15)

Dick Kuhn and His Orchestra (2)

Dick Leibert At The Radio City Music Hall (3)

Dick Osgood Interviews Dick Kernen (1)

Dick Osgood Interviews George W. Trendle (1)

Dick Osgood Interviews James Jewell (1)

Dick Osgood Interviews Jan, Janet and Robert Striker (1)

Dick Powell Program, The (1)

Dick Sinclair's Polka Parade (1)

Dick Sinclair's Polka Party (1)

Dick Soinclair's Polka Party (1)

Dick Tracy (81)

Dick Tucker Show, The (1)

Dick Wickman and His Orchestra (13)

Dick and Jeannie (5)

Dickies Hometowners (2)

Did Justice Triumph? (15)

Die Meistersinger (1)

Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg (1)

Diet (1)

Dimaond Dramas (1)

Dime-A-Month Club (8)

Dimension (2)

Dimension X (50)

Dimension Y (1)

Dinah SHore Show, The (1)

Dinah Shore Chevy Show, The (5)

Dinah Shore Christmas Card (1)

Dinah Shore Program, The (27)

Dinah Shore Show, The (29)

Dinner At Howard K. Smith's (1)

Dinner Bell Round-Up Time (6)

Dinner For Edward R. Murrow (1)

Dinner For General Jonathan Wainwright (1)

Dinner Music (2)

Dinner Music Strings and Piano (1)

Dinner Music-Strings and Piano (1)

Dinner Rhythms (1)

Dinner To Honor Robert Wagner (1)

Dinning Sisters, The (2)

Dinning Sisters; Acc.: George Barnes Guitar and Qtte., The (1)

Disability Freeze (1)

Disabled American Veterans (1)

Disabled Veterans Make Good (1)

Disaster (1)

Disc Derby, The (4)

Disciples Of Christ, Brotherhood Dinner (2)

Discoparade (2)

Discovery Of The X-Ray (1)

Discussion At The Jet Propulsion Labs (1)

Disneyland Grand Opening (1)

Dispatch From Reuters (2)

Displaced (1)

District Roundtable (1)

Dithering With Davey (2)

Divine Lady (1)

Dixie Four, The (1)

Dixie Handicap, The (1)

Dixie Memories (1)

Dixie Songsters (1)

Dixie Symphony Four, The (1)

Dixieland Breakfast Club, The (2)

Dixieland Matinee (11)

Dixieland Music Shop, The (4)

Dixielanders, The (1)

Dizzy Dean Show, The (13)

Dizzy Gillespie and His Group (1)

Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra (1)

Dizzy's Diamond (1)

Django Reinhardt and The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France (1)

Do It On Radio (1)

Do It Yourself Show (1)

Do W. P. A. Workers Reject Jobs In Private Industry? (1)

Do What You Like With Him; The Unreal Life Of Sherlock Holmes (1)

Do You Know (2)

Do You Need Advice? (1)

Do You Want To Be An Actor? (1)

Dobbsie's Exercise and Applesauce (2)

Doc Sellers' True Stories (27)

Docking Of The Queen Mary (2)

Doctor Bob Jones (71)

Doctor Bob Jones Chapel Talk (10)

Doctor Buffalo's Chickens (1)

Doctor Chambers Comments (1)

Doctor Christian (171)

Doctor Copeland's Health Talks (2)

Doctor Decimal Seven (1)

Doctor Fights, The (11)

Doctor Fretz (1)

Doctor Gradenwitz Interview (1)

Doctor Hans Thompson (1)

Doctor I.Q. (30)

Doctor I.Q. Award Presentation (1)

Doctor I.Q. Jr. (4)

Doctor J. R. Brinkley's Question Box (2)

Doctor Jazz (21)

Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (54)

Doctor John R. Brinkley (4)

Doctor John R. Brinkley Sunday Night Commentary Program (1)

Doctor Karen Horney (1)

Doctor LeGear's Pioneers (2)

Doctor Lisa Meitner (1)

Doctor Norman Vincent Peale (4)

Doctor Paul (23)

Doctor Pepper Parade, The (12)

Doctor R. R. Williams: His Contribution To Mankind (1)

Doctor Ray D. McClure (1)

Doctor Rhythm (2)

Doctor Scholl's Serenade (1)

Doctor Secaucus (1)

Doctor Six-Gun (44)

Doctor Springer (5)

Doctor Standish, Medical Examiner (3)

Doctor Talks To His Children, The (1)

Doctor Tim, Detective (8)

Doctor's Orders (2)

Doctor's Wife, The (3)

Doctor. I.Q. (1)

Doctors Courageous (12)

Doctors Talk It Over, The (2)

Doctors Then and Now (1)

Doctors Today (12)

Document A/777 (1)

Documentary 1050 (1)

Dodd's Little Red Schoolhouse (1)

Dodge Division Spot Announcements (1)

Dodge Motor Economy Day (1)

Dodge Program, The (1)

Dodge Truck Radio Spots (1)

Dodo Marmarosa Trio (1)

Dog Tales (16)

Dole For President Campaign Rally (1)

Dole-Kemp '96 Rally (1)

Dollar Derby (1)

Dollars For Breakfast (2)

Dolly Dawn (1)

Dolly Dawn With Manhattan Nighthawks (1)

Dolly Dawn With The Manhattan Nighthawks (2)

Dolly Dawn and The Manhattan Nighthawks (1)

Dolly Sisters, The (1)

Dominican Day Broadcast (1)

Don Allen and His Music, Featuring Martha Tilton (2)

Don Allen and His Orchestra, Featuring Martha Tilton (1)

Don Ameche Interview (1)

Don Ameche Show, The (2)

Don Baker (1)

Don Bell (2)

Don Bell Reporting From Bikini (1)

Don Bell Reporting From Japan (1)

Don Bestor and His Orchestra (1)

Don Budge-Fred Perry Tennis Match (1)

Don Cornell Show, The (1)

Don Ewell (1)

Don Glasser and His Orchestra (16)

Don Goddard News (2)

Don Hirsch With News Of The Home Front (1)

Don Hollenbeck (9)

Don Hollenbeck News (2)

Don Hollenbeck News Feature (1)

Don Large Chorus, The (1)

Don Leary Show (Open House), The (1)

Don Lee Newswheel, The (1)

Don MacNeill's Breakfast Club (1)

Don Pryor (1)

Don Pryor Broadcast From Admiral Turner's Flagship (1)

Don Pryor news feed (1)

Don Quixote (1)

Don Redman and His Orchestra (1)

Don Redman and His Orchestra-Featuring Coleman Hawkins (4)

Don Reid and His Orchestra (1)

Don Thomas and His Symphonic Swing Orchestra (1)

Don Winslow Of The Navy (2)

Don Wright Chorus, The (2)

Don't Be A Sucker (1)

Don't Cheat Uncle Sam (1)

Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans (1)

Don't You Believe It (1)

Donald Day (1)

Donald Nelson (2)

Donald Novis (2)

Donald Novis Sings (3)

Doo Wop '50 (1)

Doorway To Life (8)

Doorway To Life, The (1)

Doris Day (2)

Doris Day Show, The (4)

Doris Day With Les Brown and His Orchestra (2)

Doris Day With Page Cavanaugh Trio (1)

Dorothy Dix On The Air (1)

Dorothy Gordon Special (1)

Dorothy Kilgallen's Diary (2)

Dorothy Thompson (3)

Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, The (5)

Dorsey Brothers Show, The (2)

Dossier On Demetrius (2)

Dotto (3)

Double Or Nothing (41)

Douglas Corrigan Dinner At The Advertising Club (1)

Douglas Corrigan Parade (1)

Douglas MacArthur (1)

Douglas Of The World (3)

Dowery, The (1)

Down Home Folks (2)

Down Mexico Way (1)

Down Our Street (3)

Down Our Way (26)

Down South (2)

Down Storybook Lane (1)

Down To Earth (1)

Downbeat (72)

Downhomers, The (2)

Dragnet (326)

Drama Critics Award (1)

Drama Of Food (2)

Drama Of Medicine (2)

Drama Time (1)

Dramas Of The Courts (11)

Dramatic Impersonations Of Ron Hawk (1)

Dramatizations From Redbook Magazine (19)

Dramatized Court Cases (4)

Dramatized Defense Programs (2)

Dreadful John At Midnight (1)

Dream Of Baltimore: 1958 (1)

Dream Time (12)

Dream Weaver (1)

Dream Weaver, The (2)

Dreft Star Playhouse (1)

Dreigroschenoper (1)

Drene Program (1)

Drene Show, The (15)

Drene Time (1)

Drew Pearson (32)

Drop Dead! (1)

Drums (1)

DuMont Network Closed Circuit Telecast (1)

DuPont Show Of The Month (1)

DuPont Show Of The Week (1)

Dubarry Success Stories (1)

Duck Soup (3)

Duck and Cover (1)

Dude Martin Sunrise Roundup (1)

Dude Martin and His Roundup Gang (1)

Dude Martin's Radio Ranch (1)

Dude Martin's Sunrise Roundup (1)

Duel Of Destiny (1)

Duffy's Tavern (156)

Duke Ellington (1)

Duke Ellington Broadcast Of The Annual Gridiron Ball (1)

Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concert (1)

Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concert, The (4)

Duke Ellington In Copenhagen (1)

Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (9)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (45)

Duke Ellington/Ben Webster/Billie Holiday (1)

Duke Of Windsor, The (2)

Duke University Glee Club, The (1)

Dunninger Show, The (1)

Duquesne Hunting and Fishing Radio League, The (1)

Duquesne Light Strike (1)

Duquesne Show, The (4)

Dutch Art Exhibit At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art (1)

Dutch Light Music (1)

Dutch Uncle (1)

Dwight Eisenhower (4)

Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech (1)

Dwight Eisenhower Press Conference (1)

Dwight Green (1)

Dyke Easter, Detective (1)