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Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

R & H Boys, The (1)

R. A. B. Sound Service (1)

R. B. Bennett (1)

R.A.B. Presents Bob and Ray, The (1)

R.F.D. America (24)

RCA Color Newsreel, The (1)

RCA Presents It's First Television Proram: July 7, 1936 (1)

RCA Show, The (75)

RCA Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Show (1)

RCA Victor Campus Club, The (1)

RCA Victor Overseas Reporter, The (1)

RCA Victor Radio Record Review, The (14)

RKO Bushwick Theatre Program (1)

Rabbi Reuben's Court Of The Air (2)

Rabbi Reubin's Court Of The Air (1)

Racial Conflicts In Political and Governmental Fields (1)

Racial Relations: A Preliminary Report (1)

Racketbusters Round Table (1)

Racquel (1)

Radar To The Moon (1)

Radio 1946 (2)

Radio Actor's Workshop (1)

Radio Almanac (22)

Radio Almanac, The (1)

Radio At Twenty-Five (1)

Radio Atlantico Del Sur (1)

Radio Beat (8)

Radio Before Radio (1)

Radio Bible Class, The (1)

Radio City Matinee (1)

Radio City Matinee, The (1)

Radio City Music Hall On The Air, The (4)

Radio City Music Hall Symphony Orchestra, The (3)

Radio City Playhouse (60)

Radio City Revels (1)

Radio Classics (1)

Radio Comes Of Age (1)

Radio Commercials (4)

Radio Commercials Workshop (1)

Radio Crusade To End War (1)

Radio Day: 1974 (1)

Radio Detectives, The (2)

Radio Edition Of The Bible, The (10)

Radio Five Live (1)

Radio Forum (1)

Radio Forum, The (1)

Radio Free Europe Story (4)

Radio Gallery (1)

Radio Guild (24)

Radio Hall Of Fame, The (91)

Radio Hamburg (1)

Radio Hanoi (1)

Radio History Of The War (1)

Radio In A Democracy (1)

Radio Industry Discussion (1)

Radio Net (1)

Radio New York (110)

Radio News Week (1)

Radio Newsreel (6)

Radio Normandy (1)

Radio Novel (1)

Radio Pictorial Celebrity Concert (1)

Radio Plays The Plaza (1)

Radio Program Recorded For WAAM, Newark (1)

Radio Promotion Spots (1)

Radio Rangers, The (2)

Radio Reader's Digest, The (114)

Radio Remembered: The First Fifty Years (1)

Radio Revels (1)

Radio Revival Hour, The (2)

Radio Rhythm Club (1)

Radio Rundfunk (2)

Radio School Of The Air, The (1)

Radio School Of The Bible, The (1)

Radio Stage (1)

Radio Studio Mystery, The (2)

Radio Theatre (4)

Radio Tribute To The King and Queen (1)

Radio Varieties U. S. A. (1)

Radio Varieties U.S.A. (2)

Radio Vaudeville Theatre (1)

Radio Views (2)

Radio Warsaw (1)

Radio Workship Drama (1)

Radio Workshop Of City College, The (1)

Radio Workshop Of The College Of The City Of New York (1)

Radio Yesteryear Presents (1)

Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner (1)

Radio and Television Institute Revue, The (1)

Radio and Television Revue (1)

Radio's Biggest Show (1)

Radio's Golden Age (8)

Radio's Revolution and The World's Happiest Broadcasters (1)

Radio: Then, Now and Later (1)

Radiola Records (172)

Radiolio (1)

Raffles (1)

Raggedy Ann (1)

Ragtime (1)

Ragtime Era, The (5)

Railroad Hour, The (246)

Railway Express Awards (1)

Rainbow House (1)

Rainbow Ranch (1)

Raintree County (1)

Raising A Husband (1)

Raising A President (1)

Rajput (1)

Rajput, The Hindu Secret Service Agent (1)

Raleigh , The (1)

Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red Skelton, The (172)

Raleigh Cigarette Program Starring Red kelton, The (1)

Raleigh Room, The (21)

Raleigh Serenade, The (1)

Raleigh and Kool Cigarette Program With Tommy Dorsey, The (2)

Raleigh's Radio Rally (1)

Rally For The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis (1)

Ralph Bunche Address On The Egypt-Israel Peace Accord (1)

Ralph Church (1)

Ralph Cooper and His Blue Ribbon Guest Night (1)

Ralph Emery Show, The (1)

Ralph Flanagan Orchestra (1)

Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra (4)

Ralph Ginsburg and The Palmer House Concert Orchestra (1)

Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra (1)

Ralph Morrison and His Orchestra (1)

Ram-Jet Demonstration (1)

Ramblin' Tommy Scott (6)

Rambling With Gambling (2)

Ramona and Her Mighty Miniature Minstrels (2)

Ramsay MacDonald (1)

Ramsey Lewis Trio, The (1)

Ranch Boys, The (1)

Randy Brooks and His Orchestra (3)

Ranger Bill, Warrior Of The Woodlands (222)

Ranger Bill, Warrior Of he Woodlands (1)

Ranger Joe (1)

Ranger Joe's Ranch (1)

Ranger Seven Hits The Moon (1)

Rassling Match, The (1)

Rate Your Mate (5)

Ray Anthony SHow, The (1)

Ray Anthony Show, The (4)

Ray Anthony and His Orchestra (2)

Ray Bolger Show, The (2)

Ray Bradbury Theatre, The (2)

Ray Eberle and His Orchestra (2)

Ray Heatherton Show, The (1)

Ray Heatherton and His Orchestra (4)

Ray Henley (1)

Ray Herbeck and His Orchestra (4)

Ray Kinney and His Orchestra (1)

Ray McKinley Orchestra (4)

Ray McKinley and His Orchestra (6)

Ray Noble Show, The (1)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra (2)

Ray Pearl and His Orchestra (3)

Rayburn and Finch Show, The (1)

Raymond Chandler Speaking (1)

Raymond Clapper (19)

Raymond Gram Swing (40)

Raymond Knight Cuckoo Program (2)

Raymond Massey, Familiar Readings From The Bible (1)

Raymond Paige Show, The (1)

Raymond Scott Show, The (49)

Raymond Scott and His Orchestra (8)

Raymond Swing Explains The News (3)

Re-education Of Cecil Binks, The (1)

Reactions To Hitler's Death (1)

Reactions To Von Ribbentrop's Speech (1)

Reader's Almanac, The (9)

Reader's Digest, The (1)

Reading Is Fun (1)

Reading Of The Yamashita Verdict (1)

Reading Out Loud (2)

Reading The Funnies (2)

Real Amos 'n' Andy, The (2)

Real Glory, The (1)

Real Moments Of Romance (2)

Real Stories From Real Life (2)

Rear Admiral Richard Truly (1)

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (1)

Rebuilding Of New York, The (1)

Rebuttal To Cecil B. DeMille (1)

Recent Advances In Animal Science (1)

Reception For Eamon De Valera (1)

Reception For General Wainwright (1)

Reception For Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (1)

Reception For Martin Luther King Jr. (1)

Reception For President Anastasio Samoza (1)

Reception For President Miguel Aleman (1)

Reception For Prince Akihito Of Japan (1)

Reception For Prince and Princess Takamatsu (1)

Reception For Sean MacBride (1)

Reception for Mayor Israel Rokach (1)

Recital In Swingtime (1)

Reckless (1)

Recollections At Thirty (35)

Record Collectors, The (1)

Recorded Music (2)

Recorded Music Program (13)

Recorded Piano Music (1)

Recording Session For British and American Army Charities (1)

Recordings E.T.C. (2)

Recordings From "Lautarchiv Des Deutschen Rundfunks" (1)

Records About Radio (2)

Red Barber In The Catbird Seat (1)

Red Barber Show, The (1)

Red Barber Sports (3)

Red Barber's Clubhouse (1)

Red Benson Movie Matinee (1)

Red Benson Show, The (1)

Red Buttons Show, The (2)

Red Cross 1948 Fund Campaign (2)

Red Cross At Work (1)

Red Cross Blood Bank (1)

Red Cross Flood Relief (1)

Red Cross Flood Relief Show (1)

Red Cross Girls In Action (2)

Red Cross Program (2)

Red Cross Rally (1)

Red Cross War Fund Rally (1)

Red Feather On The Air, The (1)

Red Feather Round-Up (1)

Red Foley Pontiac Auditions #2 and #3 (1)

Red Foley Show, The (10)

Red Foley and The Cumberland Valley Boys (1)

Red Grange Football Show, The (2)

Red Grange and Lou Boudeau (1)

Red McKenzie (1)

Red Nichols Show, The (9)

Red Nichols and His Five Pennies (4)

Red Nichols and His Orchestra (1)

Red Norvo Sextet (1)

Red Norvo Trio (3)

Red Norvo and His Orchestra (1)

Red Pleasant and His Southern Serenaders (1)

Red River Dave (1)

Red Ryder (1)

Red Skelton Program With Red Skelton, The (1)

Red Skelton SHow, The (1)

Red Skelton Show, The (141)

Red, White and Blues (1)

Redd Harper's Hollywood Roundup (20)

Refections On Being Eighty (1)

Reflections (6)

Reflections By Starlight (5)

Reflections In Rhythm (3)

Reflections On A President (1)

Refreshment Club, The (131)

Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam (8)

Regards To America (1)

Rege Cordic Show, The (11)

Regional Round-Up (1)

Registration Day Program (1)

Reich Party Rally (1)

Reichssender Stuttgart Opera (1)

Reichssender Wien Opera (1)

Released American Prisoners (1)

Releasing Frozen Bank Deposits (1)

Religion and The New World (1)

Remarks On The End Of The Vietnam War (1)

Rembrandt (1)

Remember (34)

Remember December 7th (1)

Remember Hour (1)

Remember Radio (4)

Reminiscences Of Eleanor Roosevelt By Eight Of Her Friends (1)

Reminiscences Of My Career (1)

Reminiscences Of Victor Herbert (13)

Reminiscin' With Singin' Sam (25)

Remodel For Veterans (1)

Remote Control (1)

Rendezvous (2)

Rendezvous In Paris (6)

Rendezvous With Death (1)

Rendezvous With Ramona (15)

Rendezvous With Ross (1)

Renfrew Of The Mounted (4)

Renfro Valley Barn Dance (8)

Renfro Valley Barn Dance and The Pinex Barn Dance (1)

Renfro Valley Barn Dance, The (1)

Renfro Valley Breakfast Party (1)

Renfro Valley Country Store (1)

Renfro Valley Gatherin' (5)

Renfro Valley Gathering (1)

Reno Rides The Range (3)

Rent Review, The (1)

Repertory Theatre Of The Air, The (2)

Report Card (1)

Report From A V-1 Launch Site (1)

Report From Fort Dufferin (1)

Report From Guam (1)

Report From Guam On The A-Bomb Drop (1)

Report From Israel (31)

Report From Kwajalein (2)

Report From London (2)

Report From Manila (1)

Report From Nuremberg (3)

Report From Prague (1)

Report From Rio de Janero (1)

Report From Rome (1)

Report From Stalingrad (3)

Report From Stockholm (3)

Report From The Chairman (1)

Report From The Flight Control Room Of A Typhoon Bomber Wing (1)

Report From The North Pole (1)

Report From The Philippines (1)

Report From The San Francisco Conference (2)

Report From Tokyo (1)

Report On Civil Defense (32)

Report On Human Rights (1)

Report On Jobs (1)

Report On Polio (1)

Report On The Death Of Senator McCarthy (1)

Report On The Death Of The Rosenbergs (1)

Report On The Explosion Of The Atom Bomb (1)

Report On The First Atomic Bomb Test On Bikini Atoll (1)

Report On The Freedom Rally (1)

Report On The General Yamashita Interview (1)

Report On The Macquis (1)

Report On The Murder Of George Polk (2)

Report On The Philadelphia Earthquake (1)

Report On The Production Drive (1)

Report To The Chairman (1)

Report To The Nation (7)

Report To The People (1)

Report To The People On The State Of Mobilization (1)

Report Uncensored (2)

Reporter Of Odd Facts, The (1)

Reporter's Roundup (1)

Reports Of Stalin's Death (1)

Representative Clare Boothe Luce (1)

Representative Herbert Eberharter (1)

Representative Joseph Martin (1)

Representative Martin Dies (1)

Representative Newt Gingrich (1)

Representative Samuel Pettengill (1)

Republican Convention Acceptance Speeches (1)

Republican Convention Coverage (5)

Republican Convention Preview (1)

Republican National Committee Program (1)

Republican National Convention (12)

Republican National Convention, The (1)

Republican Paid Political Announcement (1)

Republican Party Program (1)

Republican Party Response (1)

Republican Party Response To The State Of The Union (1)

Republican Party Response To The State Of The Union Address (2)

Republican Presidential Candidate Forum (1)

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate, The (1)

Republican Presidential Debate (2)

Republican Radio Rally (1)

Republican Rebuttal To The President (1)

Republican Response To The State Of The Union Address (1)

Request Performance (16)

Resettlement Administration (1)

Results Inc. (3)

Resurrection (1)

Retarding Tooth Decay (1)

Retirement Concert, The (1)

Retribution (1)

Return Ceremony For The Shuttle Discovery Crew (1)

Return Engagement (1)

Return Of Atlantis, The (1)

Return Of Bill Hart, The (1)

Return Of Inspector Scott, The (2)

Return Of Mr. Grimsby, The (1)

Return Of Sherlock Holmes, The (19)

Return Of The U.S.S. San Francisco, The (1)

Return To Christmas Island (1)

Return To Duty (1)

Return To Orbit (3)

Return To Studio 1A (1)

Return To The Moon: The Flight Of Apollo 12 (1)

Return To The Philippines (1)

Reunion (2)

Reveille Hour, The (1)

Reveille Record (1)

Reveille Round-Up (4)

Reveille With Beverly (1)

Revelers, The (2)

Reverend Jesse Jackson (1)

Reverend Mathew, The (4)

Review Of The War (1)

Revlon Presents (1)

Revlon Revue, The (2)

Revlon Theatre (1)

Revue In Miniature (2)

Revue Musicale (The Muriel Halle Show) (2)

Revuers, The (11)

Rex Allen Show, The (1)

Rex Kory and His Orchestra (1)

Rex Maupin and His Orchestra (3)

Rex Maupin and The Concert Orchestra (1)

Rexall Hollywood Review (4)

Rexall Magic Hour (1)

Rexall One Cent Sale (4)

Rexall Rhythm Round-Up (36)

Rexall's Parade Of Stars (10)

Rhapsody In Rhythm (8)

Rhapsody Of The Rockies, The (3)

Rheingold Theatre (17)

Rhubarb Red and His Rubes (1)

Rhumba Rhythms and Tango Tunes (1)

Rhymes For Reverie (1)

Rhythm Boys, The (1)

Rhythm Five, The (4)

Rhythm In Reserve (2)

Rhythm Inn (1)

Rhythm Makers Orchestra (9)

Rhythm Makers, The (10)

Rhythm On The Range (1)

Rhythm On The River (1)

Rhythm On The Road (1)

Rhythm Ranch (2)

Rhythm Symphony, The (1)

Rhythm Workshop, The (1)

Rhythm `N Romance (1)

Rhythm and Rhyme (1)

Rhythmaires, The (1)

Rhythmic Melodies (1)

Rhythms By Raeburn (6)

Rialto Casinians, The (1)

Richard Aurandt (1)

Richard Aurandt and His Orchestra (1)

Richard C. Hottelet News Analysis (1)

Richard C. Hottelet Reporting From A Bomber Over France (1)

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (115)

Richard Farina: Long Time Coming, Long Time Gone (1)

Richard Harkness (1)

Richard Harkness News (5)

Richard Himber and His Orchestra (13)

Richard Leibert (7)

Richard Leibert At The Organ (3)

Richard Leibert, Organist (4)

Richard Leibert-Organist (8)

Richard Leibert-Pipe Organ (2)

Richard Maltby and His Orchestra (1)

Richard Maxwell (4)

Richard Nixon (1)

Richard Nixon "Checkers Speech" (1)

Richard Nixon Meets The Kingfish (1)

Richard Rodgers Jubilee Show (1)

Richard Scandrett Jr. (1)

Richard Tauber Programme, The (5)

Richfield Reporter, The (1)

Riders Radio Theatre (6)

Ridiculous Rhapsodies (1)

Riding High (13)

Right Combination, The (2)

Right To Happiness, The (8)

Right To Live, The (1)

Right You Are (1)

Rigoletto (1)

Riley and Weber Program, The (1)

Rinso Radio Revue, The (1)

Rio Rhythms (1)

Rio Rita (1)

Riot Squad (1)

Rip Lawson, Adventurer (4)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not (34)

Rise Stevens Show, The (3)

Rise and Mine (1)

Rise and Recite (1)

Rise and Shine (1)

Rita Murray Show, The (1)

Riverboat Revels (1)

Riverside Hoedown (1)

Riverside Rancho (3)

Road Of Life (41)

Road Of Life, The (1)

Road To Danger, The (2)

Road To Nowhere, The (1)

Road To Peace, The (1)

Road To Rio, The (1)

Road To Singapore, The (1)

Road To The White House, The (1)

Road To Utopia, The (2)

Road To Zanzibar, The (2)

Roads Rule The World (1)

Roast For Former White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater (1)

Robbin's Nest, The (1)

Robbins Nest, The (1)

Robbins' Nest, The (1)

Robert Arden (1)

Robert Arden Round Table Discussion (1)

Robert Arden, Foreign Correspondent (4)

Robert Benchley Special Audition (1)

Robert Benchley, Radio Critic (1)

Robert Best (1)

Robert Brooks (1)

Robert C. Sprague (1)

Robert F. Hurleigh News (4)

Robert Francis Kennedy: A Memorial (1)

Robert G. Sproul (1)

Robert Kennedy (1)

Robert Kennedy Assassination, The (1)

Robert Kennedy Funeral (1)

Robert M. La Follette Jr. (2)

Robert MacNeil Report, The (1)

Robert Maxwell-Harpist (2)

Robert McCormick (1)

Robert Montgomery Dramatic Recitations (2)

Robert Montgomery Presents (11)

Robert Moses (1)

Robert Patterson (1)

Robert Q. Lewis Show, The (2)

Robert Q. Lewis' Little Show (2)

Robert S. Henry (1)

Robert St. John (1)

Robert St. John News (2)

Robert St. John and The News Of The World (1)

Robert Stewart (1)

Robert Taylor Story, The (1)

Robert Trout (2)

Robert Trout News (2)

Robert Trout News (Edwin C. Hill and The Human Side Of The News) (1)

Robert Trout Personal Recordings (1)

Robert Trout With The News Until Now (1)

Robert Trout and The News (1)

Robert Trout and The News Until Now (1)

Robert VanDeventer Interview (1)

Robert Vogler (1)

Robert Wagner Democratic Party Victory Statement (1)

Robert Weinberg (1)

Roberta (1)

Robin Hood Flour Show, The (8)

Robin Hood Flour Show., The (1)

Robin Hood Saturday Night Party, The (1)

Robin Morgan Show, The (1)

Rochester Civic Orchestra, The (1)

Rochester Show, The (3)

Rock King, Detective (1)

Rock and Roll Radio Reunion, The (1)

Rockaway Pollution Project Ceremony (1)

Rocketship Show, The (3)

Rocky Fortune (42)

Rocky Graziano Vs. Tony Janiro (1)

Rocky Jordan (99)

Rocky Marciano Vs. Jersey Joe Walcott (1)

Rocky Mountaineers, The (1)

Rod Brown Of The Rocket Rangers (3)

Rod and Gun Club Of The Air, The (2)

Rodeo Review (1)

Roger Kilgore, Public Defender (3)

Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra (1)

Rogers Of The Gazette (29)

Rogue's Gallery (25)

Roi-Tan Program, The (1)

Role Of Science In War, The (13)

Roll Call Of The Nation, The (1)

Roller Derby (2)

Roma Wine Show, The (2)

Romance (154)

Romance In The Dark (3)

Romance Of Dan and Sylvia, The (2)

Romance Of Evelyn Winters, The (1)

Romance Of Famous Jewels, The (6)

Romance Of Helen Trent, The (11)

Romance Of Music (1)

Romance Of The Ranchos, The (36)

Romantic Bachelor, The (6)

Romeo and Juliet (1)

Ronad Colman Television (1)

Ronald Reagan (5)

Ronald Reagan and David Brinkley (1)

Ronald Reagan, An American Success Story (1)

Ronald Reagan: The First One Hundred Days (1)

Ronnie Kemper (2)

Ronnie Mansfield (2)

Ronnie and Lonnie (2)

Rooftops Of The City (2)

Roomful Of Music (1)

Roosevelt Day Dinner (1)

Roosevelt Era, The (1)

Roosevelt Sunrise Hour, The (5)

Roosevelt and Labor (1)

Roosty Of The A. A. F. (2)

Rosa Rio Interview (1)

Rosa Rio Time (2)

Rosalie (1)

Rose Bowl Game (1)

Rose Bowl, The (1)

Rose Marie Sings (1)

Rose Of My Dreams (14)

Rose Of Washington Square (1)

Rosemary (14)

Rosemary Clooney Sings (19)

Rosko Show, The (1)

Ross Mulholland (1)

Ross Perot (16)

Ross Perot's Solutions (1)

Rotary Golden Theatre, The (13)

Round About Nashville (1)

Round Table Discussion On The Pan-American Bird Treaty (1)

Round The Family Table (2)

Round The Family Table (Bei Tate-Mames Tish) (1)

Round The World With Father Time (4)

Round Up Of Invasion News (1)

Round-Up (1)

Roundtable Conference With Members Of The N. A. R. N. D. (1)

Roundup Of Declaration Of War Against Japan By Russia (1)

Roundup Of News Reports From Europe (1)

Roundup Of War Reports (1)

Roundup Time On The Range (1)

Roy Acuff Show, The (52)

Roy Acuff and The Cumberland Valley Boys (1)

Roy Eldridge (2)

Roy Eldridge and His Orchestra (1)

Roy Fox Show, The (1)

Roy Leonard Show, The (1)

Roy Orbison (1)

Roy Rogers Show, The (88)

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show, The (1)

Roy Rogersz and Dale Evans Shows, The (1)

Roy Ross and His Top-Noters (1)

Roy Ross and The WNEW All-Stars (1)

Roy Shield and Company (2)

Roy Shield and His Orchestra (2)

Roy Shields Revue, The (1)

Roy Shields and Company (1)

Roy and Lonnie as Uncle Enoch Hudgens and Ether Ham Hobbs (1)

Royal Air Force Band (1)

Royal Air Force Takes The Air, The (1)

Royal Arch Gunnison (6)

Royal Desserts Hour, The (12)

Royal Gelatin Hour, The (42)

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Show, The (9)

Royal Party From Sandy Hook; N.J. to Pier #1 in New York, The (1)

Royal Visit Of The King and Queen (1)

Royal Visit To Winnepeg, The (1)

Royal Wedding Reprise (1)

Royal Wedding, Edited Version (1)

Royal Wedding, The (1)

Rubbed Out (1)

Rube Appleberry (1)

Rube Goldberg (1)

Rube Minstrels (1)

Rube and Sarah (1)

Rubinoff and His Musical Moments Revue (8)

Rubinoff's Musical Moments Revue (5)

Ruble War, The (1)

Ruby Keeler Interview (1)

Rudolph Friml, Jr. (4)

Rudolph Friml, Jr. Orchestra (1)

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1)

Rudolph Valentino (1)

Rudy Vallee (1)

Rudy Vallee Dreen Show, The (10)

Rudy Vallee Drene Show, The (70)

Rudy Vallee Hour, The (45)

Rudy Vallee Philip Morris Show, The (23)

Rudy Vallee Sealtest Show, The (75)

Rudy Vallee Show, The (1)

Rudy Vallee and Company (2)

Rudy Vallee and The Conecticut Yankees (1)

Rudy Vallee and The Connecticut Yankees (3)

Rudy Wiedoeft (1)

Rudy Wissler Audition (1)

Ruggles, The (2)

Rule Of Three (1)

Run For The Roses, The (1)

Rupert Hughes (2)

Russ Carlisle and His Orchestra (7)

Russ Columbo Show, The (4)

Russ Hodges News (1)

Russ Morgan Orchestra (2)

Russ Morgan and His "Music In The Morgan Manner" (6)

Russ Morgan and His Orchestra (60)

Russell Thorson Interview (1)

Russell Thorson, Jim Boles Interview (1)

Russia Declares War (1)

Russian News In English (8)

Russian River Medley (1)

Rustco Ramblers, The (1)

Rusty Gill For Acme Radio (1)

Ruth Berman, Swing Harpist, and Her Orchestra (2)

Ruthless Adventure (1)