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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

M. Jean Wliewski (1)

M. S. Hope Chest (2)

MGM Air View (1)

MGM Musical Comedy Theatre, The (2)

MGM On Parade (1)

MGM Radio Movie Club, The (1)

MGM Theatre Of The Air (1)

MGM Theatre Of The Air, The (28)

MJB Demi-Tasse Revue, The (1)

Ma Perkins (170)

Mac Baldy, The Tall Shooter (5)

MacAleer Melodists, The (2)

MacAleer's Melodists, The (1)

MacArthur Story, The (2)

MacBeth Follies (1)

MacGregor's Fairy Tales (2)

MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour, The (1)

Macabre (8)

Machines Without Men (1)

Macy-Bamberger Boy's Club, The (1)

Mad Daddy Show, The (1)

Mad Hatterfields, The (2)

Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (8)

Madame Ernestine Schumann-Heink (8)

Madame Manhattan and Montana Slim (1)

Madame Q (1)

Madame Schumein-Heink (1)

Madison, That's Me (1)

Madrigal Singers Of New York (2)

Madrigal Singers, The (2)

Mae West Interview (1)

Maerchenland ("Story Land") (3)

Magazine Of The Air (1)

Maggie's Private Wire (1)

Magic Carpet (14)

Magic Carpet, The (1)

Magic Christmas Window, The (4)

Magic Curtain (1)

Magic Curtain Auditions (1)

Magic In The Air (1)

Magic Island (128)

Magic Key, The (80)

Magic Needle, The (1)

Magic Of Books, The (1)

Magic Of Broadcasting, The (1)

Magic Of Music, The (4)

Magic Of Speech, The (1)

Magic Of Vision, The (2)

Magic Rhythm (1)

Magic and Moonlight (2)

Magnificent Montague, The (42)

Magnolia Blossoms (4)

Mahalia Jackson Show, The (3)

Maiden Flight Of The B-19 (Sunrise Salute) (1)

Maiden Voyage Of The Hindenburg, The (1)

Mail Call (139)

Main Attraction, The (1)

Main Street Album (2)

Main Street Music Hall (7)

Main Street Music Hall, The (1)

Maincurrents (2)

Majestic Master Of Mystery (7)

Majestic Theatre Of The Air, The (14)

Major Bowes' Chrysler Talks (1)

Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour (14)

Major Bowes' Shower Of Stars (8)

Major Bowes-Morton Gould Program, The (1)

Major Charles De Gaulle (1)

Major Edward Bowes Original Amateur Hour (1)

Major George Fielding Eliot (1)

Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington (1)

Major Kent C. Lambert (1)

Major X and The Wright Arch Preserver Band (2)

Make Believe Ballroom, The (14)

Make Believe Town (3)

Make Mine Music (2)

Make Way For Youth (5)

Make Yours Music (1)

Makers Of History (7)

Making Of "A Soldier's Story", The (1)

Making Of Star Wars For Radio: A Fable For The Mind's Eye, The (1)

Making Of The President: 1972, The (1)

Making The Wheels Go Around (1)

Malcolm Claire (2)

Mama Bloom's Brood (76)

Mammy (1)

Man About Town (1)

Man Against The Crippler (2)

Man At The Moon (1)

Man Behind The Gun, The (10)

Man Behind The Masterpiece, The (3)

Man Called X, The (78)

Man From Homicide, The (9)

Man From Missouri, The (1)

Man In Space (1)

Man In The Iron Mask, The (6)

Man In The Street (1)

Man In The Street Reactions To Truman's Address (1)

Man In The Street, The (1)

Man Is A Giant (1)

Man Of Magic, The (1)

Man Of The People (1)

Man On The Line, The (1)

Man On The Moon (1)

Man On The Moon: The Epic Journey of Apollo Eleven (1)

Man On The Street Program (1)

Man Walks In Space (1)

Man We Never Knew, The (1)

Man Who Invented Music, The (1)

Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes, The (1)

Man Who Wasn't Always Wrong, The (1)

Man Without A City, The (1)

Man Your Battle Stations (5)

Man and His Music, The (2)

Mandrake The Magician (29)

Manhattan At Midnight (3)

Manhattan Concert Band, The (18)

Manhattan Melodies (99)

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (25)

Manhattan Mother (1)

Manhattan Nocturne (1)

Manhattan Playhouse (1)

Manhattan Tower (2)

Manhunt (8)

Manitoba Flood Relief Show (1)

Manny Strand and His Band (2)

Manor House Party (2)

Manor House Summer Party, The (1)

Manpower Limited (1)

Mantovani and His Orchestra (12)

Many Faces Of Folk Music, The (1)

Mara Tapp Program, The (2)

March Of Dimes (1)

March Of Dimes Cavalcade Of Bands, The (1)

March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The (1)

March Of Dimes March Of Stars, The (3)

March Of Dimes Program (4)

March Of Dimes Time (1)

March Of Dimes Victory Program (2)

March Of Dimes, The (1)

March Of Faith, The (1)

March Of Games (1)

March Of Stars (1)

March Of Stars On The Air For The March Of Dimes, The (1)

March Of The Movies, The (2)

March Of Time, The (148)

Marconi Memorial Program (1)

Marcus O'Connor, Detective First Class (1)

Margaret Joyce (1)

Margaret Mead At Bellevue Community College (1)

Marguerite Higgins (1)

Marie Antoinette (1)

Marilyn Monroe (1)

Marilyn Monroe: Fame Is Fickle (1)

Marilyn Quayle (1)

Marine Band Symphonette (2)

Marine Birthday (1)

Marine Christmas In The Pacific (1)

Marine Corps On The Air, The (1)

Marine Interviews En Route To Guam (1)

Marine Story (26)

Marine Story, The (2)

Mariner 4 Press Conference (1)

Mariner 9 Reports (1)

Marines Report, The (1)

Mario Lanza Show, The (60)

Marion and Reggie (1)

Maritime Day Tribute To Men Of The Merchant Marine (1)

Marjorie Dunton's Fashion Report (1)

Mark Lane--Rush To Judgment (1)

Mark Trail (32)

Marlin Hurt Memorial Program (1)

Marmola Entertainers, The (6)

Marriage For Two (1)

Marriage, The (24)

Married For Life (2)

Mars Live (1)

Mars: The First Look (1)

Mars: The Search For Life (1)

Marshall Meditations (1)

Martha Dean Program, The (1)

Martha Dean Show, The (1)

Martha Deane Show, The (2)

Martha Lane Show, The (1)

Martha Meade Society Program, The (4)

Martha Raye Show, The (1)

Martha Tilton Time (1)

Martha White Biscuit Time (5)

Martha White Coffee Time (1)

Martha White Show, The (1)

Martha White Time (1)

Martin Agronsky (1)

Martin Agronsky News (1)

Martin Block Show, The (6)

Martin County Absentee Ballot Case, The (1)

Martin Kane (2)

Martin Kane, Private Eye (17)

Martin Luther King Award Ceremonies (1)

Martin Luther Reformation Program (1)

Martin and Lewis Show, The (73)

Marty Robbins (1)

Marty Servo Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson (1)

Marvellous Margie (1)

Marvin Ash (Honky Tonk Piano) (1)

Marvin Hagler Vs. Vito Antuofermo (1)

Marvin Miller, Storyteller (10)

Marx Brothers Go West, The (1)

Marx Brothers, The (1)

Mary Ann Mercer (4)

Mary Foster, The Editor's Daughter (28)

Mary Hale Martin Household Period, The (1)

Mary Jane Higby Interview (1)

Mary Lee Taylor Program, The (26)

Mary Margaret McBride (5)

Mary Margaret McBride Interviews A Friend From Australia (1)

Mary Margaret McBride Program, The (1)

Mary Margaret McBride's Scrapbook (1)

Mary Merryfield Show, The (5)

Mary Pickford and Company (1)

Mary Small Show, The (3)

Maryland Hunt Cup Race (1)

Maspeth Garbage Disposal Plant Cornerstone Ceremony (1)

Masquerade (1)

Masquers Club Roast (1)

Masquers, The (1)

Mass For President Roosevelt (1)

Mass In B Minor (1)

Massachusetts WPA Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

Master Makes Melody, The (1)

Master Race, The (1)

Master Radio Canaries, The (2)

Master's Music Room, The (6)

Masterpiece Radio Theatre (23)

Mastersingers Of Llangollen, The (1)

Masterworks (4)

Matarie Rancourt (1)

Material For The Fred Allen Obituary Program (1)

Mathew Slade, Private Investigator (12)

Matinee (2)

Matinee At Meadowbrook (1)

Matinee At The Meadowbrook (1)

Matinee In Rhythm (1)

Matinee Theatre (1)

Matinee Theatre, The (24)

Matinee With Metz (1)

Matty Malneck and His Orchestra (9)

Maud and Cousin Bill (1)

Maude Adams (1)

Maurice Spitalny and His Orchestra (1)

Maurie Condon With The News (1)

Max Baer Vs. Joe Louis (1)

Max Dolin and His Grenadiers (1)

Max Jordan (5)

Max Kaminsky (1)

Max Liebman Presents (1)

Max Pillar and His Orchestra (1)

Maxim Litvinov (1)

Maxine Gray Entertains (19)

Maxine Gray In Vocal Pictures (1)

Maxwell House Coffee Time (232)

Maxwell House Showboat, The (4)

May Day Celebration (1)

Mayfair Society Orchestra (1)

Mayo Story, The (1)

Mayor Edward Koch (1)

Mayor John Lindsay (2)

Mayor La Guardia (3)

Mayor La Guardia and The City Fusion Party (1)

Mayor Lindsay Inauguration (1)

Mayor Lindsay Press Conference (2)

Mayor Lindsay Swearing-In (1)

Mayor Lindsay Transit Strike Report (1)

Mayor Of The Town, The (28)

Mayor Robert Wagner (4)

Mayor Robert Wagner's Farewell Address (1)

Mayor Wagner Acceptance Speech (1)

Mayor Wagner Press Conference (5)

Mayor Wagner Spot Announcements (1)

Mayor Wagner's Oath Of Office Ceremony (1)

Mayor Wagner's Swearing-In Ceremonies (1)

Mayor William Celentano (1)

Mayor's Christmas Party, The (2)

Mayor's Task Force on Municipal Archives Press Conference, The (1)

Maytag Frolics, The (1)

Maytag Radioettes (1)

Maytime (1)

McAlister Buick Spots (1)

McCall's Interview (2)

McCall's Interviews (1)

McCosker-Hershfield Cardiac Foundation Dinner (2)

McCoy, The (1)

McGarry and His Mouse (5)

McGarry and The Mouse (1)

McLean Of The Mounties (1)

Meal Of Your Life, The (1)

Meaning Of America, The (23)

Medicine Show On The Air., The (1)

Medicine U.S.A. (12)

Meditations (1)

Meet America (2)

Meet Corliss Archer (23)

Meet Danny Wilson (1)

Meet David Rose (1)

Meet Debbie Dixon (1)

Meet Frank Sinatra (3)

Meet Me After The Show (1)

Meet Me At Owl's (1)

Meet Me At Parky's (122)

Meet Me In St. Louis (2)

Meet Me In The Lobby (2)

Meet Millie (23)

Meet Miss Sherlock (2)

Meet Mr. America (2)

Meet Mr. McNutley (10)

Meet The Artist (1)

Meet The Band (1)

Meet The Colonel (2)

Meet The Meeks (72)

Meet The Menjous (14)

Meet The Missus (3)

Meet The Music (1)

Meet The People (1)

Meet The Press (1012)

Meet The Stars (2)

Meet The WLOS Staff (1)

Meet Your Congress (1)

Meet Your Navy (1)

Mel Allen Sports (2)

Mel Blanc Associates Super Fun Demo (1)

Mel Blanc Show, The (32)

Mel Blanc With Billy May and His Orchestra (1)

Mel Jacoby (1)

Mel Torme (1)

Mel Torme Show, The (1)

Mel Torme With Dave Barbour Four (2)

Mel Torme and The Page Cavanaugh Trio (2)

Mel Torme and The Wesson Brothers (1)

Melachrino Musicale, The (2)

Mellow Time (1)

Melodic Moments (2)

Melodies In Pastel (2)

Melodies Organistic (1)

Melodies That Endure (2)

Melodies To Remember (1)

Melody Grove (1)

Melody In Spring (2)

Melody Lane (7)

Melody Lane With Jerry Wayne (1)

Melody Matinee (1)

Melody Parade, The (1)

Melody Promenade (15)

Melody Puzzles (1)

Melody Round-Up (69)

Melody Roundup (1)

Melody Souvenirs (2)

Melody Tours (9)

Melody and Fragrance Of Hawaii (1)

Melody and Madness (5)

Melody and Song Program, The (1)

Melvin Hemple and His Orchestra (1)

Memo Barnabi and His Orchestra (1)

Memo For Americans (1)

Memo From Lake Success (1)

Memo From Molly (1)

Memo From The United Nations (4)

Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes, The (10)

Memoirs Of The Movies (16)

Memorial Day Program (3)

Memorial Day Services (1)

Memorial Day Services From Arlington Cemetery (1)

Memorial Program For Colonel Jacob Ruppert (1)

Memorial Program To Marconi (1)

Memorial To Eleanor Roosevelt (1)

Memorial To James J. Walker (1)

Memorial To Raymond Clapper (1)

Memories (9)

Memories Of A Pioneer (2)

Memories Of Hawaii (13)

Memories Of The Wolfman (1)

Memory Time (3)

Memory Time Show (1)

Memos To A New Millenium (1)

Men Against Death (12)

Men At Sea (3)

Men Behind The Guns, The (1)

Men From Mars, The (1)

Men In Scarlet (2)

Men Of Boy's Town (1)

Men Of Melody, The (1)

Men Of Note (1)

Men Of Vision (5)

Men Who Fight For Freedom (1)

Men Without Eyes (5)

Menace In White (1)

Mendicant Christ, The (1)

Menjous, The (2)

Mennen Shave Time With Lew Parker (20)

Mercer McLeod, The Man With The Story (12)

Merchant Of Venice, The (1)

Mercury Space Launch (1)

Mercury Spaceflight (1)

Mercury Star Time With George Burns (1)

Mercury Summer Theatre, The (16)

Mercury Theatre, The (28)

Meredith Willson (1)

Meredith Willson Show, The (3)

Meredith Willson and His Orchestra (1)

Meredith Willson's Musical Revue (7)

Merle Lindsay and The Oklahoma Nightriders (1)

Merle Pitt and His Orchestra (2)

Merrill Mueller (3)

Merrill Mueller From London (1)

Merry Christmas (1)

Merry Christmas Mom (3)

Merry Life Of Mary Christmas, The (2)

Merry Widow, The (2)

Merv Griffin Show, The (6)

Mervin Griffin Show, The (1)

Mervyn LeRoy Testimonial Dinner, The (1)

Mesa Memories (1)

Message Of Israel, The (3)

Message To Israel (2)

Messages From British Prisoners In Germany (1)

Messengers Of Peace (1)

Messiah, The (2)

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Time (1)

Metropolis (2)

Metropolitan Opera Auditions Of The Air, The (21)

Metropolitan Opera Salute To Sir Rudolph Bing, The (1)

Metropolitan Opera, The (152)

Metropoltan Opera, The (1)

Mexican Independence Celebration (1)

Mexico City Symphony Orchestra, The (1)

Michael Feinstein's American Songbook (1)

Michael Flagg, M. D. (1)

Michael O'Duffy (1)

Michael Piper, Detective (1)

Michigan Journal Of The Air, The (1)

Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee Live At The Ritz Theatre (1)

Mickey Mouse Theatre Of The Air, The (19)

Mid-Century Broadcast (1)

Mid-Century Speech Association Of America Convention (2)

Mid-Century White House Conference (2)

Mid-Century White House Conference On Children and Youth, The (1)

Mid-Day News (1)

Mid-Day Review, The (1)

Middle East Peace: The Carter Gamble (1)

Mideast Agreement Signing Ceremony (1)

Midge At The Mike (2)

Midmorning Matinee (1)

Midnight (11)

Midnight At V-Disc (1)

Midnight Once More With Nat King Cole (1)

Midnight To Dawn In New York and London (1)

Midstream (4)

Midweek Review, The (1)

Miff Mole and His Orchestra (3)

Mighty Casey, The (1)

Mike Douglas Show, The (3)

Mike Flight (1)

Mike Levine Show, The (1)

Mike Malloy (148)

Mike Malloy, Private Cop (13)

Mike Nichols and Elaine May (9)

Mike Roy (1)

Mike Tyson Vs. Larry Holmes (1)

Mike Wallace Interview, The (66)

Mike and Buff Mailbag (1)

Mike-ing History (1)

Milan Hodja (1)

Mileage Rationing (1)

Milestones On The Road To Peace (1)

Military Churchill, The (1)

Mills Brothers Dodge Program, The (1)

Mills Brothers, The (1)

Milt Herth Trio (16)

Milton Berle Show, The (42)

Milton DeLugg and His Swing Wing (1)

Mind In The Shadow (1)

Mind Your Manners (3)

Mind's Eye, The (98)

Mindako Theatre Party (1)

Mindy Carson (1)

Mindy Carson Show, The (7)

Minstrel Train, The (2)

Miracle In The Bronx (1)

Miracle Of America, The (6)

Miracles and Melodies (14)

Mirth Parade, The (26)

Mirth and Madness (3)

Mirth and Melody (1)

Mis-Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (10)

Misadventures Of Si and Elmer, The (57)

Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1)

Miss Information (1)

Miss Kieffer and Her Kiddies (1)

Miss Pettingill Proposes (1)

Miss Pinkerton (1)

Miss Pinkerton Inc. (1)

Miss Tatlock's Millions (1)

Mission Accomplished (1)

Mission Not Completed (1)

Mission Of Apollo 15: Countdown To Launch, The (1)

Mission Of Discovery (1)

Mission To Mars: The Search For Life (1)

Mission To The Middle East (5)

Mission Village On The Air (5)

Mississippi (1)

Mississippi Minstrels (1)

Mistakes The Made, The (1)

Mobil Oil Concert Hour, The (1)

Mobilgas News (4)

Mobilization For Human Needs (1)

Mobilization Story (1)

Mobilizing America's Psychological Resourses (1)

Mobilizing For Human Needs (1)

Modern Adventures Of Casanova, The (1)

Modern Jazz Quartet and The Maynard Ferguson Sextet, The (1)

Modern Jazz Quartet with Paul Desmond, The (1)

Modern Jazz Quartet, The (3)

Modern Melody Trio, The (12)

Modern Organ Rhythms. Renditions By Arlo (6)

Modern Rhythm Ensemble Of Boston, The (6)

Modern Romances (31)

Mohawk Treasure Chest, The (1)

Molle Mystery Theatre, The (76)

Moment For Meditation (1)

Momentous Years 1927-1957, The (1)

Moments Make Up The Year (1)

Moments Of Melody (5)

Moments Of Memory (1)

Monday At 8:30 (1)

Monday Merry-Go-Round, The (2)

Monday Morning Headlines (2)

Monday Morning's Headlines (1)

Money-Money-Money (1)

Monica Lewis and Frank Farrell Show, The (1)

Monitor (101)

Monitor Bob and Ray Segments (1)

Monitor Fibber McGee and Molly Segments (12)

Monitor George Gobel Segments (3)

Monitor News (2)

Monitor Preview (1)

Monitor Views The News, The (2)

Monitor: Highlights Of Twenty Great Years (1)

Monkees Live In Tokyo, The (1)

Monsanto Night: Benny Goodman (1)

Monsieur Beaucaire (1)

Monster Benefit For The American Red Cross (1)

Monte Ballou and The Castle Jazz Band (1)

Montgomery Speaks His Mind (1)

Monticello Party Line (47)

Montmartre (4)

Montville and The Valley (2)

Mood Music Concert (2)

Mood Music-Concert Orchestra (1)

Moods For Moderns (1)

Moods In Melody (2)

Moods In Rhythm (1)

Moody Speaking (1)

Moon Dreams (10)

Moon Hangs Low, The (1)

Moon Mullins (2)

Moon Over Africa (27)

Moon Over Miami (1)

Moon Over Morocco (13)

Moon River (48)

Moondial (1)

Moondog Show, The (1)

Moonlight Serenade (52)

Moral Re-armament (2)

More Here Than Meets The Ear (1)

More Than Meets The Eye (1)

Morey Amsterdam Show, The (8)

Morgan Beatty (5)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The (2)

Morning After Creation (1)

Morning Edition (2)

Morning In Manhattan (2)

Morning Melodies (2)

Morning Melodies With Mary Ann (1)

Morning Moods (1)

Morning News Roundup (80)

Morning News Sunday Edition (1)

Morning Roundup Of World News (2)

Morning Roundup, The (1)

Morning Scene (1)

Morning Special (6)

Morris H. Siegel, The Insurance Counselor (5)

Morton Downey (3)

Morton Downey Dodge Show, The (2)

Morton Downey; Jr. Show, The (1)

Morton Gould and His Orchestra (1)

Mosaics In Music (1)

Mosquito Music (1)

Most Gratefully Yours (1)

Mother O' Mine (1)

Mother and Dad (3)

Mother's Day Program From China (1)

Motor City Melodies (3)

Motor City Mixed Chorus, The (2)

Motor Oil Revue (1)

Motorola Hour, The (1)

Mountain Music (2)

Mountain Music Time (1)

Mouquin Inc. Presents (3)

Movie Horoscope Series (1)

Movie Playhouse (2)

Movie Theatre Victory Broadcast, The (1)

Movietown News (1)

Moving Earth, The (1)

Moving Stories Of Life (7)

Moylan Sisters, The (1)

Mozart Opera Series (1)

Mozart Piano Concerto #16 in D Major (1)

Mr. Ace and Jane (17)

Mr. Aladdin (1)

Mr. Bug Goes To Town (1)

Mr. Chameleon (167)

Mr. Confusion (1)

Mr. DeeJay U.S.A. (1)

Mr. District Attorney (64)

Mr. Feathers (2)

Mr. Good (2)

Mr. I.A. Moto (15)

Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons (62)

Mr. Khrushchev Abroad (1)

Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies (1)

Mr. Peepers (26)

Mr. Pickwick's Christmas (3)

Mr. President (121)

Mr. Radioman (1)

Mr. Robert Kennedy and Congressman William Miller (1)

Mr. Roger Weem and Mr. Henry Haines (1)

Mr. Shirer Gives A Talk (1)

Mr. Smith Goes To Town (2)

Mr. Smith Show, The (1)

Mr. and Mrs. (1)

Mr. and Mrs. America (1)

Mr. and Mrs. Blandings (11)

Mr. and Mrs. Brown Meet Amos 'n' Andy (1)

Mr. and Mrs. North (81)

Mrs. Barbara Bush (1)

Mrs. Cinderella (1)

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt (5)

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Own Program (6)

Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1)

Mrs. Gertrude Lawrence and Mrs. Bernard Baruch (1)

Mrs. Goes A'Shopping, The (2)

Mrs. James Doolittle (1)

Mrs. Lou Henry Hoover (1)

Mrs. Tucker's Smile Program (5)

Mrs. Victor Bruce (1)

Mrs. Winston Churchill (1)

Much Ado About Doolittle (2)

Much Ado About Music (1)

Muggsy Spanier (3)

Muggsy Spanier and His Dixieland Band (3)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Buster Mathis (1)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Floyd Patterson (1)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Jean Pierre Coopman (1)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Joe Frazier (2)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Leon Spinks (2)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Sonny Liston (2)

Muhammed Ali Vs. Sonny Liston Prefight Show (1)

Mulligan's Travels (1)

Munich Summer Olympics, The (1)

Municipal Concert Hall (1)

Municipal Information Center Opening (1)

Murder At Midnight (30)

Murder At The Vanities (1)

Murder By Experts (15)

Murder Clinic (6)

Murder Is My Hobby (1)

Murder Will Out (2)

Murder and Mr. Malone (2)

Murray Arnold and His Orchestra (2)

Murray The K: Live From The Brooklyn Fox (1)

Museum Of Modern Art Matisse Exhibition (1)

Museum Of Modern Art Symposium, The (1)

Museum Of Modern Music (3)

Museum Of Modern Music, The (3)

Music 'Til Dawn (4)

Music 'Til Midnight (18)

Music Adventures With Seven-League Boots (5)

Music America Loves (2)

Music America Loves Best (1)

Music America Loves, The (1)

Music Appreciation Hour, The (3)

Music As You Like It (9)

Music Box (2)

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