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These programs are listed alphabetically.

Programs that start with the word "The" ignore this word and add it to the end. Example: "The Lux Radio Theatre" appears under the letter "L" as "Lux Radio Theatre, The."

Programs that begin with the word "A" actually are found under the letter "A." Example: "A Critic's Toscanini."

Programs that begin with an number are found ahead of the letter "A" by clicking on the octothorp (#, often called a "number" sign). Example: "The 1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air" is found by hitting this # sign and scrolling down "1956 March Of Dimes Is On The Air, The."

Program names are searched with initial caps on every word EXCEPT the word "and." This word is NEVER capitalized. Example: "Pat O'Brien and His Hillbilly Boys."

Programs are often known by different names. Programs are catalogued by their EXACT title. You have to look up ALL the different names to find all the shows on which Jack Benny appeared. For example, "The Jack Benny Show" seems easy to look up under "J." However, if you do, you WILL NOT get the listings for "The Jack Benny Program," or "The Jell-0 program starring Jack Benny," or "The Lucky Strike Program Starring Jack Benny, " or "The Canada Dry Program," or the eight other program names, by which "The Jack Benny Show" was known. Since most users of this database will not have this information, the easiest way to find all the Jack Benny shows is to search under the "People " listings for Benny, Jack. In that way, you get all the Jack Benny programs, whatever the name of the show. In addition, you'll find all the listings of other programs on which Jack Benny appeared as a guest. However, you won't find those few "The Jack Benny Programs" on which Jack Benny didn't appear (such as those that starred Orson Welles when Jack was out sick). Another example is programs often known as "Sherlock Holmes" or "The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, and many other variations. Since Mr. Holmes was performed by many actors besides the well-known Basil Rathbone, you cannot get all the listings by searching "people" for Rathbone as with the Jack Benny example. You have to "think outside the box" and do a people search under the letter "D" where you'll find "Arthur Conan Doyle" and all the Sherlock Holmes listings.

H-O Surprise Program, The (1)

H. L. Mencken (1)

H. R. Baukhage (3)

H. R. Knickerbocker (5)

H. Ross Perot (1)

H. V. Kaltenborn (2)

H. W. Prentiss, Jr. (1)

H. W. Von Loon (2)

H.V. Kaltenborn (32)

H.V. Kaltenborn News (2)

Hadassah Speaks (10)

Hague Residente Orchestra, The (1)

Hail The Champ (1)

Hail and Farewell (3)

Hal Aloma and His Orchestra (1)

Hal Derwin (1)

Hal Howard and His Serenade In Satin (1)

Hal Kemp (2)

Hal Kemp and His International Favorites (4)

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra (4)

Hal McIntyre and His Orchestra (3)

Hal Pruden and His Orchestra (1)

Haldeman: The Nixon Years (2)

Halfway To Heaven (2)

Halicrafters Hour, The (1)

Hall Of Fame, The (1)

Hall Of Fantasy, The (39)

Hall Of Science Dedication (1)

Hallelujah (1)

Hallmark Charlotte Greenwood Show, The (12)

Hallmark Hall Of Fame, The (81)

Hallmark Playhouse (185)

Halloween Horror (1)

Halls Of Ivy, The (58)

Halls Of Montezuma, The (1)

Hamilton Fish (1)

Hamlin's Wizard Oil Country Music Program (1)

Hammond Organ Recital (1)

Hand To A Hero (1)

Hands Across The Sea (1)

Handshake In Space (1)

Hank Says (1)

Hank Snow (1)

Hank Snow Show, The (4)

Hank Thompson Falstaff Show, The (1)

Hank Thompson Show, The (23)

Hank Thompson and His Orchestra (1)

Hank Thompson and The Light Crust Doughboys (2)

Hank Williams Health and Happiness Show (8)

Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour Show, The (29)

Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys (1)

Hannibal Cobb (3)

Hanoi Hannah (1)

Hans Fritsche (2)

Hans Mikowski Funeral (1)

Hansel and Gretl (1)

Hap Hazard (6)

Hap Miller and His Orchestra (2)

Happiness (5)

Happiness Ahead (1)

Happiness Hotel (1)

Happy Birthday Bob (1)

Happy Gang, The (7)

Happy Go Lucky (1)

Happy Hank (63)

Happy Hour, The (1)

Happy Landing (1)

Happy Meetin' Time (4)

Happy Monday Twins, The (1)

Happy Prince, The (2)

Happy The Humbug (4)

Happy Valley Folks, The (1)

Harbormaster (4)

Hardy Family, The (12)

Hark The Years (1)

Harlem Health Center Re-Dedication (1)

Harlem Hospitality Club, The (3)

Harlem U.S.A. (1)

Harmony Hall (1)

Harmony Homestead (1)

Harmony Hotel (1)

Harmony House (1)

Harmony Rangers (6)

Harold Arlen Audition (1)

Harold Ickes (3)

Harold Lloyd Comedy Theatre, The (34)

Harold Peary Show, The (29)

Harold Stassen (2)

Harold Stern and His Orchestra (1)

Harold Teen (1)

Harold Turner Organ Melodies (2)

Harrington Vs. Amaede (1)

Harrison Woods (1)

Harry "The Hipster" Gibson (3)

Harry "The Hipster" Gibson, Accompanied by "Shep" and "Tiny" (1)

Harry Babbitt Show, The (1)

Harry Bluestone (1)

Harry Brandon and His Orchestra (1)

Harry Breuer Group (1)

Harry Breuer's Novelty Orchestra (2)

Harry Browne (1)

Harry Harrison Show, The (1)

Harry Hershfield Spotlighting New York (1)

Harry Hopkins (1)

Harry Horlick Orchestra (3)

Harry Horlick and His Orchestra (8)

Harry Horlick's Orchestra (1)

Harry James "Live In London" (1)

Harry James Show, The (22)

Harry James and His Music Makers (15)

Harry James and His Orchestra (47)

Harry Lauder (1)

Harry Owens and His Orchestra (5)

Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians (1)

Harry Owens and The Royal Hawaiians (2)

Harry Reser Orchestra (7)

Harry Richman Dodge Program, The (13)

Harry Richman Florida Show, The (22)

Harry Roy and His Orchestra (3)

Harry S. Truman Obituary (1)

Harry Truman (1)

Harry Truman Interview (1)

Harry Von Zell Show, The (1)

Harry Von Zell Tells The P. B. S. Story (1)

Hartley's Jam Program, The (3)

Hartmans' Show, The (1)

Harts In Harmony (1)

Hartz Mountain Canaries, The (1)

Hartz Mountain Spot Announcements (1)

Harvard Law School Forum, The (1)

Harvest Moon Festival, The (5)

Harvest Of Stars, The (24)

Harvey Girls, The (1)

Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens (2)

Hasten The Day (4)

Hate, Incorporated (1)

Haunted House Of Song, The (2)

Haunted House, The (1)

Haunting Hour, The (53)

Have Gun, Will Travel (163)

Have Gun, Will Travel Auditions (1)

Hawaii Calls (16)

Hawaii, The 50th State (1)

Hawaiian Fantasies (34)

Hawk Larabee (6)

Hawk, The (3)

Hawkins (1)

Hawkins Falls (2)

Hawthorne (9)

Hawthorne Thing, The (10)

Hawthorne's Adventures (1)

He's Innocent Of Watergate...Or Dick's Last Stand (1)

Headline Edition (6)

Headliners Speak For The United Nations (1)

Headlines In Chemistry (4)

Headlines Of Tomorrow (1)

Headlines and Headliners (1)

Healing Waters (8)

Health For America (8)

Health Magazine Of The Air (14)

Hear It Now (28)

Hear Ukraine Sing (1)

Hearets In Harmony (1)

Hearing Highlights (37)

Hearings About The Purchase of The Rockaway Beach Branch (1)

Hearst Medals Awards Luncheon (1)

Heart Of America, The (5)

Heart Of Gold, The (1)

Heart Of Show Business, The (2)

Heart Songs (1)

Heart Strings (1)

Heart Throbs (2)

Heart To Heart (4)

Heart To Heart Hour, The (1)

Heart's Desire (4)

Heartbeat Of Broadway, The (4)

Heartbeat Theatre (415)

Heartbeats In Sports Headlines (8)

Hearthstone Of The Death Squad (3)

Hearts In Harmon (1)

Hearts In Harmony (521)

Heat (4)

Heat's On, The (1)

Heaven On Earth (3)

Heavyweight Championship Fight (5)

Heavyweight Championship Preview Program (1)

Hebrew Christian Hour, The (13)

Hebrew Culture Contest (2)

Hedda Hopper's Diary (2)

Hedda Hopper's Hollywood (39)

Heidelberg Harmonaires (10)

Heil Adolph (1)

Heinrich Himmler (2)

Heinz Magazine Of The Air, The (1)

Heirs Of LIberty (1)

Heirs Of Liberty (2)

Heisman Trophy Award (1)

Helbros Harmonizers, The (3)

Helen Forrest (2)

Helen Forrest With Carmen Dragon and His Orchestra (3)

Helen Hall Show, The (1)

Helen Hayes Theatre, The (3)

Helen Hiett News (2)

Helen Kane (1)

Helen O'Connell (7)

Helen O'Connell With Irving Orton's Orchestra (4)

Helicopter Rescue Of Hermit (1)

Hell Or High Water (1)

Hello America, Here Are The Netherlands (1)

Hello Americans (12)

Hello Latin America (1)

Hello Mom (4)

Hello New York (1)

Hello Sucker (16)

Hello Sweetheart (1)

Hello World (Dog Gone!) (1)

Hello, Wisconsin (9)

Help Yourself To Health (6)

Helpmate (2)

Helsinki Festival (1)

Hemisphere Hits (1)

Hemisphere Revue, The (1)

Hemphill Diesel Engineering School (1)

Hendrick Willem Van Loon (2)

Henn House, The (1)

Henrietta Szold Citation To Eleanor Roosevelt (1)

Henrik Willem Von Loon (1)

Henry A. Wallace (3)

Henry Armstrong Vs. Lou Ambers (1)

Henry Brandon and His Orchestra (2)

Henry Busse and His Montmartre Orchestra (17)

Henry Busse and His Orchestra (5)

Henry Cabot Lodge (1)

Henry Gladstone (1)

Henry Gladstone News (1)

Henry J. Song, The (1)

Henry J. Taylor (1)

Henry Jerome and His Orchestra (3)

Henry King Orchestra (1)

Henry King Show, The (15)

Henry King and His Orchestra (13)

Henry Kissinger: An Interview With David Frost (1)

Henry L. Stimson (1)

Henry M. Jackson (2)

Henry Morgan (1)

Henry Morgan Show, The (67)

Henry Morgenthau Jr. (1)

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (1)

Henry Russell and His Hollywood Radio City Orchestra (1)

Henry Russell's Music (7)

Henry Sylvern and His Whispering Strings (1)

Henry Wallace (9)

Henry Wallace Testimonial Dinner (1)

Hep Session In Holland (1)

Herb Oscar Anderson Show, The (1)

Herb Shriner Show, The (3)

Herb Shriner Time (4)

Herbert Hoover (2)

Herbert J. Mann (2)

Herbie Kay and His Orchestra (1)

Hercule Poirot (11)

Here Comes Louis Jordan (1)

Here Comes McBride (1)

Here Comes Mr. Kitzel (1)

Here Comes The Band (2)

Here Comes The Bride (1)

Here Is America (3)

Here Is Australia (1)

Here Is My Story (1)

Here We Go (1)

Here You Are (1)

Here's Archer (1)

Here's Hollywood (10)

Here's Howe (2)

Here's Mexico (2)

Here's Morgan (32)

Here's To Music (3)

Here's To Romance (34)

Here's To Veterans (509)

Here's To Youth (11)

Here's What They Said (1)

Heritage (1)

Heritage Over The Land (2)

Herman Hickman (1)

Hermann Goring (1)

Hermit's Cave, The (30)

Hero Nobody Knows, The (1)

Heroes Of Bastogne, The (1)

Heroes Of Civilization (6)

Heroes Of Comedy (1)

Heroes Of Comedy: The Goons (1)

Heroes Of The Merchant Marine (11)

Herschel Loveless For Senator (1)

Hess Bails Out (1)

Hewitt Wheless (1)

Hi Fi Demonstration Discs and Historical Broadcasts (1)

Hi Forum (4)

Hi Kids (1)

Hi Neighbor (14)

Hi Neighbor Party Time (1)

Hidden Difference, The (1)

Hidden Million, The (1)

Hidden Revolution, The (6)

Hideki Tojo (1)

High Adventure (22)

High Hilarities (2)

High Moment (2)

High Road To Marriage, The (1)

High School Hour, The (1)

High School Town Meeting Of The Air (1)

High Society (1)

High Spots (2)

High, Wide, and Handsome (2)

Highlights In Sports and Marine Corps History (1)

Highlights Of A Quarter Century Of Bob Hope On Television (1)

Highlights Of America's First Manned Orbital Flight (1)

Highlights Of Monitor's Twenty Great Years (1)

Highlights Of The Royal Wedding (1)

Highlights Of The Seagram Symposium (1)

Highlights On Parade (2)

Highway Harmonies (3)

Highway To Heaven, The (2)

Highways In Melody (23)

Highways Of Melody (1)

Highways To Safety (3)

Hildegarde (1)

Hill Girl, Mary Creswell, The (1)

Hillary Clinton (1)

Hillary Rodham Clinton (2)

Hillbilly Gasthaus (1)

Hillbilly Revue, The (1)

Hillbilly Roundup (1)

Hillman Hour, The (1)

Hillside Homes Dedication (1)

Hilltop House (16)

Himan Brown Interview (1)

Hindenburg Airship Disaster (1)

Hindenburg Disaster (1)

Hindenburg's Funeral (2)

Hinds Honey and Almond Cream Program, The (16)

Hires Ice Box Follies (1)

Hiroshima Countdown (1)

Hirsch Telephone Quiz, The (2)

His Honor, The Barber (1)

His Master's Voice Of The Air (1)

His Wonders To Perform (1)

His and Hers (1)

Historic War Speeches (1)

History In The Making (2)

History Is In The Headlines (1)

History Is Made At Night (1)

History Of Network Broadcasting (1)

History Of Rock and Roll, The (1)

History Of Space Flight, The (11)

History Of The Communist Party In The U.S.S.R. (1)

History Of WFBR, The (1)

History and Myth On Stage (1)

Hit That Ball (1)

Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The (12)

Hitch-Hiker, The (1)

Hitler Gang, The (2)

Hitler's Arrival At Vienna (1)

Hitler's Children (2)

Hitler's Declaration Of War Against Russia (1)

Hitler's Fiftieth Birthday Celebration (1)

Hits From "Swingtime" (1)

Hoagy Carmichael (3)

Hoagy Carmichael Helbros Show, The (2)

Hoagy Carmichael In England (1)

Hoagy Carmichael Sings For The 1948 March Of Dimes (1)

Hoagy Carmichael Story, The (1)

Hobby Lobby (12)

Hockey Game (1)

Hockey Game: Duluth Shooters Vs. Everest Rangers (1)

Hockey Game: Duluth Vs. The Hibbing Saints (1)

Hoffman Sunday Afternoon Jamboree, The (1)

Hogan's Daughter (3)

Hold Back The Dawn (1)

Holiday Greetings From The Bunch At Orange (1)

Holiday Safety Spot Announcements (1)

Holiday Wilde (1)

Holing Through Ceremonies Of The Queens Midtown Tunnel (1)

Holland Calling (7)

Holland Shall Rise Again (1)

Hollywood American Legion Band (1)

Hollywood Barn Dance (2)

Hollywood Barn Dance, The (18)

Hollywood Becomes Wistful Vista For A Day (1)

Hollywood Bowl Concert (2)

Hollywood Byline (5)

Hollywood Calling (12)

Hollywood Calling-George Fisher Interviews The Stars (9)

Hollywood Calling-George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes (15)

Hollywood Canteen Dedication Ceremonies (1)

Hollywood Casting Office (5)

Hollywood Dateline (1)

Hollywood Democratic Committee, The (1)

Hollywood Fights Back (2)

Hollywood Half-Hour (1)

Hollywood Highlights (2)

Hollywood Hotel (6)

Hollywood Lights (1)

Hollywood Love Story (1)

Hollywood March Of Dimes Of The Air, The (1)

Hollywood Mardi Gras (1)

Hollywood Melody Shop, The (1)

Hollywood Music Box, The (1)

Hollywood Music Hall (10)

Hollywood Mystery Playhouse (1)

Hollywood Mystery Time (2)

Hollywood Newsreel Of The Air (1)

Hollywood Notebook (1)

Hollywood On The Air (20)

Hollywood Palace, The (12)

Hollywood Parade, The (1)

Hollywood Personality Parade, The (1)

Hollywood Personals (1)

Hollywood Playhouse Of Romance, The (1)

Hollywood Premier (2)

Hollywood Preview (2)

Hollywood Preview #17 (1)

Hollywood Profiles (2)

Hollywood Radio Players (1)

Hollywood Radio Previews (1)

Hollywood Radio Theatre, The (72)

Hollywood Rendezvous (1)

Hollywood Rodeo (1)

Hollywood Room Recipes (4)

Hollywood Salutes The National Guard (1)

Hollywood Scrapbook (1)

Hollywood Showcase (4)

Hollywood Sound Stage (10)

Hollywood Spotlight (33)

Hollywood Spotlight, The (3)

Hollywood Star Playhouse (27)

Hollywood Star Preview (1)

Hollywood Star Time (44)

Hollywood Story (2)

Hollywood String Quartet, The (1)

Hollywood Theatre Group, The (4)

Hollywood Theatre Of Stars (3)

Hollywood Theatre Of The Air, The (1)

Hollywood Theatre Of The Ear, The (1)

Hollywood Tour (4)

Hollywood U.S.A. (1)

Hollywood Victory Show, On V-E Day (1)

Hollywood's Heroes On The Air (1)

Hollywood's Open House (38)

Holmes Radio Magazine (1)

Holocaust Remembrance Day (1)

Holy Week Service (1)

Homage To George Gershwin (1)

Home Base (1)

Home Circle, The (1)

Home Folks (2)

Home Front, The (8)

Home Harmony Time (12)

Home Is What You Make It (3)

Home Owners Advice (2)

Home Sweet Home (3)

Home Town Sketches (2)

Homecoming Of Generals Patton and Doolittle (1)

Homes On The Land (8)

Hometown Jamboree (4)

Hometown Ohio (4)

Hometowners, The (4)

Homewood (1)

Homicide O'Kane (1)

Honeyboy and Sassafras (2)

Honeymoon From Hell (1)

Honeymoon Hotel (1)

Honeymoon In New York (1)

Honeymooners Christmas Special, The (1)

Honeymooners, The (40)

Honeymooners: The Second Honeymoon, The (1)

Honolulu (1)

Honolulu Bound (1)

Honolulu Lu (1)

Honor America Day (1)

Honor The Law (23)

Honorable Archie, The (1)

Honorable Discharge For The Red Cross Blood Donor Center (1)

Hoofers, The (26)

Hookey Hall (2)

Hoosier Commentator, The (1)

Hoosier Hop, The (1)

Hoosier Hot Shots Show, The (3)

Hoosier Hot Shots, The (5)

Hoot Gibson Show, The (10)

Hootenanny (1)

Hop Harrigan (185)

Hopalong Cassidy (106)

Hopkinson Theatre Program, The (1)

Horace Heidt Orchestra (3)

Horace Heidt Show, The (3)

Horace Heidt and His Brigadiers (1)

Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights (4)

Horace Heidt's Highlights (1)

Horace Heidt's Youth Opportunity Program (8)

Horace Silver Quintet, The (4)

Horatio Hornblower (55)

Horizons West (13)

Horn Blows At Midnight, The (1)

Horn and Hardart Children's Hour, The (6)

Horowitz At The White House (1)

Hospital On The Thames (1)

Hospitality Time (4)

Hospitality time (1)

Hostage Release Coverage (1)

Hostages' Second Christmas, The (1)

Hot Copy (4)

Hot Jazz Excerpts (2)

Hot Off The Record Press (33)

Hotel Dixie Re-Union (1)

Hotpoint Holiday Hour, The (1)

Hottentot, The (1)

Houdini Seance (1)

Hound Of The Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes), The (4)

Hound Of The Baskervilles, The (3)

Hour Of Charm, The (57)

Hour Of Decision, The (3)

Hour Of Mystery, The (2)

Hour Of Praise, The (1)

Hour Of Romance, The (1)

Hour Of Smiles, The (7)

Hour Of St. Francis, The (24)

House By The Side Of The Road, The (4)

House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings (11)

House Of Dreams, The (1)

House Of Glass, The (2)

House Of Music, The (1)

House Of Musical Fun, The (1)

House Of Mystery, The (6)

House Republican Conference (1)

House That Jack Built, The (1)

House Un-American Activities Committee (3)

House Unamerican Activites Committee (1)

Houseboat Hannah (3)

Houses In Our Street (4)

Housing 1947 (2)

Housing Shortage Discussion (1)

How A President Is Chosen (1)

How About That (2)

How America Votes (1)

How CBS Covered The Invasion (1)

How CBS Covers The War (1)

How CBS Will Cover The Invasion (1)

How Can The Public Interests Best Be Served Through Television? (1)

How Can We Make The Victory Stick? (8)

How Do You Do It? (1)

How Do You Know? (2)

How Hungry Can You Get? (1)

How Joe Louis Named The War (1)

How Sleep The Brave (1)

How To (1)

How To Be Charming (1)

How To Get People To Like You (1)

How To Have Fun With Your Children (9)

How To Make People Appreciate You (1)

How To Save Money On Your Car (1)

How To Sell On Radio (1)

How To Sell Victor Home Recording (1)

How To Stop Defense Strikes (1)

How To Win An Election (Or Not Lose By Much) (1)

Howard Barnes (1)

Howard Fogarty and His Orchestra (1)

Howard Hughes Airplane (1)

Howard Hughes Flight (40)

Howard Hughes Senate Hearings (6)

Howard K. Smith (2)

Howard K. Smith News (2)

Howard Miller Show, The (1)

Howard Miller's Chicago (1)

Howard Smith, Pianist (1)

Howard and Shelton For Royal Crown (2)

Howdy Doody (3)

Howdy Doody Time (1)

Howie Wing, A Saga Of Aviation (10)

Hubbard-Brickhouse Show, The (1)

Hubert Rostang Sextette, The (4)

Hugh Waddill "At The Console" (1)

Hughesreel, The (3)

Hula Heaven (1)

Hullabaloo (1)

Human Adventure, The (52)

Human Heritage (1)

Human Rights Day (1)

Human Side Of The News, The (3)

Humdrum History Of The Helmet, The (1)

Humphrey Bogart Audition (1)

Hungarian News In English (4)

Hungarian Program (1)

Hungarian Relief Benefit (1)

Hunted, The (1)

Hunter James Choir (1)

Hunters, The (1)

Huntley-Brinkley Report, The (3)

Hunts Point Sewage Plant Cornerstone Ceremony (1)

Hunts Point Sewage Plant Dedication (1)

Huricane Edna Reports (1)

Hurricane Connie Reports (1)

Hurricane Katrina Relief (1)

Husbands and Wives (1)

Hy Gardner (1)

Hy Gardner Calling (1)

Hy Gardner Show, The (2)

Hyde Park Burial Ceremony (1)

Hyde Park Ceremony (2)

Hyde Park Service For President Roosevelt (1)

Hyde Park Sports Final, The (1)

Hymn Sing (2)

Hymn Time (12)

Hymns (1)

Hymns Of All Churches (7)

Hymns and Their Romance (3)

Hymns. Keith McLeod, Godfrey Ludlow and Male Trio (2)

Hypnotism Can Be Fun (1)